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Home Depot 2019 Third-Quarter USA Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes Rules

You are not obligated to make a purchase from Home Depot to be a participant in this contest. Buying something from our company will not enhance your odds of winning. This contest is void where such activities are not permitted by law.

By entering this contest, you acknowledge your understanding of the Sweepstakes rules.

Sweepstakes dates:

The “Home Depot 2019 Third-Quarter USA Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes” (hereby referred to as “Sweepstakes”) starts on August 8, 2019 at 12:00 AM (central time) and comes to a close on November 9, 2019 at 11:59 PM (central time). This time frame will be referred to as the “Period of Sweepstakes.”


Only legal residents of the USA that live in one of the 50 American states (which includes residents of Guam and the US Virgin Islands, but does not include Puerto Rican residents) or the District of Columbia can enter the Sweepstakes. An entrant is described as a participant who is at least 18 years old when they signed up for the contest. An entrant that is deemed a potential winner (referred to as a “Winner of a Prize”) needs to have a valid, personal, and unique Social Security Number for sponsorship (which is defined further down in these Official Rules) so that the tax liability linked with a prize’s acceptance can be reported. A Social Security Number’s validity will be established by the IRS (“Internal Revenue Service”) as per their guidelines, which is elaborated on in the portion of the Official Rules under “Prize Claims.”

Who cannot participate in the Sweepstakes?

  • Employees, managers, directors, and officers of Home Depot Store Support, Inc. (“Sponsor”), and all of its respective affiliates, subsidiaries, and parent companies;
  • Dealers, organizations, and promotion/advertising agencies, which includes businesses offering market research and marketing services to the Sponsor or their client(s), agents or consultants;
  • Immediate family members (children, siblings, parents, and spouses), and people who live in the household of such people;
  • Others involved in the distribution, execution, production, and development of this contest – which includes American Sweepstakes and Promotion Company, Inc. (known as the “Independent Administrator”).

No one who lives in Puerto Rico can participate in these Sweepstakes; they are also void in any place where such contests are against the law (or where participants are restricted from playing).


Overview: a couple (2) of categories (referred to as a “Category,” and when collected, “Categories”) are included in this contest:

  1. category of the consumer (“Consumer Category”); and
  2. category for professionals (“Professional Category”).

A single (1) Winner of a Prize will be chosen from the Sweepstakes entries that qualify out of the Consumer Category, in addition to a single (1) Winner of a Prize from the entries that qualify out of the Professional Category. For full details, see the portion titled, “Random Notification/Drawing.” Note: only a single (1) entry per category is allowed. To qualify for an entry in the Professional Category, the participant needs to work as one of the following:

  • a tradesperson (specializing in HVAC, roofing, plumbing, engineering, etc.);
  • a rental property/real estate manager;
  • a commercial or residential construction worker;
  • a handyman; building maintenance manager/operator; or
  • a remodeler/general contractor.

If the entrant fails to meet the above criteria for the Professional Category, they will not qualify and must instead become an entrant of the Consumer Category. Those who enter by taking the Home Depot Customer Satisfaction Survey will be entered in the relevant category automatically as per the details they provide. Participants entering the Sweepstakes through the AMOE (described further down) are obligated to specify a category upon entry.

You can enter the contest through a couple (2) of different ways. No matter which option you use – whether it be through the online survey or through the AMOE, or even through a mix of both (2) approaches – there is an entry cap of forty-five (45) per individual while the contest is running.

How to Enter:

  1. A) Digital entry through the Home Depot Customer Satisfaction Survey once a transaction has been completed: the survey must be completed between August 8, 2019, at 12:00 AM (central time) and November 9, 2019 at 11:59 PM (central time) by going to the official website of Home Depot (homedepot.com/survey, hereby referred to as the “Website”). Choose the language of your preference when asked, enter your ZIP Code, and type in your User ID and password, which you can find on the receipt you’re presented with when you complete a single (1) one of these types transactions either online at www.homedepot.com or at a retail location of Home Depot when the item(s) bought is picked up from a participating location of Home Depot (a process hereby referred to as a “Transaction”):
    1. an exchange,
    2. a return, or
    3. a purchase.


Participants are allowed to use receipts from more than one transaction for Sweepstakes entry. For instance, if you are presented with the receipt after buying something, the User ID and password printed on the receipt can be utilized to participate in this contest. If the item bought is returned later or exchanged for another product, you’ll be presented with a different receipt, and the User ID and password shown on it can be used for Sweepstakes entry, also. Receipts can be used for fourteen (14) days after the transaction date (as printed on the relevant receipt) and be used for the survey.

The official entry form of the Sweepstakes should be completed in full. You must fill in your first and last name, phone number (which includes your area code), and email address. Afterward, click “Next” to complete the entry process. The survey must be completed by November 9, 2019 at 11:59 PM (central time). If the survey is not completed, and if the “Next” link is not clicked, you won’t be granted contest entry, and as such, will cannot become a potential Winner of a Prize. Note: the User ID and password printed on your receipt is valid for fourteen (14) days after the transaction date (as displayed on the relevant receipt). If the User ID and password expires before the contest ends, a participant can enter through two (2) alternatives ways:

  • performing an additional transaction within the Period of Sweepstakes to get another receipt; or
  • using the “AMOE” printed below. For instance: if a participant performs a transaction and gets a receipt with a date printed on the top that says August 21, 2019, that User ID and password shown on the receipt can be used to take the survey and re-enter the Sweepstakes (up until September 5, 2019 at 11:59 PM, central time).

If that individual doesn’t use the new User ID and password to take the survey by September 5, 2019 at 11:59 PM (central time), then they won’t be able to enter the contest online using the receipt associated with it. The individual can then gain entry by obtaining another receipt via performing a new transaction while the contest is taking place; or through the AMOE method, as explained below.

The User ID and password can be used participant to gain entry to the Sweepstakes up until its closing date. But if a participant conducts a transaction and gets a receipt with the date of – for example’s sake – November 3, 2019, then the individual will only be able to use the User ID and password for the survey (and can do so until November 9, 2019 at 11:59 PM, central time).

Each entry needs a valid User ID and password, which will be subject to verification. A single (1) entry for each User ID and password will be eligible. Further, if the participant’s transaction occurs within the Period of Sweepstakes, and the individual doesn’t take the survey before the end of the Period of Sweepstakes, the individual’s transaction will be eligible for the following contest (should one occur), assuming that:

  1. the User ID and password printed on the participant’s receipt remains valid (i.e., the receipt date is within fourteen (14) days of the transaction taking place), and
  2. the transaction takes place during the Period of Sweepstakes for any future contests.
  3. B) if the survey is not taken by way of AMOE (Alternate Method of Entry): to gain Sweepstakes entry without finishing the survey, you are welcome to fill out an entry and send it by postal mail. Your entry should be printed on a card 3 inches tall by 5 inches wide. You should type or legibly handprint your first and last name, your phone number (which includes the area code), your home address, and the Category (indicate whether you fall into the Professional or a Consumer Category). Your entry should be mailed in an envelope (business size) and sent to the following address:
  • Consumer Category: ASC/Home Depot 2019 Third-Quarter USA Sweepstakes for Consumer Customer Satisfaction, PO Box 430, Macedon, NY 14502–0430.
  • Professional Category: ASC/Home Depot 2019 Third-Quarter USA Pro Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes, PO Box 431, Macedon, NY 14502–0430.

Each AMOE entry needs to be postmarked no later than November 9, 2019 with a “Received By” date no later than November 14, 2019. Entries are limited to a single (1) envelope. Individual envelopes are regarded as a single Sweepstakes entry. Numerous entries completed or submitted by someone besides the entrant will be voided. Mechanical reproductions are forbidden. AMOE entries need to have all fields completed for them to be eligible. If a participant tries to submit more entries than they are allowed to by way of different/numerous addresses, and/or other means, their entries will be removed from the contest. Entries sent by someone besides the entrant do not qualify. The Independent Administrator and the Sponsor will not verify a participant’s entry receipts. Each entry sent will become the exclusive property of the Sponsor, and won’t be given back to the entrant. No responsibility is held by the Sponsor for damaged, illegible, misdirected, late, lost, or insufficient postage entries.

Random Notification/Drawing:

A pair (2) of Winners of Prizes chosen during the Sweepstakes, each of which will obtain a prize as explained in the “Prize” portion below. On a date close to November 18, 2019, a single (1) Winner of a Prize will be chosen at random during a draw and will include all of the entries submitted to the Consumer Category (hereby referred to as the “Winner of the Consumer Prize”) and a single (1) Winner of a Prize will be chosen in a random draw and include all of the entries submitted to the Professional Category (hereby referred to as the “Winner of the Professional Prize”). A representative of the Sponsor will perform both random drawings, and the representative’s choices are determined by their own interpretation of the Official Rules, which will be deemed binding and final in all regards. Potential Winners of Prizes will be contacted either by phone or email by the Independent Administrator. They will be asked to submit the “Necessary Documentation,” as established in the “Prize Claim “portion below. If the Independent Administrator is not able to contact a potential Winner of a Prize by a notification, if a potential winner does not respond to said notification by a certain timeframe, or if the Independent Administrator and/or Sponsor decide – at their sole discretion – that a potential winner does not qualify as per these Official Rules, a runner up Winner of a Prize will be chosen randomly from the outstanding entries submitted during the contest. If this is the case, the individual will be contacted, as explained above.

Winning odds:

The chances of getting picked as a Winner of a Prize is contingent on the sum of entries that qualify and are submitted within the Period of Sweepstakes.


