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UK Survey

In 1976, an independent survey was carried out and the founder of KFC Mr. Harland also known as Colonel was named the 2nd most recognizable celebrity in the world. KFC UK came up with an online customer satisfaction survey to ensure that the quality of food and service offered was being maintained.

Customers are required to give an honest opinion and rating on the overall satisfaction with the services offered. Customers who engage in the survey get a validation code to redeem the offer on next visit.

About KFC UK

Mr. Harland, who started a restaurant in Kentucky serving southern style chicken, initially founded KFC in the early 1930s. He perfected a blend of herbs and spices to his recipe which became a success.

With time, a network of franchises grew across the USA. The first UK restaurant was opened in 1965 and now has over 860 outlets all over the United Kingdom.


How to Complete the KFC UK Guest Experience Survey

You will need:

  • A computer or mobile device with Internet access.
  • A valid purchase receipt with a survey invitation.
  • Be able to read and understand English.


  1. Enter the link www.yourkfc.co.uk into your browser and enter.
  2. Once in the site, you will be required to enter information from your KFC receipt with details such as the store number, date of purchase, time and the order number. Then click start.
  3. From here, you will be asked to rate your satisfaction experience on how you found the service, if the order was available and taken right and such.
  4. They will also require information on your type of visit. Whether it was a drive through or catering.
  5. Then give personal contact details.
  6. Submit the survey and get validation code.

Survey video produced by GuestSatisfactionSurveys Team and KFC UK customers anonymous.


Taking the survey helps KFC to continue giving quality food and services to its customers as it has over the decades. KFC is committed to high animal welfare standards, as well as supporting the Irish and UK farming industries. The restaurant chain follows sustainable and responsible sourcing practices, purchasing from over 500 UK poultry farms. In its endeavor to serving the best dishes and offering outstanding customer service, KFC UK needs your candid feedback, whether positive or negative.

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  • on 07-30-2017 Went to drive thru at restaurant #D0212101 we ordered a Tenders Meal and 10 pcs meal our ticket number was # 1437 total $27.05 the food was soo salty we could not eat it. please review and rebate the entire order. We are regular customers
    and would appreciate an act of kindness.

  • Just bought a large fries from the KFC Darlington drive through. Either the box is too big or the fries too small. Ridiculous, feel very cheated

  • Ordered the 3 PC B/les dip ml at the drive through.arrived home. No dips. Back to the restaurant to be told that I have to ask for dips. I don’t have to ask for chicken or fries but have to ask for dips. it even said 2 dip spicy mayo on the reciept. Bined meal as was cold and no longer in the mood to eat. Not very happy.
    The restaurant was at Wynard services. Order no 3155

  • I ate in one of your kfc branches on the 28th November and received on my receipt an opportunity to carry out a customer survey. However, having followed the instructions on the receipt I cannot gain access to the survey. I don’t know what is going on in your system but it seems to me that there is something radically wrong. My point is that you should not issue receipts with this survey detail without first ensuring that your on line systems are working correctly.
    Furthermore, one of the reasons I wanted to take the survey was that the restaurant in which we ate was not properly clean..
    To say the least, I am not very happy with KFC at present. Over the years I have generally enjoyed my experience in most KFC branches and I returned many surveys in the past, but would you please ensure that this lack of customer care is addressed forthwith.
    1) Solve the problems with your websites.
    Ensure that action is taken to ensure that the restaurant at Cheshire Oaks (5671) is clean.

  • Disgusting, flat cold and expensive. The “fillet stacker” didn’t look anything like the poster. What a ripoff. And no French fries included.

  • KFC govan Helen st

    Sat 24th sept 17:00 hrs staff very rude rolling eyes tutting 4 members of staff not serving customers as no customers to serve standing chatting while tables lay cluttered with empty dirty trays of leftover meals that were finished with, and floor extremely dirty had to. Lean table before I could eat my half cold meal no napkins or wipes for hands blue paper towels all in all very dirty experience compared to KFC on road to braehead next to costa coffee clean tables warm food and staff with manners won’t be experiencing govan again

    Tracey Mcguire

  • I found my experience here very pleasurable. I was surved by Chris. He was really nice. My order was correct and I was surved with kindness. Thank you

  • Kfc county road service tooooo slow.seems like more people jn the back than front and even after I ordered a large meal I ended up with a small one otherwise love the food

  • Ordered from Wythenshawe branch today 30/07/16 @20:00 hours. Paid by contactless card. Didnt get a receipt.
    Ordered the Wicked variety bucket.
    Quick drive home, opened the meal but no dips.the fries were cold and soggy, unedible, old and half packet in size. Now the chicken was good but no napkins, and the spicy wings were just set ontop of thier bag.
    I never like to complain but just felt ripped off by not getting a reciept to fill the survey site. No dips either. Kinda need to up your game because this customer wont be coming back.

  • Dear KFC

    I would have liked to give you feedback but the receipt I have in no way matches the image posted on the survey page. Yet the receipt I have from KFC Cardiff Gate invites me to feedback with the offer of 20% off my next order in the next two weeks. I don’t think I will bother.

  • Asked for the promotional £15 x 2 spicy chicken buckets. Ended up paying £30 because cashier did nt know about promotion despite a poster in the restaurant window. Visited washington restaurant on 4th may 2016 at 1.33 pm. Cashiervjoanne dodge 706360. Trans# 4029.

    extremely disappointed and doubt i will return.

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