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Competition has become rampant and for businesses to flourish and keep their market share, they need to find new ways to know what their customers’ needs and wants are. ALDI customer satisfaction survey was designed by the company to collect opinions from their clients in order to have a better understanding of the needs of the customers and what they thought about their shopping experience at ALDI stores. Customers are encouraged to participate in the survey to get a chance to enter into a sweepstakes for a chance to win ALDI vouchers worth £100.

As successful business owners know, customer satisfaction is the back bone of a business. The best way they can find out what their customers want and feel is to ask them through a customer satisfaction survey. What they ask in the survey is important. And so is the time they ask and how often they ask. However, what is most important is what they do with the feedback. Take the ALDI Customer Satisfaction Survey and share your recent shopping experience.

About ALDI

ALDI is an acronym for the words Albrecht Discount. The store was started by a lady called Anna Albrecht who started a small food store in Essen, Germany in 1914. She named it Albrecht Discount because she intended to sell day to day items to customers at low discounted prices. The name was later shortened to ALDI in 1962.

The store has expanded over time and currently there are more than 4000 ALDI supermarkets worldwide. The self-service store stocks from fresh fruits, fine wines to electronics making it easy to shop under one roof.


How to Complete the ALDI Customer Satisfaction Survey

You Must:

  • An ALDI store receipt with a survey invitation.
  • Be of 18 years of age or older.
  • Have access to a computer or mobile device with internet access.


  1. Visit
  2. Input the code from your ALDI receipt and click on the “next” button.
  3. If the code you entered is not correct, click on the link to check your code and re-enter.
  4. Answer all survey questions honestly.
  5. Give a valid email address and contact information to enter the prize draw.
  6. Submit your survey.

Survey video produced by GuestSatisfactionSurveys Team and ALDI customers anonymous.

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The survey takes less than 4 minutes and easy to complete. Customers are encouraged to participate and this gives them a platform to air their views and opinions freely. For a regular shopper, you stand a chance to being a lucky winner of the $100 cash price offered and the winners are announced within six weeks from the submission time. It is important to give accurate contact information to enable the store to reach you easily.



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  • Till management in the Stourbridge store is appalling ,customers yo yoing from one lane to another and no assistant in sight, then no apology and an arrogance I have not encountered in any other store.
    This has become worse since the introduction of head phones into which most assistants are chatting to each other. I am also surprised no one has fallen over in the store as there are always boxes, cartons etc left over the floor where customers could trip’.
    On the plus side having shopped there since it opened I love the products and the prices, especially having shopped at Waitrose for 40 years, I can now amongst other things afford to buy my wife flowers every week which gives me lots of brownie points.
    You might consider sending in managers to stores ingognito because as soon as the area manager arrives word is sent round the store so everything looks ok.
    I regret the need to write in this manner but felt really annoyed.
    Yours faithfully Geoffrey Olive.

  • Crest wood steak pie looks great cooks up fine BUT unfortunately completely tasteless and meat was in short supply shame as I shop every week there and I must say this is the first item I have really been disappointed with .

  • What a bummer – I put in my code & it said invalid not the right code when that’s the one I typed in off my receipt that I got today at Aldi – What a Joke. Aldi has it going on with good prices & service but, the survey they have SUCK’s.

  • dear aldi,was most disappointed today to find you have stopped selling the Fishmonger salmon fish cakes,i’m not the only one as there were a few other customers looking for them to,please bring them back as they are the best fish cakes ever.thank you a very sad customer

  • I would like to thank your Associate Elsy at Store #81. 2260 N. Imperial Avenue , El Centro, CA. She held a table on sale for me while I went all the way back to my house for my forgotten wallet . Along with the table I had other perishables items for purchase. She placed the entire cart in the freezer room until I came back with my wallet. You don’t see this kind of commitment for Customer Service very often , Thank you

  • Hi we shop 3 days a week buying different products. the only problem we have is i wish you would stock the family size CHICKEN AND BACON PASTA BAKE would appreciate it if possible also as we go early morning not much on shelves could do night shift to stock up No not mouning just observation yours T PSWE CANNOT FAULT THE STAFF VERY VERY HELPFUL AT AL TIMES.