Consumer Category prize: a single (1) prize consisting of a Home Depot gift card worth five-thousand dollars ($5000) will be issued to the winner of the consumer prize (“Consumer Prize”). The ARV (Approximate Retail Value) of the Consumer Prize is valued at five thousand dollars ($5000). Every prize’s issuance is contingent on the gift card’s terms and conditions. You cannot transfer, reassign, or substitute a prize; exceptions are made at the sole discretion of the Sponsor (or as otherwise offered herein). Any stolen or lost prizes will not be replaced by the Sponsor. Every prize is susceptible to taxes, as they are considered income. Winners of a Prize are exclusively liable for all local, state, and federal taxes that are applicable, which includes taxes on the individual’s income. The amount of prizes issued will be limited to the specified number as outlined in the Official Rules. Each prize will be issued to a potential winner.

Price Claims:

Unless prohibited in certain areas, every potential Winner of a Prize must fill out, sign, and send a notarized release (“Affidavit of Liability/Eligibility/Publicity Release Form”) in addition to adding a W9 IRS form (known as “Necessary Documentation”, when collected), within the timeframe and date specified on Notifications. If a potential Winner of a Prize does not send the Necessary Documentation by a certain date as specified, the individual will forfeit their right to the applicable prize, and an alternate Winner of a Prize will be chosen randomly from qualifying entries that remain within the applicable Category. Potential Winners of a Prize are obligated to report revenue to the IRS. If perchance the potential Winner of a Prize lacks a valid, personal, and unique Social Security Number as part of the verification process, as requested by the Sponsor for the sake of reporting the tax liability of the prize, this potential Winner of a Prize will forfeit their entry, and a runner-up Winner of a Prize will be chosen to replace them, as explained above. Validity of Social Security numbers will be established as per IRS requirements. Either the Sponsor (or a representative of it) is obligated to report the prize’s value to the IRS in the same year that said prize is obtained by the winner (who will be reported as a Winner of a Prize to the IRS on a 1099 form). Winners of a Prize consent (as well as agree to provide their signature to all required documentation administered by Sponsor to perfect, impact, or formalize the consent) to use of their name, voice, biographic details, and likeness (video and/or photo) for trade/publicity/marketing purposes without being compensated, needing approval, or given advance notice by the Sponsor, unless such contests are prohibited by law. Also, Winners of Prizes disclaim all rights of ownership over trade/publicity/marketing materials (note: residents of Tennessee are not obligated to add their signature to a publicity release as a term of collecting a prize). Prize issuance will occur six (6) to eight (8) weeks after the Necessary Documentation is delivered.

General Conditions:

through their participation, entrants are bound by (and will adhere to) the Sponsor’s decisions and these Official Rules, which will be binding and final with regards to anything relevant to the Sweepstakes. If any aspect of the contest is – as per the sole discretion of the Sponsor – meddled with by human interference without permission; or if other circumstances – as per the Sponsor’s sole discretion – impair or corrupt an entry’s fairness, security, administration, or protocol, then the Sponsor – at their sole discretion – is legally entitled to suspend, alter, terminate, or cancel the Sweepstakes and hold the contest in a way that they deem consistent, appropriate, and fair as per these Official Rules. The Sponsor will issue a notice of such activity on their website. In these circumstances, the Sponsor is legally entitled to offer a prize to a random recipient from the remaining entries that qualify (and were submitted before the impairment). The Sponsor is legally entitled – at their sole discretion – to remove a participant from the contest if they believe the individual has meddled with the entry system or the Sweepstakes process; or appear to be violating the Official Rules; or behave in a manner judged as disruptive or unsportsmanlike. The Sponsor is legally entitled to reject or disqualify all false, inaccurate, or incomplete entries. Any endeavors by any individual to maliciously disrespect the Sweepstakes’ legitimate operations will be violating both civil and criminal law, and, if they try to do so, the Sponsor is legally entitled to request compensation from such an individual or group to the furthest extent of the law. A Sponsor’s inability to enforce any of the Official Rules’ terms will not constituent a waiver of such provisions.


By engaging in this contest, the entrant will hold harmless and release the Sponsor, their client(s), and all of their parent organizations, associated officers, staff members, managers, directors, promotion/marketing associates, distributors, dealers, lawyers, assigns, representatives, successors, predecessors, divisions, guests, servants, insurers, shareholders, members, agents, affiliated entities, subsidiaries, and fulfillment agencies, which includes the Independent Administrator (known as the “Released Parties”, collectively), against and from all causes of action or claims that stem from engagement/use/redemption/receipt of the contest or its prize(s).

Liability Limitations:

The Released Parties are not liable or responsible in any way for:

(A) consensual human interference in any aspect of the Sweepstakes or entry process;

(B) human or electronic mistakes that might transpire in the Sweepstakes’ administration or entry processing;

(C) any death, personal injury, damage, or property loss in association with the offered prize pursuant to this contest and/or any individual engagement of the Sweepstakes;

(D) any typographical or printing mistakes in any contest materials;

(E) entries that are damaged, incomplete, corrupted, misdirected, late, lost, stolen, or indecipherable; or

(F) any technical failure, which includes (but isn’t restricted to) the breakdown of any software, hardware, network, cable, mobile device, or computer (if applicable), in addition to any website failure while the contest is running.

Option of Law:

Entrants are not allowed to receive awards for – and therefore give up all legal entitlements to – consequential, incidental, punitive, or claim damages, or damages of any kind, which includes fees charged by lawyers. Further, entrants give up all legal entitlements to increase or multiply damages. All queries or concerns regarding the enforceability, interpretation, validity, and construction of these Official Rules – as well as the responsibilities and rights of the Sponsor and/or entrants in association with the Sweepstakes – will be regulated by (and defined based on) the state of Georgia’s initiative laws, without factoring in conflict of law principles in Georgia.

Personal Details of Entrants:

By participating in this contest and filling out the survey, entrants are submitting data to the Sponsor about themselves. Such data cannot personally identify any individual. Your phone number, name, and mailing address will be collected by the Sponsor. This information will be used for administration purposes with regard to your involvement in the contest. When you are submitting an entry for the Sweepstakes, your email address might be requested, and we might ask for your consent to send you marketing materials in the future about Home Depot. You can unsubscribe from emails we send you through a link at the end of every message, or by going to www.homedepot.com/c/privacy_security. Any other details acquired by entrants (which includes, but isn’t restricted to, the sex of the entrants, as well as any details about their demographics) will be used strictly for the purposes of analyses. Your privacy is of paramount importance to Home Depot. You can read the privacy policy of the company in full by visiting www.HomeDepot.com/C/privacy_security. To speak to the customer support team at Home Depot about the privacy of your data, you can call 1-800-553-3199 or send a fax to 1-877-496-9470. You can also email our customer support team at customercare@homedepot.com. You can see the information you submitted to the Home Depot website, as well as register or modify your privacy preferences, at www.homedepot.com/cprivacy_security. You can also send a letter to the following address (kindly include your phone number (which includes the area code) and your email address in your message, in addition to the relevant information necessary to support your query) to:

The Home Depot, Inc., Attn: Privacy Official Customer Care, 2455 Paces Ferry Rd., Atlanta, GA, 30339-4024.

Request for Sweepstakes’ Rules/List of Winners: to obtain the names of the Winners of Prizes, or to receive a copy of the Official Rules, kindly send a self-addressed stamped envelope that is postmarked no later than November 30, 2019 to “Home Depot 2019 Third-Quarter Sweeps USA” (you must specify either “Request for Official Rules” or “List of Winners of Prizes”), American Sweepstakes and Promotion Company, 300 State Street, Suite 402, Rochester, NY, 14614. A copy of the Official Rules can also be downloaded on the company’s website when the contest is running. The names of the Winners of Prizes for prior Sweepstakes are also listed on the website, as the names of the Winners of Prizes for this contest will be, too, after December 2, 2019 (upon confirmation).

Home Depot Store Support, Inc., 455 Paces Ferry Rd. NW., Atlanta, GA, 30339. You are not allowed to publish the Sweepstakes without written consent from the Sponsor.

Independent Administrator:

American Sweepstakes and Promotion Company, 300 State St., Suite 402, Rochester, NY, 14614.

Sources and Citations:



  • Katrina was my cashier at the mechanicsville,va Bell Creek Road store. She was excellent! She was friendly and helpful. She saw I was struggling carrying my things and ran to get me a cart. I appreciated her positive attitude and kindness.

  • Love the Folsom Boulivard store. Always friendly staff, always easy to get down he isles and items are stocked promptly.

  • I recently used the Home Depot in East York at 7 Curity Ave, Toronto and I would to thank the staff for being so helpful,polite and easy going, in particular Debbie. They all made my shopping experience an enjoyable one. Thank you very much!

  • EVERYONE WAS SO NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Employees approached me in each area I went to and weren’t over bearing but just kind. Each one knew their area well and helped me very much.

