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Kentucky Fried Chicken is one of the biggest fast food chains in the world and it has been embraced with open arms in the country. If the company had its way, then business will stay rosy despite the increased competition from other players in the industry. They can only do this if they are responsive to the needs of their customers. They have to know what the people think about their food, their service, and their brand. Then they can create strategies to get closer to the ideal.

The KFC Philippines Customer Satisfaction Survey is among the tools they use to feel the pulse of the masses. As a customer, you can use this to tell them how you really feel about KFC. If you like the flavor of their new meals, say so to make sure that these stay on the menu. If you are unhappy about the prices, then you may register your disagreement. If the service isn’t as snappy as you want it to be, tell them as well so that they can pay more attention to it.

About KFC

KFC is a global giant when it comes to fast food. It is probably the most famous restaurant that specializes in fried chicken with dozens of items of the menu deriving from this key ingredient. Their secret recipe made Colonel Sanders famous in his hometown and the rest is history. The business he started now have about 20,000 locations worldwide and quite a few of them are in various parts of the Philippines.

The combination of delicious food and reasonable prices has made KFC a local favorite. It is highly competitive with other fast food restaurants but the industry is getting increasingly crowded. With more options than ever, even known brands have to find new ways of attracting customers and keeping their current patrons loyal. The survey helps them do this better.


How to Complete the KFC Philippines Customer Satisfaction Survey


What You Need:

  • A good Internet connection.
  • A computer or smartphone with a modern browser.
  • A few minutes to complete the survey.


  1. Go to the survey page: www.mykfcexperience.com.ph.
  2. Get your recent KFC receipt.
  3. Enter the code found at the bottom of the receipt. It is the series of numbers under the site address.
  4. Click the Start button and proceed with the survey.
  5. Answer all of the questions according to your experience dining at the restaurant.
  6. Submit your answers.


KFC has been in the country for decades. It has been part of many gatherings and celebrations, as well as the daily grind for many Filipinos. If you have a strong opinion about your experiences with the restaurant, then fill up the survey today.

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  • Hi,

    I just want to share my experience in KFC naia branch last night,at around 11pm we ate at the store but unfortunately almost all our orders are not available considering that they are near naia a very busy area and to think that they are for 24/7 store stocks are not complete.

    1. No hot and Krispy flavored chicken
    2. No hot shots,fun shot
    3. The very common that they need tissue no tissue at KFC?

    I even asked the guy at the counter if the store is 24hours and he said yes,and follow up question aren’t you guys going to cook chicken with hot and Krispy flavored coz I also heard customers asking for hot and crispy chicken and he said no coz “hindi nmn daw mabenta”.

    We don’t need tissue with KFC logo,I understand that sometimes no stocks available but please find a way to buy a table napkin for your customers. Its very essential for a food chain to have table napkin.

    I just hope that this issue will not be taken forgranted. I love eating KFC that’s why I’m very disappointed with that branch.


  • Masarap sanang kumain sa KFC sm bacoor branch.. Kso nadismaya kmi dhil sa walng standard sa pag seserve kukulang p sa Tao. Tpos ang daming pending n order n halos 1hour kang mag hihintay bgo k mkakain.. Ang dami ding pending n kigpitan… Tpos ang dumi p ng mga table pti ung gravy nila ndi malinis ung lagayan.. Wala PNG modo ung manager. Ndi nkakatuwa ung pinapakita ng mga trabahador ng KFC sm bacoor branch… Ayoko ng bumalik at maranasan ung ganyang senario..

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