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In a business environment where customer acquisition costs are continually rising, businesses must concentrate on building an outstanding customer experience to improve guest/customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction surveys could be the most underrated tool I the consumer engagement arsenal. Businesses survey in different ways, from post purchase, automated emails ad periodic feedback surveys, to waiting staff asking if everything was satisfactory and cash register receipt requests. Unfortunately, businesses that do not survey their customers miss out on a lot of opportunities to engage with their customers. The Denny’s Guest Satisfaction Survey is designed to give customers a voice. The company wants to know what customers think about their products and/or services, as well as the company itself.

Imagine that you have just spilled a glass of water on a customer’s lap. From the look on his/her face, chances are that you will see how upset he/she is. In the current digital age, however, customers have an added avenue through which they can express their displeasure. This is particularly true when a company is adding lots of customer ad scaling fast at once. However, this does not mean that companies are off the hook for understanding their clients’ experiences. They must find a way to collect customer feedback and measure customer satisfaction, eve from afar. A customer satisfaction survey is one of the most common and effective tools.

About Denny’s

Also known as Denny’s Diner, Denny’s is a full service coffee shop, pancake house and fast food restaurant chain operating more than 1,600 restaurants in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Guam, El Salvador, Honduras, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Curacao, Mexico, Japan, Qatar, New Zealand, and the UAE.

The restaurant chain is open around the clock, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Unlike other businesses of its kind, Denny’s does not close at night or on holidays, except where required by law. The company started franchising in 1963, and most restaurants are now franchise owned.


How to Complete the Denny’s Guest Satisfaction Survey

You will need:

  • A valid Denny’s restaurant receipt with a survey invitation.
  • A PC or mobile device with Internet access.
  • A basic understanding of English, French, or Spanish.


  1. Visit
  2. Select your preferred language.
  3. Locate the survey code on your restaurant receipt and enter it in the space provided.
  4. Answer all survey questions.
  5. Enter your contact information to enter the prize draw.
  6. Submit the survey.

Survey video produced by GuestSatisfactionSurveys Team and Denny's customers anonymous.

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Denny’s wants to improve your future dining experiences. If you recently visited one of their diners, complete Denny’s Guest Satisfaction Survey and share your experience. Did the customer service meet your expectations? Was the diner clean? Did you enjoy your meal? Where would you like to see improvements? Whether positive or negative, your candid feedback will help them deliver the best dining experiences I the future. In addition, as a reward, you will receive 10 chances to win $1,000 in the survey prize draw.


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  • Dennys Store #6914, Visited on 8 August, receiptID: KJ09166914004. Have eaten at this chain all over the country and I’m sad to say this was the absolute worst food and service we have ever received. Utensils were dirty and food handling was without gloves. Observe wait staff eating and then serving food without washing up. Health department will be called tomorrow to pass this info on.

  • Going to Denny’s Restaurant in Gary, IN on August 5, 16 was a delightful day, my partner n I had the Everyday Value Slam. The Server (Malakia S.) was very nice by coming to us to see if we needed anything else. Will be going back soon.

  • I went to the Denny’s in Haw River, NC this morning! My receipt tape is so poorly printed that I can’t enter my survey code because of one digit. I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was going to that Denny’s this time. We had not been in a few months and it seems to have a new manager that is doing an excellent job. Everything was outstanding! The service was good and the food came out very quickly. Just wanted to let someone know. I tried to take the survey! Order No. 315249 9/3/16 our server was Jazmyre M. Thank you!!

  • Denny’s #8079, 1225 S. Broadway in Rochester MN has the filthiest entry I have seen. Someone needs to get out there with a power washer & clean it up. The cement probably hasn’t been cleaned in many, many years. Clean it before the snow hits..

  • At the 5201 San Antonio restrauant they have a handicap psrkung spot and no ramp for it. Its,just a regular step that has been psinted yellow. Not good for us the handicap people. Cab somethibg be done?

  • Enjoyed a fabulous eggs benedict breakfast @ the Denny’s restaurant in the Sandman Hotel on Dixie Road, Mississauga, ON Sept. 24th with a friend. Our Server, Melissa, is a SUPERSTAR at her job! We were greeted with a huge smile, lovely welcome and she was very attentive throughout our meal, making sure we were pleased with everything. Melissa deserves a HUGE pat on the back by Senior Management.

