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Do we need an introduction to Pizza Hut? It’s the first name that pops into your head when you hear the word “pizza”. Pizza Hut happens to be one of the largest global food corporations in the world. And it has launched a platform that allows its customers to share their either positive or negative experiences.

Any Pizza Hut customer of legal age is advised to log on to to share their experience with the largest pizza house in the world. The ten-minute survey is a step towards enhancing the customer experience in all Pizza Hut stores worldwide.

About Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is a U.S. based food corporation that has astounding representation in the entire world. Founded in 1958, it is startling to see how this small town restaurant has grown into a major global food chain.

With the presence in almost every country, the success of this food chain got evident during the 1960s when Pizza Hut stores opened in the Eastern United States.


How to Enter the Pizza Hut Customer Satisfaction Survey

Enter By Online:

  1. Log on to to participate in the Pizza Hut Customer Satisfaction Survey.
  2. Choose to fill out the online survey in either English or Spanish.
  3. Enter the 4 to 6 digit store number printed on the top, middle, or bottom of your receipt to begin the survey.
  4. Enter the date and time of your visit to Pizza Hut outlet.
  5. If you can find the ticket number on the top of your receipt then enter it or you can skip the part and move straight to the questions.
  6. Answer the survey questions honestly based on your recent visit to a Pizza Hut outlet.
  7. Check the relevant boxes whether or not you’ll like to participate in future surveys and receive Pizza Hut newsletters with promotional information.
  8. Provide your email address and contact information so that Pizza Hut can enter your name in sweepstakes.
  9. When you’ve completed the survey, you’ll receive your coupon code.

Watch this video to understand the procedure for Enter by online the survey.

Survey video produced by GuestSatisfactionSurveys Team and Pizza Hut customers anonymous.

Enter By Phone: Call 1-877-440-9091

Terms & Conditions

  • You have to participate in the survey within 7 days of purchase if you want to be eligible for getting $10 off your next online purchase of $20 or more.
  • This offer cannot be combined with any other Pizza Hut offer or discount.
  • Only one coupon code is issued per survey invitation.
  • The $10 off offer is limited to two survey entries per family in every seven day period.
  • You will have to complete the entire survey in order to be eligible for $1,000 cash prizes and other prizes worth $1,500 weekly.

Contact Pizza Hut

  • Customer service: 0800 028 7034


Survey Name Pizza Hut Customer Satisfaction Survey
Survey Official Website
Survey Prize $10 Off Coupon, Chance to win $1,000 or $1,500
Entry Method By Online and By Phone
Survey Expiry Date Within 7 days
Coupon Expiry Date 30 days from receipt date
Pizza Hut Customer Satisfaction Survey is not just about filling out a survey form and winning a free meal. Pizza Hut offers the participants a great chance to win cash prizes up to $1,500 as well. So what are you waiting for? Dine in at Pizza Hut today and rate your satisfaction in the survey ASAP!

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  • Went to pizzahut in Russellville, Arkansas, and went there especially for five dollar medium one topping pizza, my sister and I had one trip salad bar and ordered pork sausage pizza,when ticket came was charged $10.50 for the pizza while ticket Was $20.14, when we took ticket to management to let them about mistake we were told the ticket was correct, we were charged for cheese and we did not get extra cheese, I have worked in pizza restaurants and I know what extra cubes looks like and we did not get it but was charged for two topping medium piz z which we did not get, this makes we angry because of the false advertisment, I saw this supposedly deal on tv and in menu, management refused to refund the extra money that was charged.

  • I do not get a code at the end of the survey. I go to but that’s not what my screen does. It doesn’t ask for a ticket number, it ask for the survey code.Then it takes me to the survey. It doesn’t ask for a date or time and it doesn’t ask me what I order.

  • Tried to complete Pizza Hut survey but when I got to the age page it froze up and could not finish the survey.

  • Pizza hut used to be our “go to” place for pizza. We changed this because your pizza came with much less cheese. We then ordered from Casey’s only because their pizzas had definitely more. Tonight, we ordered from Pizza Hut because a “special” was available, so then, we thought to order extra cheese. What came on the pizza was what used to be the regular amount of cheese. I am sure we are not the only ones who usually ordered from Pizza Hut until the change of the amount of cheese occurred. We will only order from Pizza Hut if there is a special, and add the extra cheese, until perhaps you choose to go back to your original recipe.

