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Participate in the Sonic Drive-In Guest Satisfaction Survey and share your feedback and comments to help them serve you better on your next visit. Note that you need to take the survey within 14 days of your purchase. This survey is a guest feedback questionnaire designed to measure how their customers rate the services and products offered by the company. It is an online survey, which means that you can do it from the comfort of your home.

In addition, you will complete the simple survey within 10 minutes. Sonic Drive-In cares about your opinions. As a token of gratitude for your candid feedback, you will get a validation code, which you can use to redeem an offer.

About Sonic Drive-In

Sonic Drive-In is a fast food drive-in restaurant chain headquartered in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Founded in 1953, it quickly expanded to an estimated 3,500 restaurants, which serve 3 million customers every day. The restaurant chain’s menu consists of standard fast food items, such as fries and burgers, as well as other carnival like foods, such as chili dogs, corndogs, and onion rings. Other food items special to its menu include cheddar peppers and breakfast toaster sandwiches.

At a typical Sonic Drive-In, you drive into a covered stall, order through an intercom system, and have the food delivered by a carhop. Many Drive-Ins have Drive-thru lanes, and most also have patio seating.


How to Complete the Sonic Drive-In Guest Satisfaction Survey

You Will Need:

  • A computer of mobile device with internet access
  • A valid Sonic Drive-In receipt with an invitation to take a survey
  • Be able to read and understand English or Spanish


  1. You must take the survey within 14 days of purchase.
  2. Enter the Sonic Drive-In Guest Satisfaction Survey at
  3. Enter the ID number at the bottom of your Sonic Drive-In receipt and click start.
  4. Answer a few questions about your visit to the Sonic Drive-In where you got your survey invitation.
  5. Rate your satisfaction with the experience.
  6. Tell Sonic Drive-In what they can do to make you highly satisfied during your next visit.
  7. Answer all questions honestly.
  8. Upon completion of the survey, you will get a validation code you can use to redeem the offer printed on your receipt. 
  9. Write the code on your receipt and take it with you on your next visit to the Sonic Drive-In where you received it.

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Sonic Drive-In is eager to hear from you and your fellow customers about what you think of the services offered and food served. Feel free to tell them about the atmosphere in their venues and the friendliness of their staff. In addition to getting the offer printed in your receipt on your next visit, you will also help the company enhance your future Sonic Drive-In experiences.


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  • Stopped at the healdton sonic got a cheeseburger and tots with BBQ chicken bites. And chocolate malt. Got home took it out of the sack and the BBQ chicken bites were the worst I have ever eaten. Some kind of powder put on it and called BBQ. Malt wasn’t even a malt either. Just a shake. Sorriest order I have ever gotten

  • Went to Sonic on 5/28/16 and the experience was terrible. Way to many employees for 8:20 pm
    had to wait a long time for my shake, and blasts. i usually go there about everyday, but this trip was
    very dissatisfied! And my shake was not filled all the way up, I knew if I went back I would have to wait another 25 min. Hope someone gets this place running better, especially now that summer is upon us and school is out! I even went through the drive thru, spent $9.18 for a huge disappointing evening snack.

  • I just wanted to say i had the most pleasant visit at Sonic drive in on Adams a few days ago I believe Tuesday i was having a very bad day and a car hop named Melissa(I believe) made me feel so much better about myself she rely made my day so much better. Its people like her that make business like Sonic a pleasure to go to is return anytime thanks to Melissa your very special very kind woman..

  • Every since the sonic in checotah Oklahoma got new signs they have got my order wrong about 5 times now an the people taking the order are ruder than ever because the orders are getting wrong it’s a nightmare an dread going to the sonic cause I know my order will prob be wrong

  • The Sonic Drive In in Bonham, Texas seems to have lost some of its quality service. I frequent this Sonic, daily in the morning and the afternoon and sometimes for lunch. There are times that 3-5 stalls will be “out of order” and the morning shift except for the carhop doesn’t seem to pay attention. Today, I believe that I arrived and pressed the order button prior to 10:00 but was not helped until after 10:00 and did not give me the half price. I was not given my receipt therefore, I can’t agree with the order taker on the time she said it was. Service is slow and corn dogs are only slightly warm. I am not one who complains until I feel the employees are negligent in their service provided. I’m sure there will be no change but I still wanted to voice my opinion.

