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Historically, only the largest organizations invested in market research. This is mainly because smaller organizations lacked the resources to conduct proper market research. Smaller businesses usually had to rely on their instincts to make important business decisions. Fortunately for modern businesses, the technology available today has helped overcome this problem, which means that businesses of all sizes are embracing and taking advantage of the benefits offered by customer satisfaction surveys. Encouragingly, companies are changing their customer service policies and strategies. They understand that research plays a pivotal role in identifying their customers’ expectations and needs. Thus, customer satisfaction surveys are helping businesses retain customers and acquire new ones.

As a shopper in the modern business world, you hold all the cards, meaning that your views hold significant weight. IHOP understands this, which is why it is offering its customers the chance to share their views freely. The company wants to understand how the shopping experiences it provides will affect guest choices and future revenue. By identifying and improving issues that matter to guests, it hopes to deliver guest experiences that strengthen its competitive edge.

Found at www.talktoihop.com, the IHOP Guest Survey aims to measure how happy you were with the dining experience you received during your last visit to one of their restaurants. You can complete the survey in just a few minutes.

About IHOP

For almost 58 years, IHOP has been the favorite venue for people who want to meet and connect over a delicious meal, or simply grab a meal before or after an event. No matter what meal guests order, they can always look forward to an enjoyable and memorable time. The chain has served millions of guests over the years and smiles are a part of its culture. In fact, the company’s logo features a representation of a smile.


How to Complete the IHOP Guest Survey

You will need:

  • A mobile device or computer with Internet access.
  • A basic understanding of English or Spanish.
  • An IHOP survey invitation.


  1. Visit www.talktoihop.com to begin.
  2. Enter the survey code, server name, and visit time to proceed.
  3. Answer all questions honestly.
  4. Submit the survey.
Survey video produced by GuestSatisfactionSurveys Team and IHOP customers anonymous.

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The retention of current customers and acquisition of new ones are two of the most important issues for all businesses. The increasing use of surveys is providing businesses with the foundation they need to carry out market research more efficiently, quickly, and affordably. This practical research tool is easing the budgeting problem most businesses face. This is why IHOP are conducting an online customer survey. It views the survey as an integral part of its customer service strategy. The speed and power of customer knowledge will help keep the company ahead of its competitors. When you share your thoughts and concerns with the company, you will help it serve you better.


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  1. I walked in there and there was a lot of people in line but the team u have did a great job pushing them and being friendly hard to find . I offered the manager Jill a tip and she said she didn’t need it being able to give service was enough .

  2. Today we got terrible service we had to remind the waitress 7 times what we had ordered she forgot to bring my husband his pancakes and toast had to keep reminding her to bring Napkins, butter, sugar, coffee,


  4. I went to IHOP twice and got shocked both times by the prices.
    (1) On trip one I ordered 3 eggs and 3 pancakes a small orange juice plus coffee and the bill was $20….

    I thought that was very high and perhaps a mistake but I didn’t say anything.

    I went back today and this time ordered…an omelette with onions, swiss cheese, tomatoes with bacon small orange juice and coffee and the check was $23…

    I just left and am still in the state of shock.

    The place is nearly empty everytime I go in there and now I can see why.

    These prices can’t be real….or how could a family even think of going there let alone a single person like me.

    The same waiter and he has a foreign accent, maybe Spanish, and he is not easy to talk to either.

    Can these prices be real???

    If so, you can scratch me as I simply cannot afford your restaurant doubt if many others can either.

  5. Hello my name is Rose I am so disappointed in my service at IHOP our server sat us down took our order and not once after delivering our food did anyone and I mean anyone come to ask if we needed anything much less give us a ticket to see if our order was correct and was told after finding a server to go to the front and that the front will take care of us and of course she didn’t know ! I love going to IHOP never had problems but I would not ever recommend to anyone to go to that IHOP really sad cause I love to leave my sever a great tip and love to recommend to all my family and friends a place to eat very …. disappointed with this place 1500 S.W. loop410 San Antonio TX 78227 and can’t take survey cause no ticket๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜  not cool!!!

  6. Food is abundantly sufficient. Angel R. Has been so attentive in checking back on several occasions to be certain I had coffee and any other wishes. Very delightful atmosphere.

  7. This is the best IHOP that I have ever been to. The camaraderie between the employees is priceless and my server was WONDERFUL-Tequilaโค Give her a Raise!!!