  • I had a very unpleasant comment for many years I’ve done business with Pizza hut here in bennettsville SC and I must say for the first time I the delivery to taking my order it was terrible the service was poor my food was cold they over charged me a personal pan pizza no xtras and 6 honey/ BBQ wings 16.50 3.00. ofmy total was for delivery which the driver delivered my food to a vacant trailer in front of my residence and proceeded to call my number which the employee that took the order took it down wrong after 30 mins I call back they claim no one was home at my residence but they were wrong I called back thinking now they have correct info still no pizza I live less than a mile from pizza hutbut I ended up sending my fiance to get the food and pulls up at the drive thru and the employees was slandering my name I will no longer do business with those kind of people as much as this pains me to say guess I got to buy dominos now ….

  • Your call center person had a mouth full of food…I had to ask twice if she needed to stop and swallow. I went and got my pizza and questioned the receipt..It says 10.99 for any pizza any size but I was charged 14.99 for a medium supreme..I asked good reason. Store staff blamed the call center..but said they couldn’t fix it because they had already charged me. So I paid way too much for a half baked pie. Thanks…not. so not.

  • I picked up 2 orders of the breadsticks from your Harrison, Ohio location. The breadsticks were cold when I got home and tasted overcooked. Very hard and difficult to eat.

  • Can’t remember when a pizza delivery made me smile. Was already having a bad day, decided to order a pizza. Didn’t expect much. When the delivery person arrived at my door her infectious smile & hee genuine caring personality just shined. She asked how my day was going.repeated my delivery to me & then handed me a little clipboard with me CC receipt attached to it along with a pen. Normally the driver shows up with just a receipt & a pen & I’m scrambling around looking for a ace to sign it asked if everyone had these Now? She responded saying well I’ve noticed customers would be trying to find somewhere to sign their receipt, so I went out & purchased one to make it more convenient & easier for the customer as well as myself.. She was delight. So Thank you Deivery Driver JEANNE

  • In my earlier comment, I may have identified the unit incorrectly…the correct unit # is 002847. thanks.

  • Just ordered Pizza Hut with an invalid 1,000 Cash code. Poor management & wrongful advertising. You can buy 2 large pizza for $7.99, but I paid $32 for 1 medium 3 topping, 6 wings, and 1 pint Pepsi. Never order that again, fuck you.

    Howard B. Venuto

  • I would like to brag on a good caring.Her name is Tammy.A. this this is at the santalbans pizza hut..I look for her wjen i go in.She is a a wonderful person and she loves her job ! This store number is 032777.

  • I had the worst service and pizzas (2) from this store (#034745) was told they delivered to my area so when I called back to place order It took me 3 times to give the order. after 1 hr. I called to find out where they were and was told they were ready for pick-up and that they did no deliver to my area. I asked that fresh pizzas be ready and would pick up. they were the over a hr old pizzas and were cold,never go back.

  • we ordered pizza and hershey’s cookie from unit # 41. when we received the order, the pizza was not as we ordered. I called the store and spoke to An’gel, she apoligized and was very nice and gave us a 10.00 credit for future use. Then we started eating the pizza and found it to be very overcooked. The cookie also was overcooked. we threw pizza and cookie into garbage. We have ordered from this unit many times and was always pleased.

  • I put in my code from my receipt on the survey page but the page froze up and won’t let me finish the survey.I tried to reenter my code and it told me THIS CODES ALREADY BEEN USED! So what do I do?

  • Staff rushed off their feet but remained calm and friendly. Long wait and mistakes with the order. Food was delicious though and eaten with gusto.

  • I called to order a pizza like I do once a week at the same location. The person taking my order was very rude and when I asked to speak to a manager he replied that there wasn’t a manager. I know this to be a lie because I am familiar with the manager at that location. I called the other location in my town and placed my order. The young lady Jessica was very nice. I told her what happened and she gave me the website to report my complaint. She also called the other location and the guy said his name was Johnathan and that he was the manager. He did not say he was the manager when I asked to speak to one earlier. Jessica also said that she wasn’t aware of a manager named Johnathan at that location. I have never had a bad experience with Pizza Hut until today.
    The restaurant that I usually go to is
    1647 E. Greenville Str.
    Anderson SC. 29625
    This is where I had the bad experience today.

    The restaurant I ended up having to order from is out of my way but the employee was super nice and very helpful. It is located on.
    105 Video Warehouse Way
    Anderson, SC 29621
    I spoke with Jessica.
    This experience ruined my day.

  • Unable to enter competition code given on recipt not acknowledged as being correct
    No. On recipt:01010303818411
    Date 1/3/18 Time 13:04. Bill amount £26.67
    Please can you explain
    C a sleath (Mrs)

  • I saw it, asked counter lady if they had the 6 second rule? There are of plenty pizza places, more attentive. A 25 year customer gone!

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