  • I am a very dedicated Sonic customer living in Lafayette, LA. I travel a lot and visit different Sonic drive In’s in other towns in Louisiana from New Orleans to Lake Charles, LA. I love all the food from Sonic but would like to state my dis pleasure about service at two of the Sonic Drive In’s in Lafayette, La. 2511 Kaliste Saloom RD. and Pinhook/Southpark 3521 W. Pinhook RD. I have visited these two stores several times in the past year and each time I have driven away without ordering anything due to the attitude of the person taking my order over the speaker. Their attitude is terrible and they speak to the customer very aggressively and none caring about the issue at hand. At the one on W. Pinhook RD the speakers have had a problem for two years and each time I order I can not hear anything the employees are saying. I do not have a hearing problem. I can hear great at all the other Sonic’s. I refuse to go back to the one on W. Pinhook Rd in Lafayette, LA until the speakers are repaired. For the time being I will drive about 5 miles to the next Sonic until something is done or I will try another food place nearer my home.
    I am a small business owner and I do understand how important good quality employees are to a company.

  • At 3:20 p.m. today (07/07/16) my wife and I went through the Sonic drive through in Abilene, KS. I wanted to do something special for my wife and buy her a small dark chocolate shake with no cookies on top. The experience was really bad. They told me they couldn’t do that to just come by the window, so I proceeded. There was one (1) car in front of me when I approached the window. The carhop brought the shake out without cookies on top as ordered. I gave her $4.00 for a $3.29 drink and told her to keep the change. I then noticed that the shake arrived with no straw, no spoon, and no napkins. I also noticed the shake was above the cup line. It had dripped over 50% of the outside of the cup. The domed lid was attached. When I requested a straw, spoon, and napkins the carhop smiled and said that I would probably need them. I am not certain if she was talking about the first two items (straw & spoon), the napkin which at that time was most needed, or all three. She brought all three to me. The receipt was offered, but not accepted. My car is a special to me and I do a great job keeping it clean inside an outside. Bad experience this time, but we will return to this Sonic. We typically enjoy your product and your store is only three (3) blocks from our home. I just wanted to give someone at Sonic a summary of today’s experience because I feel customer satisfaction is important to you. Have a great day.

  • I didn’t ger a reciept to do a survey
    I was missing a burger abd the two i ordered were wrong
    So i called i spoke to Edward he was veey understanding
    I work in food im a rgm
    But i jusr split my burger with my son so he could eat tonight

  • I am hooked on Route 44 Frozen Strawberry Lemonades!!!!! Differdnt stores charges different prices according to how they want to ring it up. It varies from $1.80 to $2.25 at happy hour.

  • Unfortunately tonight is the first time we have complained on a food establishment.
    We visited the store in Scottsburg, in and will not be going back for a while.
    We tried to order a milkshake and theirs no ice cream. We tried to order onion rings and there’s no onion rings.
    So my hubby asked for 7 sugars to be out in the cup prior to the tea being in the cup.
    Server comes out and hands us our Order and tells him he can put his own sugar in.
    Tried to charge us again, and we ask for the receipt and 10 minutes after waiting we call for it.
    My hubby was a little perturbed so we didn’t look until we got home.
    Went to go in the survey and it’s not even our recipe with the survey I’d. Just a print out of our cars authorization.
    Very sad.

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  • My experience was amazing, I got my food fast and it was delicious!!!! I even pushed the button again to let them know!!! Piper was my carhopper and she was friendly and had a smile on her face. They never fail when I come! Thank you so much

  • went to sonic store in marshall mo last nite & it took 15 min to get my order & no one was there people came in after we did got thre orders & left we got there @19:58 pm & also there is a vechile that has been sitting in 1 of the stalls for a long time & it doesn’t run it belongs to the manager I think I should get a discout or somethin for my wait that u

  • Food was COLD–cheeseburger, onion rings
    I will probably never stop at Sonic again.
    I spent $15.98 for awful food.
    I couldn’t do survey because there is no number or store number no the ticket. Rubbed out.