  • I would like to comment on three different Home Depot employees, each of whom was enormously helpful to me yesterday evening at the store located in Rutland, Vermont.
    Carol (from the paint department) found exactly the color I needed to paint the small piece of window frame molding that I had cut to fit where one had broken off from my front porch door. Despite the fact that all I wanted was a small “sample size” can, she carefully went through all the various colors on the many “chip charts” on display and came up with the perfect match for the broken piece that I had brought into the store with me. She then started the “mixing process” (again, this was for a tiny “sample size” can), while I went off shopping for an electric “weed whacker”…which proved to be a rather lengthy process, to say the least (more on that later).
    When I returned to the paint counter, my little “sample size” can was ready to go. Carol has a great sense of humor and she was a delight to deal with.
    Ok, now for my adventure in the world of weed whackers (aka trimmers). I had chosen an electric model by Black and Decker and I wanted to get an extra spool or two of feeder line. The box for the B&D trimmer clearly stated that the line should be “AF-100.” After going through the myriad feeder lines on display next to the trimmers, I could not find anything labeled “AF-100,” so I made my way to the checkout counter located all the way on the other side of the store (near where I had parked my truck), planning on just buying the trimmer and hoping there would be enough line included in the box for what I needed.
    Luanne was the cashier. When I described to “Loon” (as she is known to everyone in the store) the difficulty I was having finding the right feeder line (including not being able to find anything on the box that indicated any line was included at all), she offered to open the box to check, which she did. She also looked up AF-100 on the computer, which indicated that there were twenty-eight rolls in stock…to be found in exactly the same aisle and bay where I had just been searching. She then called Denise, the third person in this long story, who came over from her end of the store and brought me back to exactly the same place where I had given up the search. Sure enough, she immediately found the AF-100 line which, for some inexplicable reason, was on the bottom shelf, mixed in with the oil and fuel for the gas powered trimmers, completely separated from all the other feeder line.
    OK, so that is how I was helped last night by Carol, Luanne and Denise. All three went out of their way to help me and all three were terrific.

  • I rent apartments to college students who really mess things up, especially the carpets. So I decided to go to Home Depot and look at their flooring. I found laminate that looks like real wood and is easy to keep clean, no stains and great for students with allergys . Also it is guaranteed to last and look great for 10 years!

  • Eric in Electrical Department was absolutely outstanding. He asked politely if he could be of assistance, took my list and shopped for all my items for me. He explained what and how each one functioned, showed me the prices, and used an ink pen to check each off my list. I ws totally charmed by this man and his knowledge and customer service skills. Please give him a soccer and hearty “atta boy” from me as well as you. Also, Janice R. went above and beyond every single time I am in the store. I enjoy Home Depot so much, I have purchased stock in the company.

  • I stopped into the Algonquin IL, location; I was very pleased with the customer service. An associate whom goes by the name of Sal W. I believe, was very helpful and seemed to be in a very good mood. Over all, very pleased with my visit.

  • I met Michelle this afternoon at the Home Depot in Oak Lawn. I explained to her that I am a customer for life because of they way the employees at the Home Depot in Providence Rhode Island, came out to my sister in laws funeral in numbers. They all had stories to tell about Cathy and they took the time to leave a wonderful apron that was decorated with her name and flowers. What a wonderful team. That’s why I’m a customer for life.

  • I went to the 3202 Kingshighway on Sep.13tb to get some plywood and I couldn’t be happier with the service I got there from Shams/Mohammed at the lumber department. They guy went above and beyond and I really am
    So happy with the service and attention I got from him there.

  • I visited the Grand Junction Co Store to buy an Electrical breaker box and found a number of choices. I ask for help and Bill Arceri came to my rescue. I would have walked out and and not purchased but Bill was so helpful in getting me the correct electrical supplies. Thanks Bill for having the knowledge to know what I needed for my job. It feels good to go into a Home Depot store and know that there is a person like Bill there with the knowledge to help you. Ted Martín

  • I bought a microwave at your store in Monument, Colorado yesterday. The young lady who helped me, Olivia, was very courteous and knowledgeable. Since it was going into my Travel Trailer it had very specific requirements regarding size and weight. Ms Olivia spent several minutes researching the options available to ensure I got one that would fit into my Travel Trailer . It fits perfectly ! Thank you Ms Olivia !!! 😁

  • I was at the Home Depot in Georgetown. Keyla was the employee who helped me today. She has great customer service skills. She was able to help me find what I was looking for in no time!

  • Mani, in the appliance department, was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and honest with us during the purchase of our new appliance. He was not looking to just sell us any appliance…but was concerned with our best interests and giving us what was in out bes interest to purchase. Give that man a raise…he deserves it.

  • We received excellent customer service while shopping in the Lawrence KS Store. The two employees were Andrew in lumber department and Bayleigh as cashier. Very helpful and pleasant people.

  • Rich went beyond the call of duty to help us figure out how to hang our ceiling light after we lost the hardware during our move. Thank you, Rich!

  • Rockford, IL Home Depot – our garden center cashier was Anna. She was very nice & asked if we wanted bags or plastic for our mums. She said thank you & have a great day.

  • Home Depot is our go to store for all our home projects. The staff is always helpful and friendly. 99% of the time Home Depot has what we need and if not that day usually within a very short time frame it will have it for us as soon as they can get it to us. Great company to work with!

  • I took an unopened product back from our renovations in the house this summer, and my money was cheerfully refunded. I appreciate this more than you can know. It’s so hard to guess how much to buy for any project, and I always end up over buying. So I really appreciate your taking the on opened, unused product back. Lesley was on it and she took immediate care of me. She nailed it!

  • I had just purchased some items at one of your competitors and at checkout was asked if I had a military discount coming, which I did and which was deducted after a nice ‘thank you for your service’. After I had left I realized there was a garden tool I wanted and rather than turn around, pulled into hone depot and found what u wanted and at checkout offered my VA identification card to the cashier who told me it was not one of the ones they accepted. I made the purchase anyhow I’m researching and getting ready to purchase over $400 if gutter guards. Care to guess which store I’ll choose? Bad policy. Lots of vets out there.

  • I needed a solution to a problem that involved some “McGuiver” engineering. The employee, Charles, went out of his way to help me find a solution. His idea worked marvelously. Thank you Home Depot and Charles for your assistance.

  • Jermaine helped me pick out all the lumber pieces I needed to get my home project completed. He was so patient and kind. He took the time to help me load my truck since my husband couldn’t make the trip to help me following serious sergery. It’s people looking je Jermaine who work hard, go the extra mile to help, and leave people better than he found them! Thank you Jermaine! You Rock!

  • We live in a small PA town and are lucky to have Home Depot here. We have done a lot of remodeling and Home Depot is the first place we go.

  • Did not great me. First words to me after complaing to a coworker about the customer that was before me was the ticket total. Did not thank me or say good bye.

  • I was at the 2801 James sanders rd Paducah KY the sales staff where very helpful the lady at checkout was very freindly asked me to fill out this survey her name was Lynn.

  • I was in Mckinney, TX store and Caleb put all his heart into the needs I had to solve the problem. He had such a great attitude and I was overwhelmed with his kindness and willingness to help! I would hire this guy any day of the week and do whatever I could to keep him with me. Guys like this bring production and increase revenue for any business.

    Great job Home Depot for hiring Caleb! I will always choose Caleb and Home Depot over Lowe’s!!

  • Jennifer was extremely helpful with my BBQ purchase. She helped to lift it on to the cart and proceeded to take me through to John’s cash desk.. Both were extremely courteous and friendly and made sure that the BBQ was loaded into my car. Best service yet with Home Depot, which is not surprising with this store because they are always very good.

  • We went to the Home Depot in Alamo Ranch to purchase a new washer. Andrea was very helpful and kind. She made the whole process painless.i felt inspired to give her a positive review.

  • We had great service buying a shower last night at Home Depot. Vick was most helpful helping us pick everything out.

  • I want to go hank Meredith in the paint department. He help me to match color, explained the differences of finishing and how to select primer. He let my shopping easy and pleasant. Thanks, Meredith!!hwai-Tai lam

  • Today we went to Home Depot (Carmel mountain road – San Diego CA) for a grill. Steven took very good care of us. He saw us hesitant so he came to us immediately. He answered every question and gave us good advice. He is really professional and so kind ! We need more people like him ! Thanks Steven !!!

  • Oscar Sanchez from lumber department was very helpful,polite,patient and knowledgeable about my questions to what I was buying.thank you Oscar u we’re very helpful. Made my day.

  • 11/09/18 I was needing some very minor purchases. One was to find a very small bolt and nut to repair the handle on my marine cart. Gary at the South Surrey store found it for me fast and efficiently even though it was a only a 81cent sale!
    Then I went to John in the wood sawing department where he cut pieces for me that made an accurate fit for my desk top. (the night before the piece was cut incorrectly and John did it again and did it perfectly. I am a regular Home Depot customer, these 2 men went all the way. I do not want to win anything,I would like them to be acknowledged. Denise Stevenson

  • I was at the Home Depot in Victorville of a bear Valley. The cashier Jenna Made my experience very pleasant. She was very polite and very helpful on everything.

  • We had a very pleasant shopping experience at Home Depot tonight. Bob (aka Bill from Wichita) went out of his way to help us find the Ryobi battery we were searching for. He was patient and respectful. The cashier Steph, was equally patient with us. It is employees like these two that insure our return to Home Depot.

  • Jasmine was a great person to deal with for my returns. Due to complications receiving my order, my customer terminated our contract and I had no use for the windows. After a few days I was informed that I would’ve reimbursed, and the windows were restocked. Most definitely one of my better experiences, with special orders. Thanks again jasmine, London, Fanshawe park rd store.

  • They are always so helpful and if they can’t help they will find someone that can. Very accommodating! Ann-Marie couldn’t have been nicer! Specially in this day in time when customer service is very rare!

  • Marilyn did a outstanding job helping me at the self
    Check out. Very polite and went out of her way and checked my Merchandise personally.

  • Always have a pleasure with Mahlia! She’s fast friendly and knowledgeable. She’s the best at the pro desk.

  • Brockville Ontario Home Depot staff have been amazingly knowledgeable and courteous to meet our building and home maintenance needs. Always greeted with a smile to make us feel welcomed. Testament to the leadership and in-house training this group of Home Depot members have always surpassed my expectations on retail shopping! Fantastic team delivering outstanding service and a quality product.

  • I generally shop at Home Depot on Franklin Rd in Roanoke, Virginia. I had purchased a pack of 14 watt light bulbs and had to make a return on them. Crystal was very nice and friendly. The return was done very quickly. I left the store feeling good.