  • I recently bought an Aberdeen Angus silverside roasting joint on recommendation from one of your till workers saying it was beautiful. Well after cooking it on sunday it was uneatable, very rubbery elastic would describe it. never have we had such tough beef it was not overcooked if fact it had blood in the middle. I rarely buy beef as 1] expensive 2] hubby not over
    keen but thought we would treat ourselves if it was good. what a disappointment thank goodness I didnt freeze it for
    Christmas. I am not an in experienced cook having had our own catering business also having been married for 53 yrs should know what Im doing. the code no. 2 106109007945 cut in uk4109 i still have the label off it. price £7.94.
    I never usually complain but spoke to shop assistant who said to email you. Thank You please note my email address
    is for some reason your site keeps changing it to capitals not small case

  • I have just returned from shopping in the Guildford branch of Aldi where I purchased TWO chicken in a bag marked down on a red label, from £3.69 to £2.99 . Returning home, I checked my bill to find that I had been charged £3.69 each.

    Your comments please. I am fed up with supermarkets putting reduced labels in front of items which are not reduced and shoppers, in a hurry as I was, being mislead.

  • My name is Carolina and I live in Duston in front of Aldi, Ellison Road. I´m a regular customer of Aldi. On Monday, the 12th of December I had a serious problem with one of his new manager, MARIE STARK, After being ten minutes waiting with one of your cashiers to be attended, MARIE STARK did not want because another client was shouting for her bad attention to the public, MARIE STARK decided to attend to the angry gentleman, leaving me without attending, without any explanation, and MARIE STARK didn´t call another worker for me. Every clients of the establishment were looking to me, so I asked her with many education for an explanation, and MARIE STARK had the decency of looking at the face, and she didn´t say nothing. Must I think that she is racist? Does MARIE STARK prefers attending to men that to women? I am prengnant, and the happened provoked an assault of anxiety to me, I had to call to the ambulance. When my pair went to ask MARIE STARK afterwards for an explanation, she treat him with respect … Why? It is because my pair is a man, I must shout and be unfriendly and then MARIE STARK will respect me?I am very upset by the happened, all the neighbors of the zone comment that MARIE STARK is a very antipathetic and unfriendly woman and always it has badly character.

  • I have tried to put my code in twice to get the survey started. Each time I put it in correctly but computer says number is not valid. So now am going nowhere with this.

    Have been to new store twice. Love it.

  • I love Aldi. It is my go-to store. But please bring back the Fully Cooked Grilled Chicken Bites (hopefully not as a special buy but as something we can get all the time.) Thanks for your wonderful selections that keep getting better and better.

  • I cannot remember the name whether it is Colin or Sean… But great respectful service today from Aldi on the A6 heatons.

  • Visited my local Aldi this evening and purchased a pack of 4 eccles cakes (58053) the centre of the base is a very hard ‘blob’ of inedible pastry about 50 mm thick and almost 300 mm across

  • My shopping trip to Aldi in Boscombe Dorset on 14 July 17 turned out to be very expensive one. Got a parking charge notice from Parking Eye demanding £70.Are customers charged for parking at Aldi store? My vehicle registration is RV58 NWX. Checked out@ 10.29 am . I’m disgusted with the way you treated your regular customers.

  • Seems like these numbers won’t be accepted, which won’t allow me to enter your survey.

    Here are the #’s on my receipt: 3204 446 097 004 035

    This purchase was made on Saturday 7/29/2017 @ 9:51 a.m.

  • I visited Halfords at Rayleigh Weir about 12 noon on Friday 8th September to buy a windscreen wiper. An assistant quickly checked on computer for the ref number, n quickly found the correct wiper for me. Very helpful n efficient. After I had paid for the wiper, I asked for help in fitting it. The man on the till quickly went to me car and changed rhe wiper for me then went back to the till. He was very helpful, pleasant and efficient and no other customer was kept waiting. A credit to yr company. .

  • When walking into the store it looks clean a very inviting the flower display is on the front which makes it look pretty then there when I walk around the store has plenty of products for us to choose the prices are very reasonable there is a lot of space for your trolley and also other trolleys to go past you so you’re not all punched in one area getting to the till there is always plenty of people on and I’ve only had to wait about five minutes to be served the staff is very friendly and smiling and they help you out any which way you want the only thing I would say is the car park is very badly made we have to spend about 15 minutes to half an hour try and get to get parked so they are car park is only for an hour and a half half of it is taking up with the time of parking the rest of it is running around trying to get your goods so please sort out something else in the car parking area the only way we do it now is by going very early to get into the car park because if you left it any later you have no chance two Park

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