    My friend requested a strawberry milkshake which Melissa was happy to prepare. The last time we had gone to Denny’s — the same location Sept. 9th — our Server, Kim, denied a milkshake request as the “blender cooling down from being overworked the night before.” Isn’t Denny’s a 24 hour operation?

    Our happy experience with Melissa was completely wiped out upon our departure by Sara, on the cash. Our bill was $30.02 and I handed her $30. Sara insisted on receiving the 2 cents! At first, I thought she was joking — given the fact pennies are longer in Canada — but, her stern face clearly indicated it was no joke. She has as much personality as a wet blanket! I obliged and handed her a nickle.

    I had thought about demanding the 3 cents I was owed but, as people were lining up behind me to be seated, decided it wasn’t worth it in the end.

    I would suggest Sara spend some time shadowing Melissa to learn how to treat customers so they want to come back!

  • I tried to use your Dennys Listens survey, but the number on the receipt comes up as invalid. Strike 1!

    In entering the restaurant which I use occasionally I had to step around a sleeping, I think drunk, homeless person. Strike 2!

    I ordered an ultimate omellet in which some of the vegetables in the center were cold. Strike 3!.

    Guess who will think twice about returning.

  • This was the WORST meal we’ve ever had at any restaurant in the world. The food was inedible, the waitress threw our food on the table. And she never came back to ask us if everything was OK or if we needed anything. The French toast was dry, the steak was filled with gristle, the bacon as burnt, the potatoes were cold, and worst of all I was thrown a hot bowl with barely a scoop of ice cream and almost no hot fudge. The ice cream was melted before it even got to me. The waitress needs to find a job she likes but its certainly not waitressing. Several people around us were very displeased with their food and all she had to say was “that’s the way it is” and walked away. Never again for Denny!!!

  • I had the pleasure to meet a server named Steven M. He was overflowing with joy that infected everyone he served. I immensely enjoyed my breakfast and his presence. As my mate and I were eating, my mate talked with his manager. She informed us that Steven had very recently lost his mother. Well, I couldn’t tell that he was grieving because he’s a natural at being a refreshing morning cup of sunshine. All bubbly and full of joy…he made my day! Again, my condolences to him on his loss. Keep up the good work Steven it will soon pay off.
    That young man is going places!
    Oak Park, IL

  • I am truly pissed off over my most recent experience…and the last few before it as well. First I called in an order for pickup as I am sick and live in the country. The first barely English speaking person let me place half of my order (blaming me for the inability to hear me over the crowd) before putting me on neverending hold. Then someone else picks it up and was quite rude while I start placing my order yet again. I made sure the order was read back to me before hanging up…and I made sure it was correct! I had someone pick it up and bring it to me and both steaks were well done when on several occasions I specified medium rare. I call back and ask for a manager at which time the same woman from before claims to be a manager ( which is a huge lie as her very distinctive voice gave her away but I was in no mood to argue) …long story short I take my sick body into town to have them replaced and then the actual manager who is the one that ended up taking my original order decides to blame me for the order being wrong… I might be sick but I know especially after saying it several times how I ordered my steaks. I never had problems with this location until recently and I will not be returning to this Denny’s or possibly any other ever again. I can understand mistakes but blaming the customer for your shortcomings in front of several people is totally unacceptable!

  • On Saturday morning my wife and I had breakfast at Denny’s #7092 in Kamloops, BC and as usual had a good meal but when I went home to enter the information into my account to get a stamp it would not let me in. I thought I might have put in a wrong PIN # so clicked on FORGOT PIN # and got a reply back from MYDENNY’S with a link to change my PIN# but it would not let me click on the link. I have nearly completed a card and can’t understand what is going on, I have tried the phone #’s on the receipt but only get surveys about the food etc. which I have no problems with. Hopefully someone can help me with this problem.
    Yours Sincerely John A Woods

  • Just ate at Denny’s in Peculiar, Mo. Flying J. Ordered the blackberry pancakes w/ eggs, hash browns and bacon. Ordered my eggs over medium. They were hard fried which I did not complain. I was excited to enjoy the blackberry pancakes. So disappointed. The blackberry sauce was so sour I couldn’t enjoy them. Added 2 packets of sugar. Did not help. Informed waitress. Her reply. Ok.

