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Customer satisfaction surveys allow companies to understand the issues that raise or lower customer satisfaction levels. They also allow organizations to understand the extent to which customer satisfaction with a product or service is influences by factors within or without the company’s control. Essentially, a customer satisfaction survey can help a company understand what it can and cannot control. Most importantly, it can help a company focus on its customers’ needs. The CVS customer satisfaction survey will help the company galvanize its customer service staff, service owners, strategy, policy, and senior management around the aims of improving customer experience.

Measuring customer satisfaction is just one step in the company’s continuous cycle of service improvement. After this, CVS will analyze the feedback to highlight key issues and provide actionable insight. They will then communicate their findings across the organization in such a way that actions are taken as a result.

About CVS

CVS Pharmacy is one of the largest pharmacy chains in the United States, with over 7,600 locations across the country. It sells prescription drugs as well as a variety of general merchandise such as beauty products, over the counter drugs, photo finishing and film services, greeting cards, seasonal merchandise, and convenience foods through their retail stores and online through their website.

The company also provides healthcare solutions through its more than a thousand Minute Clinic locations, mostly located in within their CVS stores, as well as their Diabetes Care Centers.


How to Complete the CVS Customer Satisfaction Survey

You Will Need:

  • A PC, laptop or mobile device
  • A valid and recent CVS survey invitation
  • A basic understanding of English or Spanish


  1. Visit the survey site at
  2. Select a language and click the “continue” button.
  3. Look at your survey invitation/receipt. Above your total purchase amount, you will find the words “Survey ID#” followed by a seventeen digit number. Enter that number in the space provided.
  4. Read all survey questions and answer them truthfully based on your most recent CVS experience.
  5. Enter your contact information and submit the survey.

For further convenience, watch this video to understand the procedure for participating in the survey.

Survey video produced by GuestSatisfactionSurveys Team and CVS Pharmacy customers anonymous.


This online questionnaire will help the company understand what they are doing well and where they need to improve. It will also help guide their business decisions in future. Most importantly, it will give you a voice to air your views and opinions about the company’s services, products, and operations. The company knows that it can learn from you. They want to learn what you think about their services, employees, and anything else on your mind. Your feedback will help them improve their business.

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  • Kimberly at store in mission valley, San Diego gave such exceptional service in pharmacy. .I came to pick up prescription after leaving urgent care. While others chatting and said help you soon, she came right over. She also helped me with finding product in health care aisles, and rang up my RX and product right away with sweet attitude. She deserves to be recognized .GF

  • Upon completing a purchase at CVS today, I received a receipt and the cashier mentioned doing a survey and getting a chance to win a prize. I am trying to co the survey and there is an error. My receipt has 1 16 digit survey number, not a 17 as the survey states. Therefore I cannot complete the survey. As far as my satisfaction, not a high mark 🙁

  • I have tried several times to do the survey, but, there are NO 17 digit numbers on the receipt…I have a 16 number identified on my receipt, and the survey will not let me get beyond this point..Please reply Mary C. Daley

  • Falguni Patel at store 1146 I’d 1099125 in cherry hill nj is a hard worker on desk in pharmacy . Very focused on work. Never skips a beat Provally should be reviewed and increase in pay should be looked at . Good worker . Very consistent with what does . Great multitask person should deserve more in pay .Not the type of employee u want to lose because of money . Worth every bit.Vince

  • Visit to CVS store in Union REG#04 TRN#6260 CSHR#1512000 STR#667 – April 22, 2017 – Helped by: Nicholas = was a very good experience. I had a bunch of items to buy and a coupon and an exchange – he was very nice, friendly and overall personality was a good fit for the store and customers – he and Louis are a very good pair to be working there at the same time. No place to actually take the survey since I don’t have the right amount of numbers on receipt to do it – so I posted here.

  • Pharmacy staff always provide excellent service. I no longer live in the area of this particular CVS , I still prefer having my prescriptions refilled at CVS pharmacy on Elston.