  8. I order (to go) a omelet minus the mushrooms and cheese..I get home, there is no cheese on top the omelet so I’m like…yes, this thing looks awesome! well as soon as I cut into it…You guessed it…FULL OF CHEESE! I called the location, spoke with the Manager she stated no problem we will redo your order for you. Well I was home after working a 10hr shift. I was not going back there. So she said I will leave a note at the counter for you. I go back on yesterday morning (1/31/2017) only to hear the server Lerone asked where are the pancakes? The cook stated I’m not doing no pancakes, her omelet was messed up, not her pancakes. then THE MANAGER GOES…I KNOW RIGHT!!! Having heard this, I yelled, please don’t worry about it. And by the way the Girts had an over cooked smell to them, that I just let go!!! The manager hearing me say this to Lerone, comes out of the kitchen and say ma’am they are fresh this morning, would you like some. I said no, I ordered an extra salsa JUST to get a recpt to do the surevy!!! Kudos to Lerone, you showed more professionalism that the lead example!!! Thank YOU!

  9. When you are hungry for pancakes, where do you go? NOT the IHOP IN Coon Rapids. No customers, we were the only two for about 10 mins. Ordered the pancakes, eggs and meat. Asked for the eggs to be basted. We got hard eggs, after a very long wait, with a little white. It looked like the cook tried to boil them. And the food was cold. You keep the coffee thermos’s on the table, which are cold of course, then put hot coffee in them which is then cold. And the cups were cold also. The only thing keeping this restaurant going I think is JC Penny.

  10. I have been a customer for your company for years, many of years. But on 11 February, my wife and I had the worst experience since being a valued customer. The Pascagoula MS store needs to be shutdown or bring in better employees. They are a disgrace to food service. Period!!!!

  11. Yesterday my wife, daughter, and I ate at IHOP Store #1917. It was terrible. We asked the waitress 149 Tirrany, for water. We never received the water. My wife had to ask for silverware. The manager had trouble figuring out the bill, and I am not sure it is correct. I simply paid it and left vowing never to return there again. I’ll drive north to the one on Memorial Road in OKC first.

  12. I visited the Ihop on NW Expwy @ 7:15 on apr 29 2017.
    It took 45 minutes to recieve our meal of 2 orders waffles 2 lg orders of bacon with 2 cups of coffe. The wffles were not warm or even brown.
    we spent 1hr15 min before we received ticket. I told th waitress that waffles wer e not done. she told us she had inform mrg. We did not get any contact with management. The table of 5 next us left after telling all their was cold leaveing meals on table untouched.
    my tab was $25.29 with a $3.00 tip for waitress.
    As you can guess it will be a long time before I visit any of the OKC Ihops. Management is lackig support of the ownship of these Ihops is non existant. Ownership should be retrained if allowed to operate an Ihops.
    I will think twice before stop at Ihops on the road.

  13. Jakarius is the most sweetest person I know he created us on time brought our drinks out and food came out on time you guys should keep him around

  14. My experience at IHOP on this mothers day 2017, was the worst experience we’ve ever had at any restaurant. Totally spoiled our Mothers Day !! I think you owe me for the bill & and a huge apologize for the rest of my family !!

  15. Hermitage, TN location.
    Had the worst Service and Food experience on Friday May 19th. Our server took Forever to take our order even though he was all around us. I asked for extra crispy hashbrowns., received barely cooked.. He said he would get a new order. Overheard him make derogatory remarks to the kitchen. What I finally received back was a mass of mush swimming in grease. Horrible.
    Second: My friend had let her coffee get cold and we asked for a new
    coffee cup. Again, he never brought one. After a good while I got up to retrieve one. Than he gets it. My friend poured her coffee and started to enjoy. But I noticed the cup was dirty dirty. Stains all down the sides. Was that on purpose? My friend is 95 and I did not want to upset her by exposing the server. I took a picture of the cup if you want to see. You will be disgusted too.

  16. This morning I took my neighbor who doesn’t get out much because of cancer, to her favorite place for breakfast…i Hop in Plano, Tx on Interstate 75. She was all dressed up and ready to see people and enjoy a breakfast. She was not disappointed. We were seated right away, everyone was friendly, and lots of smiles. We had the most precious waitress named Elizabet, (169) who was so friendly, engaged in conversation with my neighbor and made her laugh. My neighbor and I talked and got caught up on her life and mine. Elizabet would come by, clear off the table, always with a big smile. My friend and I enjoyed our outing. It is the little things that are important to all of us, especially those who can’t get out much and they enjoy every moment. Elizabet made our trip to ihop a great adventure and I think my friend felt young again!!. Thank you

