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There is more to customer experience than customer service. For example, the best experience with an individual cannot make up for terrible food. Many factors influence a customer’s decision to move on or return. The playbook for any successful company says that the customer is always right. Keeping customers satisfied may seem like a no brainer, but the psychology and methods behind maintaining a loyal customer base takes more than free balloons and discount coupons.

Business owners and marketers should understand what customers expect and how they feel, which is why Little Caesars is conducting a customer experience survey. The survey is designed to give customers a voice through which they can express their views, concerns, and suggestions. By taking the Caesars Customer Experience Survey, you will help the restaurant chain offer the best customer experience possible.

In any market, there is more than one of the same services and/or products, perhaps dozens. The Internet age has made finding products and/or services a snap. Today, customers can find whatever they need within seconds on the web. Thus, if a product/service is the best among many identical products/services, then it is important to separate it from the rest, through excellent customer service, marketing, and quality.

About Little Caesars

Little Caesars is one of the largest pizza chains in the United States. Headquartered in Downtown Detroit, Michigan, the company was founded in 1959 by Mike and Marian Ilitch. More than half a century later, Little Caesars has grown from a single store to a popular global chain. It is an internationally famous brand and the largest carry out pizza chain in the world.


How to Complete the Caesars Customer Experience Survey

You will need:

  • A valid Little Caesars restaurant receipt with a survey invitation.
  • A basic understanding of English or Spanish.
  • A PC or mobile device with Internet access.


  1. Visit the survey site at
  2. Choose your preferred language.
  3. Enter your zip code to get started.
  4. Select the date of visit, type of order, and the time of day of your visit.
  5. Answer all survey questions truthfully.
  6. Fill out your contact details to enter the prize draw.
  7. Submit the survey.

For further convenience, watch this video to understand the procedure for participating in the survey.

Survey video produced by GuestSatisfactionSurveys Team and Little Caesars customers anonymous.


Everyone has a story of when one was treated extremely poorly or extremely well, and people tend to share these stories with others. Little Caesars recognize that word of mouth can be a huge advantage, or a terrible drawback for a business. It takes many years to build a reputation and a few minutes to ruin it. With this in mind, the company wants to do everything right. As a token of gratitude for your valuable feedback, Little Caesars will offer you the opportunity to enter a prize draw to win pizza for a year.

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  • You need to commend the staff at your location in Lawrenceburg, Ky. I am simply a customer but they are awesome! Especially Natalie who is always working hard when my family comes in to get dinner there. She’s the best!

  • I was never given a receipt! Bridgeport ct store very rude employees. sign say open till 11. no pizza available at 10:15 pm. 3 days in a row! close earlier then. I wasted my gas going there only to encounter rude employees. I will stick with another competetor

  • I just purchased a special request pizza from your Little Caesars on 7603 Harford Road, Parkville Shopping Center 21234. Store ID # 01908-00021. I asked for an EXTRA Most Bestest Pepperoni with EXTRA Sauce. Adrienne S. waiting on me and she told me that she made it with Love! And she did, it was really extra delicious!! My Order Number # 377 924 on Sat. July 8th, 2017.

    Thank You Adrienne S. for the Extra Care and Love You put into my Pizza! I really Appreciate YOU!!

  • we waited 25 Minutes fro the so called hot and READY.
    Please send us a coupon or two for us to try it again we were very disappointed and won’t give it another chance without any coupon.
    terri ZOKAN
    117 Sunridge Drive
    Columbia sc 29045
    803 401 5885


    STORES NO. 01544-00003

  • Just got a pizza today. Wasn’t eating the crust. Took a bite of the crust on fifth piece of pizza. I chewed on a seed in the crust. Now my tongue has been on fire. Intense pain now for ten minutes. Jacksonville NC. Kmart plaza.

  • I feel the quality of little Caesars has dropped tremendously. I know they advertise fast andready but the last few months the pizzas have been tasteless and have the consistency of cardboard. Step it up little ceasars. We used to love the pizza but I guess we’ll have to go elsewhere.

  • I want to thank Sasha and Chris for the AWESOME customer service on yesterday 1/12/17. We ordered 30 pizzas at 10:30 and they had them ready @ 11:30 for us to pick up also we ordered 20 more pizzas at 4:10pm and they had them ready at 4:45pm. With only two people in the store and they got all the pizzas done in a timely manner was greatly appreciated.

  • Me and my 3 gra.dkids went to little caesars pn broadway in tempe it was fast and hot the gentleman was very nice and friendly

  • So I was pleased tonight in the way the Fairfield store handled the busy time on a Friday night. I was greeted with a smile and dur to it being busy had to wait only a few seconds for two hot and ready pizzas. Just wanted to say great job to all those that were working.

  • I went in to the little Caesers located at 12130 Old hwy 63 South on September 26, 2016@ 20:48 hrs and ordered a deep deep dish pepperoni pizza. Well, there was already 3 ready in the little oven but he replied to me that those were to old to sell, so they donated the old ones to some off the wall cherity for them to eat? I then looked on the counter top, and ordered him to kill the roach! So he did and replied to me that he wasn’t in charge of extermination. A few min. Later I noticed a rat running around and was not scared at all! So I then demanded him to take my phone no. and name and told him to tell his manager to contact me in the morning…… I know that rats can reproduce@ the age of 14 days. Roaches are even worse!!! The cashier that served me, had to have known about the rat because he wasn’t surprised at all and the rat wasn’t scared either. I was pointing@ the cameras and the rat continuously because I wanted the camera to acknowledge my discovery. Then I made sure that the cashier recognized it also. Three deep!deep! Pan pizza’s for charity @ 22:00 hrs. Or passed closing time.?! I think that there is even a worse rat in charge of your Lucedale, Ms. Branch. Area code 39452. So should I take the survey,? and let the chips fall where they may,? or can we resolve this in a different manner?

  • The service was fine the pizza sauce was very spicy, very little cheese. Bread sticks were dry and hard. Had to throw them in trash

  • We bought the Loaded Crazy Bread Bites. Both my husband and I could not finish them because thy were dripping in grease. We had indigestion that night and even the next day. We also had dierreha. The employee who waited on us was not friendly and was rude, We thought you should know.

  • Supreme pizza large thin ordered very cold and poor presentation. No good at all. Also crazy bites SALTY dry and cold. I would like to give a better review but I must be honest I will not return.

  • We had one large pepperoni & we had one order of italian cheese bread. It was very old & dry. This was the worst ive had yet. I was very disappointed. We bought it from 104th & Avalon in Los Angeles… please check your pizza & breadsticks before you leave.

  • Huntsville location on sparkman dr and blue spring rd is terrible. Pizza never hot and ready even during the week.Waited 30 minutes before, people always complaining. Pizza oven has two rakes but they only use one.Something needs to be done about this, worst little Caesars I’ve been in as far as wait time.

  • We ordered a 1 Pepperoni pizza and a 1 Italian Sausage pizza. When we got home, we had 2 Pepperoni Pizzas. One box said Pepperoni and one said sausage. We called the location they said to bring the pizza back. We had already started eating from the box we thought was Pepperoni, when we open the other box it was also Pepperoni. We went to looking and the first box we ate from said Sausage. but was pepperoni.

  • ordered crazy bread–it was almost raw–the worst thing i ever had–took it back-was realy ignored
    i drove off because the girl would not come back to the window–i wont be back

  • Store # 002934
    Refused to take a order from the drive up window
    I am handicapped z nd. Told the man I just wanted a person Al pan pizza

    Services stinks

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