  • I had to return a towel bar this time cuz purchased wrong size. Liz @ the desk is a fantastic employee:
    -she remembered me
    -greeted me warmly
    -helped me remember where to get correct replacement
    -called for Mike to help me to begin to address my list.
    Mike is also a terrific employee:
    -very competent
    -actually helped me think through what would work best
    -guided me to next place I needed on my list
    -continued to offer to help if I found I needed it later in this visit
    Noel helped me at self checkout and deserves credit for being”on the ball” and alert to customer reactions:
    -anticipated my need when saw what I had to check out put a bag out for me to hold all the little items I was purchasing.
    -saw when I got stuck and came right over to help w/o being asked (read body Posture!).
    I’m used to evaluating employees have done it for years both on mainland and here. Good employees deserve to be recognized and applauded.

  • We went to home depot to look for a few things.
    We found everything we needed.
    We got tile spacers, saw blade and smaller blades.
    I love this store!!!

  • It was Omar Hassan again!! My homedepot angle. When he greeted me, I know I can find all those things on my contractor’s List, things I had never heard of, Omar helped and even loaded the heavy lumber onto my van. Thanks, Homedepot.

  • Even though there was a sign up saying cashiers would be in the garden area at the time I was there , there was not a cashier available and therefore the outside was locked and I had to go to the main entrance.

  • Our Home Depot associate was patient and very helpful. I believe her name was Gretchen. We found out she was new as we were checking out. We appreciate friendly, knowledgeable service.

  • Today I was at HD on Lee’s Summit Rd in Independence, MO. I needed a new piece for my pantry door. I asked several people who didn’t seem to know what I was talking about. I even had the broken piece with me. A young man named Jonathan said, “Oh, yes, I’ll show you.” He took me directly to what I needed, showed me very patiently how to install it, he was so polite and helpful. Just wanted to commend him for such a good job.

  • Shopped at Home Depot store in Vienna Wv. Kelli was the name of our cashier. She was so helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. She helped us apply for Home Depot card and it was very smooth.

  • Came in to your store 09/08/18 and got new tank propane And went out to the kiosk and got a tank it was empty so I brought it and went back to the service desk where Kimberly had helped me previous. I told her the tank was empty she stoped everything she was doing and brought me out of the kiosk and found me a full tank of propane. I just want to tell you how wonderful she was with a great attitude and customer service second to none She is truly an awesome employee and really what makes people come back over and over thank you!


  • I needed a 14×14 inch filter for my central air unit and the local Home Depot store was the only store within driving distance that had it. So I bought other items while I was there. You’ll are a 10 in my book.

  • Lowe’s is just up the street. I was looking for a dewalt sawzall Lowe’s did not have it. When I left drove on down the road to see if you’lll had it. Oh yes. It all worked out good.

  • The Customer Service at the Home Depot in Spring Hill, TN cannot be beat. My father passed away several months ago and had a few pallets of brick for a patio he had planned. Unfortunately, no one was quite sure of where or how he had planned to use it. Home Depot allowed my mom to return it for store credit. They were extremely nice and have always been very helpful every time I have been in the store. Keep up the great work!

  • Per my visit to the HD in Waldorf MD, the customer service from the HD representative at the “customer service/pickup” register was bad. I thought an early morning visit would be painless – wrong!! Instead of checking-out and paying the balance of my HD account at the self-service lane, I decided it would be better to handle the matter with an actual person, as I didn’t see anyone at the self-service station, nor did I think one could pay on their HD account there. I was sharply reminded by the suddenly annoyed “customer service” rep of that possibility and made to feel less valued as she thought it was necessary to apologize to the one customer in line behind me for “waiting”. I would like to suggest to HD corporate to randomly QA HD employees – ability to provide quality customer service. I felt like I did something wrong simply because I chose to stand in the “customer service” line. Go figure!!! I may have to consider the extra mileage to Lowe’s.

  • As a handicapped individual, I can’t praise the staff of the Hamilton Home Depot enough. This morning with my oxygen tank in tow, I needed items from the electrical department. I did not get names, but the gentlemen couldn’t do enough for me. A check out, the young lady completely took over for me at the self checkout. Thank you employees of Home Depot.

  • Omar Hassan was wonderful. I asked a question, he dropped his stocking choir and help me selected about 9 items and check the availability for one item in other store. He helped me check out and loaded my heavy toilet for me. The entire shopping trip was within one hour because of Omar’s help. Thank him for me.!!!!!

  • Andrew in Hardware was very helpful today. He took the time to explain all the reciprocal saws and answered all my questions. I decided to buy there because I liked him so much.

  • Great customer service. Don R. went above and beyond for me and my fiancé while purchasing a smoker.

  • Best knowledgable salesman ever!
    After shopping for R20 recessed light bulbs on Amazon and at Lowe’s I finally found help at the 725.W.Warner Road, Tempe, AZ store! DJ, the most gentle, understanding, kind and polite man ever! And best of all he actually knew what I was talking about without having to pull his phone to look it up. He was great help, showed me the difference between the bulb sizes and brightness. I definitely will look for DJ when I have questions while shopping at Homedepot!

  • My name is La Sandra, on September 8th I was looking for a lawn trimmer on the Home Depot website. I was hoping that the product would be available at the Stapleton location. I called the store at Stapleton and associate Jackie answered. She was helping a customer that had come into the store . I had planned to call back but she called me instead! Jackie was very professional and nice and knowledgeable about the product. When I came into the store later that day Jackie’s shift was over and another associate helped us . This gentleman was professional and knowledgeable about all the trimmers I looked at. In the end I spent money on one that was more expensive. That was due to the professionalism of two upstanding sales associates. I don’t remember what his name was but he thinks the world of Jackie, hopefully she will know which associate he is!

  • Home Depot is my go to store when I need something around the house or just make a phone call for advice from one of their knowledgeable staff for how to instructions. If you’re looking for do it yourself home repair this is the place!

  • Great service! It was a busy holiday weekend and we were looking for a new paint. The one I bought had a leak during shaking and they went and got a new one right away.

  • The gentleman in th eight bulb section was phenomenal . He took extra time to help me find the right light bulb i was looking for. Amazing service!

  • All my family visits The Home Depot In Sugar Land very frequently. We always find what we are searching for and there is always great employees to help!

  • I recently made a purchase at your Home Depot located at 1855 N Tustin Ave.
    I want to give extraordinary praise to ANGELICA!!!
    She walked me to the proper area of the store for water filters and made certain that my purchase was the correct one.
    She was extremely knowledgeable and had a very pleasant attitude.
    Laura was equally as pleasant and competent at the check out counter.

  • I had a very good experience in the Thatcher, Az homedepot.
    The lady who assisted me was very polite and quick with answers. I will definitely be visiting again

  • As I entered the Store a lady approached me and asked if she could help. I told her what I came for and she took me to the locations for my purchases. We chatted
    about the store and I was pleased with the store’s clean, well lit departments I came to your carpet display and chose a design which pleased me and came home to measure two rooms,and plan to come back to make an order. It was a pleasant experience.Anne

  • I picked up my new Patio Door & Anderson Window. Both items were ordered in the store and today was pick-up day. Thanks to Chuck Shaffer for his customer service and getting the proper help to load my purchases.

  • Kudos to Arroyo Crossing Pkwy Home Depot, Las Vegas. Friendly customer service and I always get a 10% military discount which I appreciate…..Keeps me out of that other place where they don’t have the veteran discount.

  • Very pleased with the expertise, courtesy, and helpfulness of the service reps, Alicia and Ann. Really pleased that we can have our new carpets installed within 7 business days. Hurrah!

  • Great experience. Thank you Ted at your Kona Hawaii Store. He hooked us up with all our Kitchen appliances!

  • Staff are generally very helpful and lady at the door is a good “Greeter”.
    Paint department staff are very good.

  • David V. From the kitchen design desk was an amazing help to us during our visit on 8/30/2018
    We had a huge order that covered several depts. and he was able to help us find and advise us on our choices.

  • Christine and bruce were very helpful in my finding what i was trying to bye she took me down to were i could find my idem and bruce was on the computer and found 3 items in stock i got exactly what i needed at homedepot thanks.

  • I love it when associates provide excellent customer service its shows that they care and love the job they do.

  • We had a great first time experience as we have always gone to Menards and heard more about Home Depot so we tried it and are we ever happy with service, checkout time , and all the helpful people although they are so busy it does take time to get the help if needed.

  • I love shopping at homedepot we shop most of the time with my husband and I for paint, electrical, fridge and more
    I also love the fresh plants and more decorations for home. Homedepot makes you’re better and more designs that you can imagine to make for designs. And also the stuff are very helpful and accomodating people.

    Thank you, Homedepot!

  • Christine (I think) saw we were waiting at the desk and took us to another desk, got me signed up for a Home Depot Card and got some help to load our new door. She was very efficient, friendly and helpful. A great employee.

  • The staff at the Johnson City Tn,store is incomparable in customer service. David, the store mgr. today averted a near disaster and turned the situation 180 to make this the most successful day. More than met my expectations.

  • Home Depot Store in Las Vegas – Store 3314. Bernadette, Walt, Denise, Jeff(Building Materials) and Wayne(Plumbing) are the BEST! Thank you store 3314!