  • Hi…my wife and I stop at the Denny’s 8199 (Selinsgroive, PA) rather often. On10/28/2016 we stopped in mid-afternoon and ordered breakfast. OUr hashbrowns, eggs and bacon all tasted like fish….which, we surmised, was thanks to everything having been cooked in the same grease that fish had been fired in. Not a fun or tasty experience. Pretty grim all in all.
    Jay Rubin

  • I just finished dining in Denny’s # 6925.having been a Denny’s customer for years,I can truly say this was the worst dining experience I’ve ever had in one of your start.when my 83 year old mom and I walked in,we noticed that there was only one other couple and a lone male dining.we did not notice any Denny’s employees present until about 1 1/2 minutes later when the waitress walked out from the kitchen/grill area,and shouted from about 12 feet away that we can seat ourselves anywhere.we complied.after perusing the menu,my mother ordered chicken strips with sweet and tangy bbq sauce which came with celery sticks.i ordered the full nacho plate.after about 5-6 minutes,i heard the waitress talking with the cook about my having ordered a full plate of nachos.not a bowl (or half order).the cook responded by telling the waitress,”bring him that and I will make another bowl for him.(seriously?)I spoke up and said,never mind,i’ll just take that.i asked the waitress,how could you possibly make a mistake when there’s only 2 couples here?she stated that the cook couldn’t read the order because the ink was running out.(again,seriously?)we started to eat when my mother asked me, where were the celery sticks.when I asked the waitress this question,she said we don’t have any.the cook overheard us speaking and said,what do you need?i told her the menu said the chicken strips came with celery sticks,but you don’t have any.she replied,oh yes we do,i’ll bring them.after getting the sticks,the waitress told us that in her 6 months of working there,she has never seen anybody get the celery sticks because nobody eats them,and so they don’t serve them because they don’t like to throw away food.(you have got to be kidding me).upon paying my bill (check # 160141),I noticed the name of what I assumed to be the owner of this particular store (al horowitz) with his number listed saying any questions,to call him.once I got in my car,i called him with my name and number from your parking lot and voiced my complaint.that was at 9:05 pm.the complaint was left as a I am now,i hour later and i’m still waiting to hear back.this entire experience will be passed on to everyone I know that may consider dining in this particular store.i do appreciate the opportunity to voice this complaint,but can’t help but feel I may get the same service here as I did in your store.thanks.

  • Purchase a Lumberjack with OJ and side of grits with wheat toast. Notice that my wheat toast was molded. Ugh spent $16.92 sent totally disappointed

  • Wow. Is a so disappointed when you come into a restaurant and have dinner with your family. And one the the server is talking about smoking with one of the manger on duty. But before me and my family came out of the car we Witness two people with the Denny uniform one with a blue and one with a black .when I realize one of the young was our server she smell like she was smoking pot. The server name was kesha she had red hair. And the manger watch I ask her who .she said Ms.Rita . I realize bothof the was smoking pot outside the restaurant. It a shame to come into a family place of diner to see this. I think they need to clean that crew up everyone in the restaurant need to take a drug test..

  • Went there New Year’s eve and they were not very busy thought my food would be good and hot, just the opposite, food was cold when I got it, waited at least 5 mins for some hot food, received it and it wasn’t any better, got short changed on my hash browns, scrambled eggs were not cooked all the way (yuck). I’ve been eating at Denny for over 40 yrs, this was the worst experience ever!!!!!!

  • I have a survey code number on my receipt and its not being validated ! anything wrong with your page or the receipt? if your not interest in my opinion, well I guess that’s ok!

  • I eat at Denny m-f at store 7210 in San Antonio Texas. Alexandria gives the best customer service makes us feel right at home and lupe is the best cook. You can tell when he’s not the cook. All the employees work very hard and go above and beyond however I have observed many unsettlingly things at the store. For instance customers having to wait to pay, no register available or change of shift no one shows up to relieve overnight staff who have kids to take to school and kids miss school after manager was called and server told by Mgr won’t get there until 7 am even though server got off at6am or change if shift no show with only 1 overnight waitress who is working overtime -8 tables all at 1 time phone ringing and no Mgr. If mgr is not going to run the store give those in the store all powers to make a comprehensive scheduling of employees and power to run the register. If mgr is not going to be there during shift transition put someone in charge to run the business with power take money and have adaquate staff. Denny should thank every employee below the manager for going over and beyond daily

  • The seats in the Dennys at Jackson, CA need to be updated as they are not comfortable in some of the booths. Corporate needs to see that they are replaced.

