Papa Murphy’s Customer Feedback Survey


While attracting new customers is integral in any business, keeping the existing ones is paramount. Successful businesses continually find new ways to keep their customers happy by asking for their opinions and suggestions through customer satisfaction surveys. This keeps the business in touch with their current customers’ needs and identifies new trends in the market. Finding out what makes their customers keep coming back helps to improve on the strong points of the business and re-strategize on the weak ones.

The Papa Murphy’s customer feedback survey helps the management team to analyze crucial data that directly affects its customers. It gives the customer a direct link to the relevant personnel, able to make the change they need. The customer, in turn, feels more incorporated in making contribution to the business’s growth as part of the team. Once problems suggested by customers addressed, they will not only become repeat customers, but also spread the word to others. Papa Murphy’s takes customer feedback seriously and seeks to know more of what their customers expect of them.

About Papa Murphy’s

Papa Murphy’s started its operations in 1981 as ‘Papa Aldo’s Pizza’ chain of restaurants and in 1984 as ‘Murphy’s Pizza’. In 1995 the two chains merged and Papa Murphy’s was born. The business now has over 1,400 outlets in the United States, Canada the Unite Arab Emirates. It was recently ranked as the fifth largest pizza chain in the US. Papa Murphy’s has won many awards due to their unrivaled products and services. In 2006, they won the Consumers’ First Choice platinum award. In 2014, they were recognized as the top pizza chain and ranked first for both healthy and quality food.

Papa Murphy’s unique concept of ‘take-and-bake’ continues to separate them from the rest. The customer chooses the type of fresh ingredients and crust that appeals to them. It is then hand made in a few minutes and ready to be popped in the oven once at home.


How to Complete the Papa Murphy’s Customer Feedback Survey

You Will Need:

  • A computer or mobile device with internet access.
  • A receipt with a survey invitation.
  • A basic understanding of English.
  • A functional printer for your coupon printout (optional).


  1. Visit the customer feedback survey website at
  2. Enter the number of the Papa Murphy’s outlet you visited or search by zip code.
  3. Enter the date visited.
  4. Read the questions provided and answer honestly.
  5. Provide a comment on their service (optional).
  6. Submit the filled out survey.
  7. Write down the redemption code on your receipt for a discount on the next visit.
Survey video produced by GuestSatisfactionSurveys Team and Papa Murphy's customers anonymous.

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Papa Murphy’s appreciates the time taken to complete the survey and highly regards your input. Through this survey, they are able to provide better services to their customers and the staff members are greatly motivated.


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