  • I had quite the experience today at Home Depot. I live in Vermont and getting ready to move to Rhode Island. I purchased some Hampton Bay Madison Kitchen cabinets in white. I needed one more but it was not in stock. When I arrived home, I researched other Hone Depots for the cabinet. I found that the website showed several of the cabinet that I wanted was in stock at Smithfield, Johnston, Providence and Attleboro had some in stock. I went to Smithfield as that is the store in Rhode Island that I frequent when in Rhode Island. I searched all the cabinets in stock and could not find the one I want. I spoke to Mike Botelho, Design Consultant and he stated that He never heard of the Madison style. I told him about my research on the internet. He believed me so he checked himself and couldn’t believe it. He called over the store manager and also could not believe it. Mike called all the other stores and came up with the same response. They did not stock the Madison cabinets and never heard of that style. I spent over two hours with Mike while he tried to research getting them. He could not because he could not find the model number or the internet sky. I wasted over two hours with Mike. I must say that he was really fantastic and a credit to Home Depot. When I got to my daughters house, I called Home Depot in Keene, NH and spoke to Rebecca. Keene HD website showed limited availability for that cabinet but did not stock it. After speaking to Rebecca, I did order and pay for the cabinet which I will pick up when I get back home. For the first time ever, I am really disappointed with Home Depot, not the employees like Mike, Rebecca and the other employees. I have spent a lot of money at several of the stores like God for you dedicated employees.

  • Great customer service by Lisa and Scotty at The Home Depot in Temecula!
    Thank you for helping me out so efficiently.

  • On October 28.2017 I went shopping at the Home Depot at 3155 HIGHWAY #7,MARKHAM, ONTARIO CANADA (MARK POWELL STORE MGR 905-940-5900). I was shopping at electric department. I have to say thank you very much to salesperson name RICHARD. He was best, polite, friendly and most helpful and experienced, knowledgeable gentleman. Should be more salesperson like RICHARD. One more time, Thank you RICHARD.

  • Really appreciate the friendly service from Laura as she quickly checked me out in the Texarkana lumber department. 5 stars for Laura!

  • I shopped at Kona Home Depot on Sept 4,2018. I want to give a shout out for Daniel. He was extremely helpful in finding the green board that I needed and helping me to cut it to get it in my Prius. He was so polite and hard working. The cashier, Debra, was also helpful in finding a person whom she thought best to help me.

  • Jimmie at the service desk at the San Pedro (CA) Home Depot Store was excellent. Great customer service! Very helpful and knowledgeable. Can only recommend her highly!!!

  • My wife(Mildred Munch) and I would like to thank Baron, Asst. Manager, for his courteous handling and respect he gave in assisting my wife with her purchase, and not giving up until he found the product she required.

  • Thanks to Tony Sampson in the garden center of the Aspen Hill, Maryland Home Depot for loading eight bags of very heavy mulch in my car trunk. My back was grateful.

  • A special shoutout to Mr. Daren Bulley of Home Depot Cleveland Heights, Ohio for going above and beyond his job. We went to the store around 8 pm after an exhausting day dealing with repairs in our home and assembling furnitures. If not for him, we wouldn’t be able to find the items we needed. He patiently looked for the things that are on our list and guided us to the right aisles. Because of him, we were able to go home early and rest after a very tiring day. Kudos to Home Depot for having an employee like Mr. Bulley.

  • Hi, I went to the Home Depot today in Palatine on Rand Rd. I must of looked lost after getting into the middle of the store. This nice man G from electrical, was very kind, and asked if I needed any help. He lead me in the direction of microwave, before we got to them I saw refrigerators and I ended up telling G about my dilemma with a refrigerator I had purchased over a year ago, My mistake for not Purchasing the extra warranty. After listening to me babble about my dilemma. He offered to help me in the purchase of a new one. I am happy to know that there was great costumer service, and I plan on shopping at your from now on. Sorry Menards

  • I was at the manawkin homedepot store, there a employee that worked in the electrical department his name was Jimmy last name started with a G he went above and beyond to help me he I have never had such wonderful service like that anywhere he told me he was moving to Florida he was the nicest employee I ever met in a homedepot I can’t say enough about this gentleman.

  • West Norriton’s Home Depot is horrible. I went into exchange a door handle and handed the cashier the receipt! As polite people do, she in return rudely placed my money on the counter as well as my receipt! She did however call someone to help us find the correct knob. The employee had no knowledge of the store products. He directed me to look for the knob on Amazon or the Anderson site! So we went to Lowe’s where the associates were actually helpful and knowledgeable, they attempted to help us locate the knob and then informed us to check Home Depot as they sold Anderson products! So I looked online and low and behold the Home Depot we just left had 10 of the knobs we needed in stock. When we returned with the aisle and bay number the sacrcastic associate we asked for help to locate the item was cocky and rude stating there was no bay 001 blah blah blah! Luckily my husband meticulously searched the isle finding them hidden behind large signs in a tiny spot between doors and other products!! This was the worst experience EVER!!

  • Not happy on a couple counts i can be reached at 404 751 8404 1st at home depot on douglas blvd, douglasville ga receipt #0143 00002 74431, Tasha refused us two free $1.68 dog eared pine boards on 9/10 at 12:34pm as we had been rushed out the previous night due to closing, picked boards in the dark nearly and out of 50 had cracks we couldn’t see well as this was near dark. Then on 9/9 at thornton road home deport on thornton road we were shown a westbury coffee table (patio section) priced at $83.00. I ordered online as i was told that is fine and i was billed $119 despite assurances by clerk (as they did not have this in store) that this would still be $83 plus tax. I feel 2 x $1.68 PLUS the difference and tax from $119 minus $83 should be applied back to our card. Disappointing.

  • I shop at the casselberry fl. store and would like to complement Cindy for making my day. with her infectious smile and her professionalism who could beat the experience.

  • Not impressed with new lady in paint dept. not helpful and does not appear to know how to mix paint. I am 67 years old and have always bought my paint for inside and out at Home Depot. But I will not buy from her she needs to go back for training and customer service. I have never complained about anyone before in all the past years.

  • I shopped at the Cedartown, GA store today 07/25/1918 and had to finally find some body to make a key. At checkout I asked for a veteran discount Cashier Javier said sure then did give me one. It was just a few dollars so I did say anything. He did thank me for my service. I’m liking Lowes better and better. I also tried to take the survey but ID and password will not work.

  • At HD on Coliseum Dr, Nashua, NH, purchasing a product & warranty. Went to self service register as no regular service registers were open. I prefer to use a regular cashier, & this check out experience is exactly why. After entering the required info, the register started going circular with repeating info request like email, phone etc. after 3 rounds of this I signaled the register overseer to try & close the transaction & make sure my card was not charged 3x. The person got the transaction completed, but, couldn’t confirm for sure that my card had only been charged once, though she was pretty confident it was fine. Since the email receipt had not shown up in my email she along with the other overseer suggested I go to customer service to double check the transaction. So, what should have been a 2 minute transaction has now turned into 10 minutes & I now have to go to service desk, wher 3 different people had no idea how to check this, so they had to call a person from outback to come & check this. She came, ran the necessary info & assured me my account had only been charged once. As a result of self serve being the only choice – my checkout took over 20 minutes to complete! Very disappointing.

  • I am at the Home Depot on Shady Grove Road in Gaithersburg Maryland my cashiers name was Ewa. She was very pleasant and my experience was really great. Just a simple in and out to get a single screwdriver but she asked that I would write a review so I told her I would be happy to. Normally I would throw these away and not do it but today I was feeling good.

  • My name is Allison Cameron. I shop at your Long Pond Rd Plymouth MA store. The staff is always very friendly and helpful. Recently when shopping Nathaniel the front end supervisor help me at self checkout. One of the items I was buying didn’t have a price. Nathaniel went out of his way to find the price. Thanks to all your associates at your Plymouth MA store

  • I had the pleasure to be waited on by a lady at Customer Service Desk in the Sherman store,Tx. Her name was SCHALIA. She went out of her way to Help me whit my purchase. It was a EGO LAWN MOWER, 21in 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Walk Behind Self Propelled Mower. I think she went that extra mile to help me. Thank You Best Buy, Sherman, for Having a great Staff.

  • The staff at the Chilliwack BC store are very helpful and knowledgeable. I hate big box stores and they make it very easy to shop there..

  • My name is Alphonse Jacques I visit the Huntington Home Depot store very frequently I must give my thanks, my congratulation, my compliments to one of your staff by the name VERNON … I don’t know his last name I remember he his bilinguals . Mr Vernon at many many times was indispensable to me and he is still. doing a fence job in one of my house, doing a cement job, doing a complete bathroom job and many others… I am in the medical field so no need to elaborate how I really need help ,not only that Mr Vernon educate me; took time for computations,I was impresed by his calculations for materials ,for parts , for SPECIALS orders… They were Precise, Accurate.
    Again my thanks to MR Vernon for making my projects not only easier as well help me to save money. My employers express also their gratitude.


  • We wanted to give a shout out for her competency to Caissier Denise in your Vaudreuil, Quebec Store. She is very pleasant, has a thorough knowledge of all the products,, always willing to help. Makes customers feel welcome. You need more employees like this. It is a pleasure doing our shopping when she is present. Thank you

  • everyone in the oklahoma city store on reno ave. were realy helpful and patty at checkout very curtius and nice. even if you buy just something small like light balbs workers are very helpful.

