U.S. Postal Service Customer Experience Survey

Public Service Survey

The United States Post Office is famous for getting us our mail no matter what rain or shine, sleet or snow. Because of this it is no wonder that the Post Office cares so much about what we think of their services. The U.S. Postal Service is dedicated to providing every mail recipient and sender with dependable service that families and businesses alike can count on. Because of this USPS created the Post Office Tell Us customer survey. You can find this survey located at www.postalexperience.com/pos. It takes about 2 minutes to complete.

The survey helps you to have your voice heard and tell USPS what you think, what went wrong or what it is doing right. Your feedback helps the Post Office to do a better job for you, ensuring the safety of every letter, every package and every item you send or receive. Take a few moments out of your day today to let the Post Office know your opinions and experiences at your local post office. The USPS greatly appreciates your time and thoughts.

About The United States Post Office

The USPS has roots that go all the way back to 1775. The United States Postal Service is a government agency that works to provide citizens with impeccable mail services. The USPS offers a variety of different shipping rates and delivery speeds to suit specific needs. Though USPS has plenty of competition, it continues to be the most widely used form of shipping in the nation.

In popular culture, the USPS played a big part on movies such as the 1947 classic Miracle on 34th Street. Charles Bukowski also wrote a book in 1971 entitled simply Post Office. There were 625,113 employees of the United States Postal Service as of 2016. As of 2014, the company operated 211,264 mail vehicles across the nation.


How to Complete U.S. Postal Service Customer Experience Survey


What You’ll Need:

  • Your United States Postal Service receipt.
  • 2 minutes to finish the survey.
  • An internet connection.


  1. Go to www.postalexperience.com/pos.
  2. Get out our USPS receipt.
  3. Select the language you wish to complete the U.S. Postal Service customer experience survey.
  4. Click “next”.
  5. Enter the zip code located on our receipt.
  6. Select the location of your purchase.
  7. Enter the date on your receipt.
  8. Complete the satisfaction questions that will be unique to your visit.
  9. Enter submit.

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The United States Postal Service is highly dedicated to providing you with the utmost in service and customer satisfaction. Take the time out of your busy day today to tell the USPS what you loved or didn’t love about their service. Rest assured that every survey is read with care and that your voice matters.



  • I’ve always had a good experience a the Palm Harbo Post Office branch on US 19. The clerks have been courteous and willing to help beyond what I would consider standard assistance. However, I wasn’t thrilled about my one encounter with a manager/branch postmaster.

  • 5 Star experience on 11/7/17! Postal person was friendly and competent! This positive customer service took place at the 121 San Anselmo Ave., San Anselmo CA.

  • Went to the Butztown Pa. post office today. The clerk, in training, did a great job getting my package taken care of in a fast and professional manner. Her trainer is doing a good job in her training. Thanks

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