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It is self-evident that organizations should strive to satisfy their customers because satisfied customers buy more and usually return. Additionally, they tend to spread word around about their positive experiences, and they may well be ready to pay a premium for the benefit of doing business with a company they like and trust. Statistics and studies are bandied around suggesting that the cost of retaining a loyal customer is just one tenth of attracting a new one. Therefore, when a business wins a customer, it should do its utmost to keep him/her. The Taco Bueno Customer Satisfaction Survey is designed to gather feedback, which will then be used to improve loyalty, identify problems, and raise customer satisfaction.

When customers purchase a service or product, they expect it to be right. They do not jump up and down with joy shouting that it actually worked and is wonderful. That is what they actually pay for. Add to this the current marketplace where competition and expectations are constantly rising, the bar is getting exceedingly higher. In addition, people’s lives are ever more stressful and complicated, achieving high customer satisfaction and delighting customers is ever more difficult. Taco Bueno’s customer satisfaction survey is designed to address these issues.

About Taco Bueno

Taco Bueno is a fast-casual restaurant chain based in the United States. Headquartered in Farmers Branch, Texas, it specializes in Tex-Mex cuisine. Since 1967, the company has strived to do things the right way, using the freshest ingredients.

The restaurant chain has locations in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, and Louisiana. It currently operates more than 175 restaurants in these states. The first restaurant was located in Abilene, Texas by Bill R. Waugh, the founder.


How to Complete the Taco Bueno Customer Satisfaction Survey

You Will Need:

  • A PC, laptop, or mobile device
  • Internet access
  • A Taco Bueno restaurant receipt with a survey invitation
  • A basic understanding of the English language


  1. Enter the survey site at www.buenosurvey.com.
  2. Click on the next button to proceed.
  3. Read all survey questions carefully and answer truthfully, based on your most recent Taco Bueno experience.
  4. Submit the survey.

Survey video produced by GuestSatisfactionSurveys Team and Taco Bueno customers anonymous.


Whether you are completely satisfied or dissatisfied with your Taco Bueno experience, the company wants to hear from you. Your opinion matters. The company thanks you for taking the time to complete the survey and appreciates your honest feedback. The Taco Bueno survey will take you less than two minutes to complete, and you will get a redemption code to take with you on your next visit to one of their restaurants. Help them make your future dining experienced more satisfying.

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  • The survey was hard to find. Usually this store does very well however this time it was very slow and my portions were extra small. The chip bad was only half full and even my drink was not full. Not a happy camper on this trip.

  • I wish I could send you the picture I took of your food. The quality is terrible. I live 12 mins from you store. There is one closer to my home but the experience I had there was just as bad. I said well maybe its just a bad day. But when I received the same quality of food today I said no way. I got the chicken taquitos they were full if grease and burnt. I wish I could up load the photo I took.
    When I get to the window Bobby is on his cell phone. He tells the person on the other to hold on places his red cell phone on his station then takes care of me. Unprofessional and unacceptable. I am a manager at a fast food chain and never allow my employees to do such a thing. Its just plain rude!

  • Went to Tottenham Hale store today nightmare no staff to help.. only 2 staff and a security guard on shop floor it’s a joke one staff on the till the other helping a customer who just bought a car seat to fit in her car
    Waited 25 mins and all I wanted was some car oil
    I only get half hour For lunch break so had to skip lunch ridiculous sevice from such a massive company… I’ll stick to buying my oil from Tesco
    Better and faster service plus oils cheaper 🙂

  • North Olmsted ohio store was filthy. Clerks looked very unkept. It looked like a tattoo parlor. shirft manager had enough metal in his ear to anchor a battle ship. I will not eat there until store is cleaned up.

  • Just took your satisfaction survey and it did not have a place to explain why I was unhappy. I have been to Taco Bueno as my first choice since my daughter worked there in high school, I have not been to Taco Bell or Taco Mayo since then but I think you have forced me to give them a shot. I ordered the Taquito 3 pack, all beef with dips. If I had put all the contents of the three in one Taco it would not even come close to the size or amount shown on your TV ads or the picture on the wall. I got full, only because three large flour tacos will fill you up. Sorry, but you have just lost a regular customer. Also I feel I need to post this information on my Facebook Page so my friends will not be taken advantage of.

  • love taco Bueno in el reno,ok but salsa bar is set up bad.the containers you need are at the opposite end of bar .very confusing,especially on a busy Tuesday.wish it wad open on both sides like the Yukon,ok store. I know its a new store in el reno,ok but service still slow, maybe need more training. also staff could smile more or be more friendly. but other than that great store in el reno, ok.