  • recently purchased custom doors from store # 2710 Dearborn Mi. i was told the doors will be ready for pick up in 3 weeks. I recently received a call from a employee stating the doors would be available for pick up on the 12th which is today. I spoke to a Jeff Major. In the time after I kept receiving automated calls from home depot inquiring if I was still interested in the doors and if I still wanted them. Mind you, if I did not want them I would have never paid for them or I could of just cancelled the order altogether. On Monday 11th I received another automated call stating the same questions so I called back and was informed the doors would not be ready for pick up till the 19th. On one called me to inform of of this at all. If I hadn’t called when receiving the automated call my installers would have drove all the way from Ann Arbor only to be turned away because the doors would not have been there. When Jeff told me that they would be ready on the 12th. I called the company who are picking up the doors and installing them to inform him of the situation. So now I am being charged $45 for not giving them enough time because Home depot never informed me that they were not going to be ready for pick up on the 12th as I was told. I tried calling to speak to a manager, which I did. His name is Chris Lechleitner. He took all my information and never called me back at all. So I called again. This time I spoke to a mgr. His name is Eddie. He would not give me his last name. I cannot understand if you are in a Managers position and have to deal with the public. why wouldn’t you give your last name. So at this point I am LIVID. Called back and spoke to another Mgrr. Chris Elster. He was a little more reassuring. Regardless. I just remodeled my entire bathroom and spent nearly $4000 so its safe to say I am a loyal customer. If I had known that I would be treated in such a manner. I would have gone to Lowes. Now in moving forward. I need to know what I have to do to complain about this incident. Who do I call? What website do I go on. What do I have to do to report the incident and explain how the Mgrs there that do not care about my situation. Chris Lechietner. Eddie ? This is just overwhelming and ridiculous..

  • Raechal, one of the salespersons, was so helpful to me when I was trying to figure out what kind of a heat light to purchase. If it weren’t for her, I would have walked out of the store, very upset. And she was waiting on three people at the same time. And none of us was impatient with her because she handled the situation so well.

  • I was re-doing my deck and had the pleasure of working with a young man named Jason at the Home Depot Garden City store in Winnipeg to prepare my order even though he was not part of the department,. Because no one else was available, he took it upon himself to help get the product ordered and arranged delivery. He was the most respectful and helpful young man that I have ever dealt with and went over and above his duties to make sure that the order was correct. I was so impressed with his service that I came back to the store with a gift card for him and he politely declined it as he advised that employees of Home Depot are not allowed to accept gifts. He is to be commended highly for his professional manner and service. Thank you Jason!

  • I had some time to waste. So I did what I love doing and that’s browsing home depot stock. I find a lot of products which give me ideas for improving my newly bought home. Even if it’s only a can of great stuff for sealing gaps in my basement .I always enjoy going into your stores to get some innovating ideas. For the home .

  • I went to home depot to buy some painting material, brushes, and few more items related to home furnishing. A very girl Liz she helped me in the selection of the right color and amount of color in a highly professional way.Her honest opinion and dealing with a customer who had no knowledge how about paints not only saved my precious time but also money.
    Same thing happened once I went to pick some base boards and trims for my home, A young boy who was a student in university but working a Home depot was also very politely and professionally helped us. I was amazed and highly impressed by service rendered to me.

  • after shoping evry day for long time i have home depot wonderful help like [shariffa] she such a great help thank you home depot

  • I had photographed information with my cell phone for one of your products by it’s cold number and I got to the station there and my phone was dead because it was not and not recharge the battery and the you had a sales lady there by the name Genie Jeanne Na and she’s a cashier there but this lady out of the other three or four people there that I asked did anyone have a charger for my phone she came up well give it here it’s going to take a couple of minutes she said I say okay that’s great after that she got the phone to working she took the number out of there she went to the apartment and got the item for me and got me on my way and I certainly appreciate what she did and I just was told and I should make a comment to you thank you my name is Floyd Robertson and I’ll fill it in right below have a good day

  • I went to the Waynesboro, VA Home Depot to return an item. After successfully doing that, I wanted to purchase a charger cord for a Black and Decker short trimmer that I had given to my son. It didn’t come with one, but my son had another Black and Decker charger cord that fit the trimmer, so that worked! I borrowed the trimmer, and thought that my B & D screwdriver charger cord would work, but it didn’t! Anyway, the Customer Service person, Jason, arranged for me to bring in the trimmer and then exchanged it for a complete kit, with the charger included!! What a wonderful experience!! I just hope he didn’t go overboard! I will be back to that Home Depot! Thank you!

  • It was 9:30pm on Thursday evening 7-20-17 and my wife called Home Depot and spoke to Dan in Plumming.. Dan asked a few questions and had me ask for him when I came in. My phone went dead so he used his phone and called my wife and had her take photos of our sump pump asssembly. Using the photo, he grabbed the parts needed to make the job easier for me when I got home. After he asked one of the checkers to stay open later so we could check out the merchandise, Dan instructed me how to complete the assembly at home in order for our flooded basement to subside. If it wasn’t for people who care like Dan, this would have created a much larger problem the next day. I can honestly say, the years I have spent shopping at Menards, I have not had one person who took an extra step to help with my needs like Dan did. I spend thousands of dollars a annually at Menards and will be taking that busineess to Home Depot. Dan is a superstar!

  • Ron. R the sales person was more than very helpful in dealing with my purchases on 07/01/17
    he helped me to get water heater home, so he load my water heater in his car because my car was too small to fit
    Ron. R was very pleasant, so respectful and knowledgeable
    appreciated his help

  • Dorothy at the Manassas VA store at the customer service counter went way above and beyond her job to help me with a vendor I had special ordered something from. She was so kind and efficient at the same time and she didn’t stop until the problem was completely resolved. I was very grateful.

    Thank you Dorothy

  • I went to home Depot was looking for in a wood sections looking for plywood and came across a home Depot person whose name was all or cel.
    He not only helped me in finding the thing I was looking for and also helped me in loading it in the car and also a gentleman named Tony also helped min loading . This was so helpful in completing my project which was being postponed due to my vehicle where it could not ft.
    I am grateful for home Depot and especially to cel and will recommend everyone to get their hardware supplies from home Depot Woodlawn


  • Home Depot-Colonia, NJ. Very friendly helping staff. Looking for air conditioner filter, young lady took me right to the aisle. Found those, then asked about smoke detectors and she gave the aisle number. Very helpful. Satisfaction continued at the check out counter where the young lady was smiling, friendly and efficient. Left the store feeling like they appreciated me. Good going Home Depot. Only drawback, tried to enter http://www.homedepot.com/survey but received error message that the site is no longer available.

  • I had a return and Lisa Patterson and jaiden were very effectively in doing the return it was fast and I appreciate their prompt attention and service thank you.

  • We went to Home depot store 7111 country hills Calgary today june 27/17 to buy a washing machine IN THE APPLIANCES DEPARTMENT. Sales person LAA196 was attending a couple at the time of our arrival. we waited patiently for at least an hour before the sales person finally able to attend us. While he was attending us,another costumer was around the area. Of course we are still deciding which we are going to get as our first choice will be deliver after more than 3 weeks. While we are deciding which brand can be deliver faster. Sales person LAA196 attended the other costumer without asking permission from us if it is ok to attend other costumer. He said we are still deciding anyway(I overheard it). When it is time to pay ,since we got other items and we wanted to include it on our purchases and my husband hadn’t push the accept button in the machine . we asked him if it is okay to include it . He said no. He said it is already done. MY HUSBAND HASN’T PUSH THE ACCEPT BUTTON we asked him if he can cancel it and then put it back once AGAIN. He said NO as there a lot of other people waiting for their turn. Goodness we waited for an hour and those people just came for less than 5 minutes. He also insisted to us to buy a new hose for the machine , or else the warranty will be voided. So we decided to cancel our purchase soon after in the other cashier. What a very disappointing and unsatisfactory experience we had at HOME DEPOT COUNTRY HILLS CALGARY ALBERTA.

  • I was at leominster home depot and while at the register the cashier Deneen was very friendly and helpful in trying to help me get a home depot but i was in a rush and said i would be back so i vould save sum money. She made it very pleasurable while waiting and was nice to hear that she cared enough. Thank u Deneen and home depot. 😃

  • Sean Brown was very helpful helping me find the Lawn Mower I was looking for and stay with me trough all the paper work needed. to finish transaction and send me on my way, with my beautiful Toro Lawn Mower. Thank you Home Depot for having such exceptional employee.

  • Ordered a standard screen door several weeks ago and now installer can’t get it in until the 13th of June = what?! That is unacceptable and terrible customer service. Why not hire some help?

  • I received excellent customer service fron TJ. It was past time for him to go home , but he made sure that I was able to receive item that was on back order, and it was time consuming. Thanks TJ for good service. I will be back. Rinaldo McMath

  • Home Depot sales associate Stacy was very helpful and sincere! I was very impressed with her professionalism and attitude. Thank you Stacy in Baxter, Minnesota Home Depot!!!

  • I have been shopping at Home Depot for a very long time and as a matter of fact I have Lowes right down fron my house but I still prefer to go to Hone Depot. Yesterday I went to Home Depot at around 4 pm ti purchase plywood, there was not a cart in sight because all the carts were loaded up for clients to pickup later on and so the carts left were in the parking lot. So I went on to the parking lot and got one. I could barely make it through the aisles as the were cramed full with loaded carts. It took me half an hour to get a cart and menuver the aisle before I could what I wanted. Then I finally reached the cash register I went to use my military ID just to hear that I could not use it. Well you would think that Home Depot would announce this change, but I guess that would hurt bussiness. So my whole experience was a hassle!! After loading my vehicle I sat in my car and called Lowes and they said they offer the veteran’s discount on everything they sell. I will hate it but my budget says I need to go to Lowes.

  • on 04/29/17 I bought 2 plants from home dept store and have a receipt with survey user id and password that valid for 14 days.. to day may.0.2 .2017 I try to enter for change to win 5,000.00. After enter ID and password nothing over there other than the pages of terms and condition . After read out I could learn that the survey expired yesterday (03/30/17) on the other hand my password and id valid for 14 days after purchased date. I need a explanation from the home dept about this issue

  • Another quick addition — sent my husband who suffers from dementia to HD for a ladder. SalespersonJQH3807 helped him purchase the correct size and safety features. As they bonded about being “veterans” the salesman said he would personally deliver the ladder after he was off work!