  17. The Pflugerville i hop on lime stone has the worst service we sat for over ten minutes before we were offered a drink and even then we had to find a employee and ask for the drinks the food was good but we asked for our cheese sticks to xome before our meal and we didnt get them till we got our meal the waitress took our order amd we never saw her agin till she brought the check

  18. Esta es mi segunda visits a Este restaurant y Las dos veces ordene mr tbone y Las dos veces me dieron well done tbone realmente una pena porque fui con hambre y sali con hambre lo unico bueno de ihop son los pancakes EL resto del menu no lo recomiendo. Gracias

  19. We have been eating at this IHOP since it opened. The food is excellent but the restrooms are HORRIBLE. THERE IS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN A TERRIBLE TERRIBLE ODOR. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE ABOUT THIS. VENTILATION? SEWER? IT CAN GAG YOU.

  20. I went to the IHOP in Tupelo, MS this morning to try it again. Was very dissatisfied. Took way to long to get food. Eggs were cold and bacon was almost burnt. This is the second time I tried this place in the last 6 months. Had a similar experience the first time. Waitress was not very friendly. A customer that came in after we were seated got his food before us. Will not be going back there again. Plenty of other places in Tupelo to eat breakfast that are a lot better. will not be recommending it.

  21. My son-in-law is a recovering glioblastoma stage 4 cancer patient. He had a grapefruit size tumor taken from his brain. He was a practicing physician at the top of his career who will never practice medicine again. this hap. Wpened in Jan. 2016. After chemo etc. ended in Jan 2017 We try to get him out of the house for lunch or breakfast. His favorite restaurant is IHOP He was vomited there twice. the last time in early June 2017. When we arrived for a visit today we wee told by then manager that she would serve us but it would be for the last time because his vomiting was a bio hazard for the person who cleaned the table and she had to immediately be sent home. Our daughter a nephrologist laughed when we told her this. She had worked at Shoneys while in med school and said the manager just said accidents happen clean it up.

    We will not go back to this IHOP. I wish all Cancer patients would boycott the IHOP at the I-35 Serice Road in OKC. I would not wish this cancer on anyone but the manager might gain rom walking in the shoes with a family member who has.

  22. Service was good but very slow. An hour and a half from seating until food arrived. Also did not like the fact that iceberg lettuce was not an option. Could not eat the ditchweed.

  23. I just want to let u know how amazing my visit was at Ihop in San Antonio of of Dezavala. Service was out standing. The manager on duty introduced his self Ben checked on all his guest periodical. Very attentive to all staff. Very polite. I will return. Ben is doing a wonderful job with customer and staff.

  24. IHop in bartlesville has been one of the best ones we been so far, VERONICA is the best server we have ever had next time you go inn ask for her… “great job veronica”

  25. Just did the survey, but it’s confusing that I have to go back to the same location to redeem my free pancakes.
    On the IHOP receipt on #5 it read.. ” 5) Bring this receipt to IHOP and Enjoy.”
    I go to IHOP anywhere if I can around Sacramento and Folsom area.

  26. On Sunday August 6th approximately 1:07 p.m. a group of us came in from our church for lunch. There was 12 or 13 of us. We received better than usual service ianthony number 18 7 his service was beyond wonderful. Our problem was the food I ordered steak omelette and when it came with the salsa it was beautiful however something smelled Rancid and I could not figure out what it was so Anthony took it back and brought a new omelette we thought it was the salsa had gone sour but when I tasted the tomatoes on the omelette that was the problem the tomatoes were Rancid. So I ate the pancakes and scraped the tomatoes off the omelette. The girl next to me had poached eggs with avocado tomato on toast. She is allergic to tomato so Anthony took it back and brought another order without the tomatoes. After the mule was done and the tickets settled she became a little sick. When is the bathroom and threw up the whole meal stores located number 1511 at 1920 West Bell Road 85023. Needless to say we will not be visiting that restaurant again.

  27. after eating breakfast yesterday I found my self still hungry ordered 2 eggs./bacon./1 waffel./ decided to order another wafell. did not ask the price assuming about 2-3 dollars, was totally shocked when she charged me another seven dollars. come on this was terrible, will never return and I also drive school bus for atlectic trips, will never stop with any kids again.

  28. I was very impressed by the young lady who served me at Indigo. She helped me find a variety of health related books that I was looking for. She was very pleasant, and personable, a great asset to the store. She only worked part time, due to education commitments, but knew very quickly where to locate what I was interested in, Haley was amazing, congrats to the manager who hired this young lady.

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