  • The untrained counter help added a drink to my order which I did not request. When I pointed this out to her she called the manager. He would only refund the menu price of the drink, not the additional sales tax. After waiting for about 10 minutes, I went back to the counter only to discover that they had not started my order. I requested a total refund and the manager refused.

  • Dining room was dirty. I watched a guy out of uniform. Place food on dirty dressing table with out wrapper. Then as we waited for are food. I watch the same guy make food, open, boxes, eat, drink, wait on customers and never change his gloves or wash his hands. So what is the point of using gloves if you don’t change them. I also had to listen to the employees argue at each other very loudly and saying things that should not be said within ear shot of customers. Very disrespectful. The food was good and the lady that waited on use was fantastic.

  • My husband and I order our food from Taco Bueno #3010, on N May Avenue, OKC, even though there is a closer one to our home. We didn’t like the food there, so we were glad to go to the one further out. The food we ordered today, 5/28/17, wasn’t fit for human consumption! Now, we won’t go to this Taco Bueno either!! My Tostada was cold and looked like it had been sitting out for a while and my extra beans were scorched! This was the worse I have ever gotten from Taco Bueno!! I think the manager needs to hire better employees or perhaps the manager needs to look for another job. I don’t normally complain, but I have had it with bad customer service and employees that just don’t give a damn!

  • I went to the drive thru 5/9 at store #3040 and the kid at the pick up window told me my total that was wrong, the menu states 3 for $3, he was charging me more for the same items. He rudely stated I should have specified and I told him there was no comment on the sign that says I need to say 3 for 3. He huffed and changed the order to reflect the correct price and his attitude and rudeness was uncalled for. He did not say thank you and slammed the window in my face. I love bueno but will never go there again. The store # is 3040 and my ticket number is 135958. I never complain like this but im 56 yrs old and is that how he treats all his elderly customers.

  • I ordered 1 beef burrito and got a chicken and potato one instead i I 2 potaroe burritos and was charged for both

  • I brought 1beef wholotta pltr and 1 chicken and potato burrito,order number 320846,from store #3002, First off there was chips in my refried beans and chicken mixed in with my beef enchiladas, my chicken potato burrito only had 1 piece of chicken in it. I was So Disappointed! The rice was undercooked as well. I spent $11.16 on this awful meal. Thank you.

  • I ordered chicken but was served beef
    The parking lot is not set up satisfactory. You have to wait in line to get out of parking lot.
    Parking lot needs to be remarked with a slant to the lines for cars to be able to go through parking lot.
    Just not customer friendly parking lot.

  • I was in your store #3202 this afternoon Tues Jan 24, 2017. My wife and I have eaten here many times, driving past your store in sapulpa Ok to get to this one because of clean concerns and the help they have there are less than nice. The employees at #3202 are always pleasent as they were tonight. Not the issue, the problem is this I ordered Chilada
    Taco plater with chicken, I got a beef chilada and the taco was cold and very! bland!. My wife’s was fine, we will be back for another try but only one more try if not correct and good, our children and others in the area will know the outcome . We are not mad and will be back, just dissapointed and this is just an F Y I. Ticket # 494 number 1, 4:58 p m 1/24/17 thank,hklkjkl

  • Because of bad service and very slow service had not been back for 3 months. Decided to try it again and nothing has changed. Still bad. It took 20 minutes to get order and it was not busy! They took 3 other orders after ours and all three got theirs before we got ours.

  • I visited the Bueno location at 11 & Garnett in Tulsa, Oklahoma on 12/20/2016. The person taking the order totally screwed up our order. I pointed out her mistake and she claimed that what I claim I ordered was not what she heard. I pointed to the order board several time so she would know what we wanted. She did not attempt to fix her screw up, instead, she kept insisting that I was the one that make the mistake. The lady manager on duty was Hispanic and told me I ordered the wrong thing. I know what I order I don’t need someone to tell me I ordered the wrong thing. Not only did they screw up my order there was another person in line and she did the same thing to them. If she can not understand English then she does not need to be working with the American public.

  • We are elderly everyone is so kind to us and takes the times to welcome us we love to go there & we can get out more with you great specials you have

  • Alexandria La Taco Bueno at noon on Sunday 11-6-16. Another Sunday with the men’s room out of soap and paper towels. I told the w/f manager and she said she had no keys to access something? To correct that complaint. There was no pico on the condiment bar in the store. The left a Taco off one of he orders I paid for that should have been in the order. We go there 1-3 times per week. It is going downhill service wise.

  • I got the fajita plater, it only had 3 pieces of green bell pepper and a whole lot of onion. The tortillas were so tough I almost could bite through it. I have never had this bad ever. I don’t know how they do quality control but someone should secretly go there and place a order to see how this place is giving the restaurant a bad name here in Conway Ar.