  • I am very angry. I entered the receipt number on the bottom of the receipt for the customer survey and was told that we are sorry that this off er had expired. Seeing that I had just purchased the two shakes less than an hour ago how can the receipt be expired!! There is no contact phone number to contact Sonic so I am going through this venue.
    I cannot understand how Sonic can charge different amounts for their shakes. We usually use the Sonic on Athens Hwy in Loganville Georgia. There, all classic shakes are the same price $3.19 for a medium size whatever the flavor Just stopped by the Sonic on Jimmy Carter Blvd in Atlanta and we ordered one peanut butter and one banana shake. When we got the bill it showed $3.69 for the PB shake and 3.39 for the banana. We queried the server but she said that was how they were priced there..every flavor was priced differently. Why is this?? I know I will not get a reply but I had to vent, I do not liked being ripped off!!!

  • The young lady at your front counter by the name of Lizz is very very nice ,great customer service. It was nice to be greeted and made feel welcome ..nice to see some one new with a great personality… Thank you Lizz…we you again

  • Visited Sonic on 1443 Main Dr, Fayetteville, AR 72904 on 12/06/2016 after school. Ordered med jumbo popcorn chicken & boneless chicken wings. Boneless wings were good, nothing Jumbo about jumbo popcorn chicken! over half were crumbs or very small pieces, Not Acceptable! No receipt!

  • We were so excited to have a new sonic open up in town very close to work. Seems we got excited too soon. Service is terrible and can get from the Sonic that is further away quicker than the close one and be back. Today I went to order boneless wings. After waiting for 10 minutes for my order they came out to inform me they were out of them!!!!! This couldn’t have been told to me WHEN I ORDERED!!!! Promptly took myself to Pizza Hut and had my wings ready by the time I got there. What a dissapointment

  • Sonic is a terrible place.
    Run by rats.
    All rats work there.
    It is a cult.
    Never buying from there again.
    Those dickcrumbs blocked me.
    My father will be hearing about this.
    My father is the owner of Toaster Strudel, trust me, 100% legit.

  • The id. numbers are not legible, after 3 attempts of guessing, you’re automatically logged out. Any suggestions, this is a constant occur ancestors with 2 locations I frequent.

  • I went to a Sonic drive thru @ 725 NE Albury Blvd on April 30,2017 @ 11:00:23. My receipt # 547626.
    The carhop name on the receipt was Jaclyn which I am assuming is the same girl that was waiting the window of the drive thru.
    But this women was very rude. She did not say very much , basically here is your drink . Then handed the bag with my Breakfast Burrito. I said Thank you / she said whatever and closed the window.

    I go to this Sonic a lot, and this is the 1 st time I have ever had anyone be rude. I noticed they had a sign on the on the window.. Hiring and had a # to call. So I relalize maybe they are short handed . But she doesn’t need be rude. Not my intention to get someone in trouble. But I think she should be told she was very rude.

  • It is hard to complete the survey without receiving the receipt, which I didn’t.. The tater tots were old and dried out. I went back around the drive in and asked for fresh ones. Not thinking I didn’t check my sandwich. My fault, I should have as the bacon was under cooked. So once I got to work I had to finish cooking the meat in the microwave. Not very good odds on my order. There has been real problems with getting correct order and the quality of the food. I would much rather wait longer to have fresh , completely cooked food. Ordered a shake last week and the cup was half full and runny. The excuse was, they ran out of mix. And that was my fault how? I should have been told and given the options of purchasing something else, or at least received this shake for nothing.

  • I just left your Sonic on Andrews Hwy in Odessa, Texas. Their ice machine is always broken and some times they don’t even bother to wait on you. I have been doing business there for two years. The service is so bad they don’t seem to care about the customer at all. someone NEEDS to look into that place.Debra

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