  • I could not complete the customer satisfaction survey because there are only 16 digits (991 062 000 071 203 0) and I kept getting a message telling me that it was an invalid survey code.

  • My server Susana L. at Denny’s Restaurant #1804 in One Miracle Mile Coral Gables was great! She is always on top of everything.

  • walked into Dennys on 192 store number #8799 after standing at the counter for 10 minutes watching two associateseparate walk past me repeatedly with no acknowledgment, which I thought was very rude and unprofessional, a group of whites walked in behind me and one of the associates looked over my head to ask them who’s next… my blood boiled but I stayed calm…. are we still at this point and to think that this store is predominantly latin employees…. your service “Sucks”

  • I was at the Coalinga Denny’s 3/24/2017. It was the most horrible service ever. Please call me and I will explain in detail. It was 1:09pm which took our breakfast at least 1/2 hr. Then stood at cashier counter 15-20 minutes before anyone would wait on me. Horrible service like I said. I don’t want anything but these ppl to have someone talk to them. I frequent this Dennys and this time, it upset me to no end.

  • hello,my wife and I went to our favorite dennys@175 kokanee way in Kamloops bc order# 8672 mar 26 2017 served by Amanda s.Our waitress took our order and brought our food and that was it she never came back to see if we enjoyed our meal or to clean off our dishes after we ate.She never brought us our bill I ordered brown toast well done and to bring peanut butter with it,The place was not busy so we are disappointed with our visit–bill was $ 35.85 they took the toast off my bill which I never touched
    because it was not well done and no peanut butter.I always tip 20% but this time only 10 %.. Thank-you…..john mackie

  • My husband and I have ate at a lot of your restaurants. Never have we been told we couldn’t sit in one with out ordering something until last night. We stopped and just wanted to sit in there and eat our food cause the truckers lunge was full. The waitresses was kind of rude about it as well. To me I felt like she was looking down on us cause we didn’t have the money to order anything. We were at Denny’s number 8650 in smithton, pa server was Natalie R. I think if you are going to be part of a truck stop your restraunts should be nicer to truckers. Just my personal opinion.

  • DENNY’S 9240 4/15/17 From order time to serve time 36 minutes. Unit less than one quarter full. Food was not exactly as ordered. Waitress was NOT at fault. Perhaps if the manager would spend more time observing what is going on rather the sitting at the counter playing with his cell phone things would run better. I am aware that this is a franchise unit. Seriously doubt we will make another visit.

  • My dad and I are regular customers to the Denny’s store #7700 at 2925 N Hwy 67 in Florissant Mo..I feel I must complain about the service, or better, lack of it, the last 3 Saturday mornings. A young man whos name I did not get, has been poorly trained and has no motivation to perform his job at an acceptable level. At a snails pace, he manages to meander to the tables after a long wait when the restaurant is practally empty. He usually gets the order wrong if we get it at all. Last week, after waiting more than a half hour, we left. The week before the place was locked and we were told a water heater problem. There is never a problem on weekdays. The waitresses are very thorough and fast and, as regulars, they are familiar with “our usual” breakfast. The weekend staff is the problem, with the exception of Chevy (sp?).Also, the sign outside says “new management” when I know for a fact that is not true. What’s up with that? I’m near the end of this association . We have lots of choices but dad likes it there. I hope something can be done and I start by firing that yougn man and possibly the manager. Thank you.

  • my dinner order# 338129 on 4-30-2017—the server was perfect—but—when i went to pay, i could not find my AARP card—i paid and went back to the table to put away my change and leave the tip—i found the AARP card—i went back to the cashier and they told me that it is too late—they can not void the check i paid and resubmit it—this was a matter of moments not even 3 minutes passed between—i feel the manager should have the ability to make those type of adjustments—i am retired and $ 7.00 is a lot of money to me—you are the only Denny we go to because of the personnel you employ and the clean nature of the establishment—including the silverware—which is clean and free of ” water stains “.