    True to his word and kindness, the ladder was not only delivered but secured in the garage. Of course he declined a tip. He added so much to my husband’s day. Just thought you might want to know that!!


  • Your sales reps. are great! They go out of their way to be helpful and informative. I want to commend three of your employees for going over and beyond in their efforts to help me. They are: Morgen,, Sarah, and Dan.

  • WOW ! … Tony in the Lumber Department was GREAT ! , My wife and I had some misunderstanding on how and where to cut these lumber boards , Tony came and help us 100% along the way !
    I was really surprised and I would highly recommend him , he was safe with the equipment and very accurate with our needs , my wife and I are extremely picky people ! Lol … I tried to hold myself back for demanding too much , but Tony gave me exactly what I needed .
    Home Depot ” Keep This Guy ! ”
    Thanks Tony if you ever see this !

  • I was at one of your locations on Meyer’s rd and 7 mile , i purchase a bag of potting soil ,which i put in the basket myself, which was very difficult no one was their to help me or asked did i need any help, i paid for my purchase, when i got outside to my car i asked one of your emloyees if he could help me put it in my car he told me no so another customer helped me I think that was unacceptable I’m a 61 year woman and if I can’t receive help when asked from an employee then I will take my business elsewhere and let all my family and friends know how they will be treated when asking for help at home depot

    n’t receive help,if this is how you company runs things then i will go to another establishment that will

  • We were pleased with the service we received from Jim in the flooring department of the Howell location. He was very pleasant and knowledgeable in helping us make our carpet selection and in processing all the paperwork for the installation. We also qualified for the 24 month promotional financing which was an added bonus.

  • Went to replace my smoke detector, Person helped me find them and was knowledgable of the correct ones I could use for replacement. Very productive trip for me and when I got home to install it- I had everything that I needed to because of his knowledge. thanks1

  • Laura , user ID HLM 145870 143901, password: 17181 143883 was the cashier at the home & garden center at the Home Depot
    in Northbrook, , Ilinois.
    She was very friendly and asked about home depot card, and whether or not I needed a hand loading my car.
    I would hightly recommend her for a fulltime position there if she does not already have one.

  • I shopped at your store on March the 24th authorization receipt number 02473639/0113514 and had a gift credit card that had specific rules for using the cashier Larry was very helpful in helping use the credit card to make the purchase. He went out of his way to make sure I was taken cared of and called someone to assist me to take the product to the car since it was heavy. They did not arrive in a few minutes so he watched and announced it again over the speaker that I needed help. It is nice to have people like Larry that help you with your buying situations.

  • Maria a sales person in Home Deport Miami, was a helpful lady, very delightful to speak with,, very kind.
    Definitely we will go back to shop at Home Deport


  • I visited the Home Depot in Mansfield, Oh. I needed to purchase sink fixtures for home, and I was clueless. Victoria in plumbing came to my rescue. This employee took her time with me and explained in detail what I needed and how to install the fixtures. Victoria has to be the employee of the year.

    R. Keller


  • the cashier Jennifer in the Home Depot store at 5010 Feather River Dr, Stockton, CA 95219 (209) 474 8285 is not a very polite and helpful employee, she made my visit not pleasant at all. I hope that she will improve her way to treat customer my next visit to this store.

    Many thanks,

  • Estoy muy satisfecha por la excelente atención, comunicación, paciencia y agradable persona del Sr. Eduardo, que trabaja en 1037 Arnold Drive, Martinez, CA. 94553, en la sección de madera, se merece mis respeto y es un orgullo como trabajador de Home Depot felicitaciones, lluvias de bendiciones

  • Steve in the Lumber Dept. was so very helpful and accommodating – he was AWESEOME! He went over and above in
    helping me in the store so that after I got home, my project was a breeze to complete. Can’t say enough how appreciative I
    was/am of his help! A true credit to the HD family.

    Thanks again, Steve!!

  • The homedepot in pulaski tenn. Needs help very poor management and it’s lot different than the old management was. Lot people talking about the manager how lazy he is always sits in his office all time and he’s not a friendly man..And the district management I think her name is lisa she should do something about this the store is not good..
    Lot people stands around not working and they get by with it.
    Corporate needs look into this matter the store manager putting pressure on its employees. . Sounds like to me the Labor Board needs check this store out now…
    I have been going in this store since it opened 11 yrs ago.and never seen it so poor management. . I like shopping at the store just needs some changes made people talk u no..

    • And to add to my comment the store needs more workers in depts. They just put one person in certain departments and expect them to do it all.
      Need more workers in dept. Sometimes u go in the store and u don’t see anybody in some dept.. sounds like homedepot pinching the dollar and customer service is going down hill. When people come in the store they want somebody to help them lots time they call somebody out of another dept.that don’t know dam thing about that dept.

  • On August 16-th we went to home depot store in Pointe Claire to make a purchase. It was nearing closing time but we got a great helper to help us to make the order. His name is Justin. He was efficient quick polite . He was not rushing us he made sure we got everything we wanted. It was a pleasure to be served by Him.

  • Today we purchased a reconditioned lawn mower, push style. We had some questions regarding the mower, the warranty that would be provided, operating instructions, etc. Their young man that helped us out on everything couldn’t have been nicer! He asked the mgmt. regarding the warranty, showed us the operating procedures, and waited at the service desk to be sure everything went smoothly on the purchase. His name was David; he stopped in the aisle way to see if he could offer his help….hadn’t even been summoned. We are very pleased with the purchase, but even more impressed by the special help we received. We appreciate your store so much, and you can be very proud of your staff. We especially thank you for all the help David gave to us.

  • We had purchased a sink at home depot and had some trouble with cleaning the stainless steel sink and scratches.
    Needless to say we were not happy with the sink as we had one for thirty two years and now this occurred.
    We went into home depot and spoke to Jessica at the Leila store in Winnipeg Manitoba.
    She was so helpful and was terribly busy that day .
    She was able to help us as she looked into how we could solve the problem.
    She definitely is very knowledgeable and courteous.
    We cannot thank her enough for all her efforts.
    Exceptional customer service.
    Definitely going back to Home Depot due to Jessicas assistance.
    Her managers should be be very proud to have her as a employee.

  • This is getting ridiculous. I went to the San Carlos store to order wood house siding and paint. It was almost impossible to get through the store isles due to the pallets of materials, operating fork lifts and other problems. I went to the customer service desk to place my order after finding the proper SKU numbers, and after waiting 15 minutes in line was told I had to go to the Pro Service counter instead. Why? I’ve placed orders several times for paint, wood, etc through the customer service desk without any problems at all. The Pro Service counter was far worse — 2 lines of contractors a dozen deep and no movement at all. Several store associates were standing behind the counter leaning against a back wall simply staring at this mess doing nothing to help. The contractors, obviously upset, were mostly on their phones explaining to their supervisors that they were going to be late. I decided to skip this poorly-managed nonsense and return home to order online. Surprise — the materials and products I wanted were all “Store Purchase Only.” This idiotic situation is obviously a sign of bad management not only at the store level, but at regional level as well. A poorly managed store is one thing, but a clunky online site that is awkward, difficult to navigate and near useless is another. After experiencing this sort of operation, it doesn’t startle me when I read in the media the Home Depot is closing stores. Believe me, if I knew of an alternative way to shop for my home/work building materials and supplies I would take advantage of it. At the very least, I am certainly going to start looking for one.

  • I would like to thank and recognize Jannetta of Home Depot for her Excellence Customer Services I received on April 17, 2016, while shopping in the Sherwood Park Store, Alberta, Canada. Her helpfulness and pleasant nature is an asset to Home Depot.

  • Since 1992, we have over a half
    Million Dollars at the Stockyards store. While all our experiences stand in good balance we are most gratefull to NOÉ in electrical who takes 110% excellence to answer all our electrical needs! Thank you Noé and Home Depot!

  • I would like to give Larry Belski , electrical department at the Auburn Hills Mi. store a rating of 10. He had two other customers who were wanting his attention and he handled the situation with a very pleasant attitude. The item I had selected was discontinued and the only one left was the one on display – way up high above a platform. He had to climb up there and it was a difficult fixture to take down. He had to have his arms raised above for what seemed to be a very uncomfortable position and he never complained. When he had taken it down, he noticed how dirty it was and proceeded to get all the cleaning supplies needed to accomplish the task of cleaning it. Additionally, he searched for a box to put all the pieces in for me, so that none would get lost. He is an asset to your company, and as tired as I was, he made me smile and even laugh with his sense of humor.

  • This is for home depot in Livermore, ca

    Please avoid the service from Denise—the lady from customer service, i am sure you will be disappointed if you don’t do so.
    As she is not friendly nor knowledgeable.

    Next time I will prefer to go to Lowes even I have to drive a little bit longer IF SHE STILL WORK THERE.


  • While at Home Depot I tryed to use my VA card and was told I was not able to use it because it didn’t say (service connected ) and the teller was unable to tell me what service connecter meant. I m a vietnam veteran . Why can’t I use the card at Home Depot?

  • My husband and I went to home dot to pick up a great deal of supplies and I saw a gentleman asked if he would help us load and find items. Jason Rodrick was very pleasant and said that was his job. Jason helped us ,load our two carts and then went outside and helped load our truck. he also told us we could call ahead and they would get everything so when we got there we could pay and load it for us . Jason made our visit pleasant, easy and quicker than we thought it would be. we enjoy Home Depot and the deals they have given us also. I recommend Home Depot very highly.