  • Dear CVS– Please Help!!! I work for the State of Montana and have my insurance through them. I have been getting my Prescriptions filled @ CVS for as long as i can remember. Well now the New Prescription Company that the State gets their insurance through has decided we can NO LONGER go to CVS or TARGET Pharamcies. I am not Happy about this and I would like you to check into this. For one thing Your Company will be losing MILLIONS of Dollars with this change . Why did they single these two pharmacies out ????? And i am selfish as i really LIKE my Pharmacist and Crew !!
    Thank You,
    Chris Mickelberry
    103 N. Dixon
    Anaconda, Montana 59711

  • I have been a customer of CVS…many year’s in Washington DC….Charleston, South Carolina and now Easley, South Carolina…
    Most people will immediately let you know if they have a complaint….it isn’t often I have extraordinary service…. and I decided to write….I was at the CVS Pharmacy,Calhoun Highway,Easley,SC……October 13th …..your employee Ms. Rebecca Borders….went the extra mile in the service she gave concerning my medication….I was treated as if I were the most important customer….in all my year’s as a loyal customer of CVS this young lady made my day….and reminded me why I will continue to be a loyal customer of CVS….
    My hat is off to Rebecca Borders….I hope CVS will recognize her as the type of person they want up front and center….
    Sincerely, Charlotte Beverly Grantham-Derrick

  • Recently received an invitation to take a survey and then receive a 30% off thank you. Multiple attempts have failed to participate with the survey. Is this a SCAM?? Frustrating at best.

  • I shop at CVS on somewhat of regular basis, and I hate when I realise after leaving the store that I didn’t get the discount posted. It drives me nuts when I buy something here and I don’t get the sale price posted probably because it was an old price sticker that should’ve been removed by an employee. Don’t retail companies get fined for mislabeled prices?

  • You need to check your policy, my wife had 2 script s to fill, the tech wouldn’t even take the script s, because the pharmacist was at lunch , so leave and come back an hour later, and of course they have none in stock,.. I was fit to kill someone, it’s not the first problems I have had…I am changeing to a different pharmacy

  • I visited the CVS located on 3120 W. Imperial Hwy in Inglewood California. I will NEVER this location again. We you first enter the store , the carpet stinks like funky feet or something. I went in knowing what I waned to purchase which was a birthday card and balloons. I noticed balloons , but none for a birthday. I asked a young lady who works there , if they had anymore birthday balloons and she walked over with an attitude to show where the balloons are . I said ; If I purchase them , could you guys blow them up. With major attitude NOW , and her tone was very nasty ” I have to go see if we have any helium . I said , well can you? She walked away as if she was a two year old throwing a tantrum. She came back in passing and said yes and walked away. As she walked away , I gave her a nasty THANK YOU !!! . Her customer service skill are OFF and you need to retrain some of your employees ! We are in these days of lost of respect , morals , and values. She should be thankful that she has a job ! It doesn’t take much to go above and beyond ( especially for the little task I asked of her to do ) for a customer. These so called wanna be young adults know noting about maturity or life. Customer service goes a long way these days with me. I’m old school , and I feel disrespected when I walk into any store or establishment , I will give a review in a heart beat. This location should be performing at its best , because its in the hood and I see you hire hood type individuals. This is one of the reasons why I go out of my way to shop in different cities , because they show appreciation and value your business. Companies stay in business because of customers , but when nasty customer services comes off . who wants shop there? Not me ! I did speak with a supervisor , who also seemed disengaged ! Shaking my head ! Some people are working here only for a pay check and could careless about helping out customers .

  • Hi CVS thanks a lot in these tough times for super economical sales.Staff is always very helpful at 65st and 18ave especially Branch manager Mr Kevin and Photo technician Miss Nan they always help me to find and locate d products even they check d storage if shelf is empty that’s a very big help for me a person having problem with both knees isn’t fun 2 come home especially at 4th floor empty.Thanks a lot CVS I wish u a lot of luck in future.

  • My Survey ID is only (10) numbers!!!
    I have never received an ID with (17) numbers!!!
    Therefore, I have never been able to complete a survey.

  • I made an online purchase and found a survey card in my packing slip. I would like to take advantage of the offer but the survey ID on the card is not recognized.

  • Just wanted to inform you how happy and grateful I am from the service I have received from one of your employees named ‘Shaleece’ on numerous ocassions at the cvs store on Collins Ave. -16850 Collins Ave. Sunny isles, Florida. She is an exceptional person, very friendly and always very helpful and provides service with a smile .

  • I bought a bag of candy at Kmart and was overcharged. I wen t to the service desk for a refund. I waited 15 min. while the clerk cashed out an employee and spent time conversing with her. Then she had another customer to take care of . After another 15 min. I had to leave without receiving my refund because my physical problems would not allow me to stand any longer. I think employees should go to the regular checkout lines like every other customer so that service personel can use their time to service customers. Thank you.

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