  • Usually eat at 7747 several times per week. Once Jose H. works, atmosphere from enjoyable to “MEXICO”! HEEEE starts Spanish loudly with ALL other Spanish employees! At that point “I” am not part of an enjoyable dining experience.. He is MORE interested in social interaction with co-workers than service. This morning,, for first time in a MONTH, I awoke super early to eat BEFORE Jose H. arrives!!!!! Miranda F was veryyyyy nice, food was great! NOOOOOOO Spanish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Left a good tip. By the way, Santa Barbara now is a NO SMOKING city. Yet, I see a LOTTTTTTTT of butts by front door. I have Stage 4 heart condition, so NO amount of smoke is OK for me. I have asked you to install MUCH more prominent NO SMOKING signs. The very DINKY one now installed is in a non-effective placement.

  • I had an over 55 Belgian Waffle with egg and bacon this morning at 9:40 AM. Since the counter was dark I didn’t notice a syrup spill until my jacket sleeve became sticky. I don’t think that was right and though you should be made aware.

  • I enjoyed a very good experience at this Denny s. The service was excellent and the store busy. It was a graceful dance the way these people work together. Special mention is Azza my waitress she was so helpful and courteous. She made me feel like home and I was visiting from out of town…

  • 6 /4/17 Spent 33.00 $ on 3 meals got to work to eat and found a ROACH in one of our burgers ended up throwing away all the meals .This restraunt is one of our primary overtime meal providers for our large corporation

  • Bayonet point Denny’s. Total waste of our time. Waited to be seated. Only ones in line. Few people in restaurant. Seated, coffee served, order taken. Waitress returned 1 time within first ten minutes, refilled coffee. Never saw her again until 39 minutes after ordering we got up to leave. Miraculously she steps out from the back with food on tray (ours we have no idea) I paid for coffee. During all this time several other tables were served that came in after we had ordered. I watched one of your female staff fuss with her hair 4 times by the register where people’s food was being brought by to serve.
    Will not ever step foot in this Denny’s again. Also paid $3.00 for my coffee after asking how much 3 times a being yelled at sarcastically” have a nice day.” by one of the other staff.
    Good luck to all that. Oh by the way, bi-racial couple. Wonder how that was part of the problem……….

  • La gente de Dennys Hatorrey, PR son los mejore. Tremenda atención, compañerismo pos me tratan como uno más de la familia. Grate place

  • We went to the Denny’s at 11221 Broadway Blvd,
    Pearland, TX 77581.
    We were served by Terah, a very nice lady. She did everything in her power to fulfill every wish we had.
    We have never had such a nice and friendly waitress before while still being professional. It was a very satisfying experience.

  • Your royalty club program indicates I am eligible for $5 off my next purchase. I understood that I am also eligible for my free meal offer at the completion of filling my club rewards card which is where I am at.

  • We go to dennys about once a week. Today we went and when I pulled out my aarp card the cashier informed me that they are not excepting it because it is the 4th of July. No specials on holidays. I was very upset. No more dennys

  • Can more than one person at a table take the survey and get a free pancake breakfast. Can $2 french toast be substituted for pancakes.

  • During my morning breakfast I experienced a slow service and waited too long to get my order down. Would like more manager involvement on customer care and satisfaction.

  • My husband and I went to Denny’s on 47th east in Palmdale and it wasn’t a very pleasant experience. Firstly, we went to eat inbetween lunch & dinner, around 3:30, we were the only table there at the time. orders I ordered the Pot roast plate and it was very very lukewarm. I tried to overlook it, but succumbed to calling the server. She apogized and brought back a VERY hot plate, but it tasted like burnt gravy or meat and it had ALOT of fat that appeared to be roast. TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE. we have lived here for 31 years and in the past, have a enjoyed the food and service there. In the last 8 months though, VERY DIFFERENT, going down, down, down. My husband & I both agree that we’ve given it ENOUGH CHANCES…… sorry.

  • New (Aug. 8, 2017) payment process at Denny’s, Montrose, CO is automated, and uses SubTotal + Taxes ,x selected gratuity % to determine gratuity.
    I will NOT pay Gratuity on Taxes.
    Now, there will be much additional effort to overcome a Corporate selected process at my checkout. Oh, previous system did not attempt to provide 3 different Gratuity %’s (10%, 15%, 20%). This total concept is unacceptable to me (lacking concern for the customer’s intelligence – your system design is lacking – OR No one CARES). I’m fairly sure this point of view will be burried somewhere. But, I will continue to be a happy and fair “tipper” to my server and enjoy what you have to offer, gladly accepting my 15% AARP discount. Thanks for your time.

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