    • We ordered doors at Home depot in Pembroke Pines Florida back in the first week of January of 2017. We are still waiting for them to be installed. We have been to the store on numerous times with no answer on when they will be installed. We have left numerous phone messages with no reply. We went to Home Depot because of their name for service. So far, we are very displeased with their service and would not recommend them to anybody. It is now April and still no phone back.

    • I received help from Gregg at the San Ramon Home Depot and he went out of his way to help me with my problem. I appreciate his thoughtfulness and great service

  • On March 15, around 10:00 Am I went to 10001 Fairway Drive, Roseville, I was looking for the pegboard and other accessories you have on line. No one knows where it is or how to find it, I was miss directed three times. I gavce up and purchased a door mat and a couple of other things. I went to the register and attempted to check out, one of the articles was a sale door mat. I took several items out of the cart at the register, The checker asserted that she could not check it out because it did not have a tag. I had unloaded my cart, I was pissed, threw everything back in, went across the store, found a mat with a tag, checked out. Seems to me that there could have been a call to one of the many malingering employees to check my purchase and give her a number. Pretty much done, ordered my parts on line and maybe going to lowes down the street, the articles I needed that no one had a clue about.

  • It’s been 2 weeks and my floor order should be ready for pick up , I call and they say it may be 2 more or 3 weeks it hasn’t left Calgary yet theirs a problem , well give me my money back if it hasn’t left yet , why charge me a 15% restocking fee if it hasn’t even left yet. You have held up my whole renovation team that ends up costing me and them money. but you guys don’t care cause it ain’t your money

    It certainly Dosent take even 2 weeks to drive to Calgary people do it in a day , but 4 weeks it’s absurd .

    People be for warned when ordering something from them , they tell you what you want to hear and , they probley teach it to them when they hire them. I can’t tell you the attitude you’ll get from them , I’m pretty bummed!!!!! I’ll go somewhere else next time , !!!,

  • We do remodeling jobs ,and 90 % of the time my husband and i are always purchasing our materials at Home Depot .I want to thank tjis location at highway 6 south and rechmond for their great job ,they are very helpful with friendliness .I have also bought my appliances at this location ,and Employee Miguel at the Appliances area has been always friendly ,he always help us with correct answers according to our questions at Homedepot .Our Satisfaction is 100%.
    Sincerly ,
    Lorena and Jose !

  • I Just Had the best & most helpful service at home depot. Bob from paint he was very nice and helpful. Janine , Michael ,lakendra and Candise. they
    were the best emplyee and Bob is the best manager, thank you soooooo much .

  • I just had best and most helpful and experienced very knowledgeable helpful young lady that helpful me with a big problem with smart thinking and work fast too she helped so many people faster then all.
    Great job maleki…..good

  • Jeff in the plumbing dept. at the Jefferson rd. store (Rochester,ny) went beyond his job requirements to help me out with a problem I had finding the right part for my faucet. Thank You !!

  • Jan 23, 2016 Went shopping at the Home Dept at El Con Shopping Center, was waiting in a line to ck out 15 cases of fooring…there were 2 girls in that special Service Dept and I waited and waited to be ckd out, but they were on their computers and talking and talking,when one of your employees came up to me and asked if he could help….his name was Steve Luttmer he then took the huge cart and said follow him,…..I had been waiting for at least 20 minutes before this fine gentleman came…..he helped me so so much I cannot tell you how thrilled that he came along….I was almost ready to leave the store and if Steve had not come to convince me to go to the quick checker…I would have left that order of $360.95
    and you would have had to put it all back on the shelves…..I think Steve Lutmer should be made manager…

    Rose C.

  • On 12-7-15 I went to the Hadley Home Depot to try and get a straight answer on Home Depot policy on their policy on giving 10% discounts to the military. They originally accepted my DD 214 discharge papers with my license. Then they gave me a lecture on getting a Vets ID, Finally they changed the days they would honor it? I have been going to LOWES and they have been great and have no problem accepting my DDA 214. I went to Home Depot today to purchase a gift certificate and buy some other items. Because of the changing policy on the 214 discharge paper I spoke to a female associate who said she would not accept my 214 even with my license. Based on her quick answer and attitude I said,”you really do not care do you? She rolled her eyes and shrugged. I am 77 years old and served in the military and was discharged in the 70s when we had no id cards etc, and I am not going to get one now so i can shop at Home Depot. I can go to LOWES with no problem. You can keep your out- dated policy and not get my business anymore. Thought you should know. I hope this gets seen by some-one besides an associate! Thank you for your interest.

  • I Just Had the best & most helpful & experienced, very knowledgeable, Helpful young Lady that helped me with a big problem (Issue) With smart thinking & hard work (fast too)! She helped so many people & faster then all! I would Hire her in a Second, she’s that good with her job & customers! Shout Out To Brittney! (At the service desk!)!!

  • I had a great experience with my cashier, he was very friendly, and he answered all my questions with a smile. No attitude like some cashiers. Tell Stephen. SJK3923. Thanks, and we’ll see him soon. You need more people like him. Mike

  • James Cowen says ; On Nov. 5, 2015 at 12:57 PM Cashier Linda – LMB0001 found for me an item in the store that I had looked for but could not find. In doing so, she was very attentive, knowledgeable and cheerful.

  • I was looking for a snow removal brush for my car. Dave S. was so helpful finding one for me. It said the store had some but they weren’t out yet. He looked until he found it.
    Thanks Dave. Good employee and pleasant!

  • My wife and I spent hours with Matt Barr in Queensbury Home Depot designing our kitchen. He was so knowledgeable and patient with us. We now have a workable design for our new kitchen. There were many issues he had to solve including 3 door openings and a small space to work with. Thank you Matt for all your help. Our questions were answered completely and satisfactorily. We are grateful to have had such a knowledgeable specialist who made designing our kitchen a pleasant experience.

  • This is the third time this year I have bought an appliance at my local Home Depot store, been told I cannot pick it up at the store and it must be delivered. After telling the clerk it must be delivered during the day prior to 4:30, our office closing time, they come after 7:30 at night. No phone calls and they never read the closing time! The next day I buy it elsewhere and request a refund! I own over 150 apartments in center city Philly and spend over a hundred thousand yearly with HD, but will buy my appliances elsewhere! Thank You! Mel Heifetz

  • We bought 3 gallons of paint. The young lad was dealing with 2 customers at the same time. He was fast but we did not feel like we had time to ask a few questions about the paint with primer included. We got the attention on another salesperson and asked the questions we wanted to ask. We left with paint with primer but when we went in the store we didn’t want paint and primer. We were told that all Behr paint has primer now. That’s a good thing because the young fellow had already mixed our paint. We are still not sure if we got the truth or just the convenient answer. We are usually very satisfied with our shopping experiences at Home Depot. This one was and exception.

    • I would like to compliment an employee of yours named Jim (in Seasonal) in the Westfield, NJ location. I have been a customer of Home Depot for many, many years and feel compelled to single him out as an outstanding employee. I have shopped at the Linden,NJ store more than once ( won’t go back) horrible customer service, South Plainfield , NJ, ( just ok experience) Bridgewater, NJ sometimes good sometimes just OK. The Westfield store in my opinion should be the model for the previously mentioned stores to follow. All the employees are courteous, helpful and appear well informed with one employee standing out in my mind I go out of my way to shop at this location for these reasons and honestly look forward to having “Jim in Seasonal” assist in my purchase. he seems to personify what customer service is.He has help me each and every time I shop there. When he was unable to help me he didn’t hesitate to seek assistance from another representative. He makes shopping at the Westfield, NJ location a positive experience. I have never felt compelled to write about any individual as I do now.

      thank You,

      Joseph Wright


  • We recently purchased two kitchen appliances, we prepaid, and set a delivery date. The day before the delivery date we had a phone call stating that the stove would be delivered and the dishwasher was now out of stock and would not be available for another two weeks. I related to the HOMEDEPOT that would not work, a assistant manager was assisting me with the problem, and quite frankly I was not satisfied with the results. My wife and myself went to the store and asked to speak to the assistant manager, she was not available. I asked to speak to the store manager, he made himself available, unfortunately I lost my temper, upon gaining control, we were able to have a meeting of the minds and resolve the issues, the appliances are now in place and operating. The name of the store manager was Scot Brook, without his genuine interest in the matter the transaction would not have been completed. Scot is the right person for the position.

  • I shopped at Uniontown PA Home Depot on 9/12/2015 for electrical supplies and an elderly sales associate named DON assisted me and helped me find everything I needed and was not only very helpful but was very happy to help my friend and I (we were were frustrated because we looked thru every box on the shelf and couldn’t find what we needed. He liked people and he liked his job and was proud that he new his department. He is an asset to the store. Also, I returned approximately $120 worth of electrical supplies and Ronald at the return desk was very kind, patient, and helpful because he had to go into the computer under my e-mail and find some of the items. This isn’t the first time Ronald assisted me and was just as wonderful every time. Because of him and other associates, such as an elderly gentleman in doors (he helped me find 3 special order etched glass interior doors that I researched on your website for days and couldn’t find ) I have changed to only going to Home Depot. For years we always went to Lowes and when we began to add on a handicapped accessible 1st floor master this year in April (still working on it), I went to Lowes to order supplies and had trouble finding associates that knew their departments as well as the products, had trouble finding associates, and had trouble at the check-out with a cashier that did not know how to navigate the cash-register. Don, Ron, and the elderly gentleman in doors deserve a raise and praise for knowing their jobs and assisting confused customers.

  • you need to find a more reasonable installer other than delta mechanical to install water heaters. I have be price gauged

  • home depot store 6320 recommends a company named delta mechanical to install their water heaters. the water heater costs 349.00 to buy at the store. delta mechanical charged me 1148.00 for the purchase and installation. are you people crazy to recommend this company to unsuspecting people?

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