  • I paid for 14 tacos and only got 13. one of the tacos hardly had any meat in it.The hot sauce was almost totally liquid.

  • I got a chicken rice bowl today and the rice was not cooked at all. It was raw. Did not know until I got home with food. This is twice I have been to this location and the food has been horrible. Will not be back.

  • Love your food! Cinna Chips could use a stronger grade of cinnamon. You can’t tell that they are supposed to have cinnamon. They look it but don’t taste it.

  • we visited your restaurant on the 19th of July. Store #3129.
    Our order number is 468749.
    My wife ordered the “Steak Crispy Taco” for $2.69 (which I thought was a little high). We received some small flour tortilla taco that had a few small pieces of steak in there. We returned it because it was not a “crispy taco”. They eventually brought a crispy taco but it was not steak. We returned that one hoping to get the Fajita Steak Crispy Taco. After I was practically done eating my food I went to check on my wife’s order. They told me that they didn’t think I paid for the Fajita Steak Taco. But my receipt clearly showed it. They then told me they didn’t have any more steak. I got a cash refund at that point. I don’t think I will be going back to your restaurant any more. I realize that I am just one customer out of millions but I will spread the word of my displeasure.

  • My husband and I went to Taco Bueno in Sherman on Saturday July 2nd 2016. Our bill was 10.81. We gave the cashier a twenty dollar bill and a penny making our change 9.20. He only gave us back 7.20. We tried to tell us he owed us another two dollars, but was told we were wrong. Won’t go back.

  • I was underwhelmed with this experience. The food preparation area was nasty looking. There was fallen ground beef and spilled cheese and onions ? or something all over the counter surface so when the taco was set down in the rack, it sat in old cold spilled food. The staff kept picking on each other and telling each other to shut up and other rude remarks. If one person on the production stopped, the whole line bogged down. A customer’s daughter spilled a soda front of the entry door, and the entire staff had to quit working on the orders and discuss the mopping and the fact there was no water in the mop bucket. I had plenty of time to notice the 2 foot long cobweb hanging from the vent since it took me 15 min to receive my to go order and walk out. Then I get home and my order was wrong. The cashier wasn’t sure how to input my order request. She asked another girl how to word it on the register, and obviously received the wrong instructions. I wanted a crispy beef taco and a chicken chilada on my taco/chilada platter. I received the correct taco, but the chilada was beef not chicken. The receipt was input as 1 Ckn Chilada/ Taco Pltr Ckn Crispy Taco PLUS taco Meat NO Chicken—What????? The food quality was not up to par, and the picture shows and states chips with the platter…..received no chips.

  • Why have the Taco Burger been taken off the menu… I have been going to Taco Bueno (when I can find one) since 1972… I love the Taco Burger it is one of its kind!!! The location #3051 just took it off the menu about 2-3 months ago why??? Please bring it back to all Taco Bueno’s….
    I was very disappointed when I pulled up to order and she told me we no longer have those…

  • I have been to store 3147 several times of which each time I had the pleasure to meet and be served by Priscilla. She was very professional, polite and always smiling during my visit. I wanted to say thank you to Taco Bueno for hiring her and wish that other employees could have an opportunity to learn from her!

  • Store #3163
    I went to taco Bueno for lunch today and ordered a chicken salad bowl. When ask for dressing for my salad I was told I had to pay for dressing. I asked for my money back because salad dressing should come with a salad! Instead of giving me my money back I was given dressing then I get back to work to eat my salad and the chicken was so hard and dry I couldn’t eat it! I am very upset at the service I received today

  • I go to your restaurant frequently as it is close to my house. I can’t tell you how many times the order is wrong and they NEVER give me hot sauce.
    Last nite I had a coupon from a high school book of coupons I buy every year. The kid at the window did not know what to do with it so he got the manager. When he took my order at the speaker he asked if I wanted hot sauce, YES.
    So the manager takes the money and another person (latino girl) gives me my order. I ask “is there hot sauce?” Yes, she replies. I get home NO HOT SAUCE. I am not going back out every time this happens. There is a taco bell very close also, I never seem to have any problems there. I answered a survey but there was no place to put comments.
    Store # 8026, Date 5/3/16, 8:21 pm. the ticket says and i don’t know what it means 3 S/O original salsa no charge. really tired of all fast food places that just can’t seem to get the orders right. you are not the only one

  • I like Taco Bueno restaurant lay out, you know, where I can SEE how they prepare my order. Having seen the news that the other Taco restaurant’s patron found male’s body fluid in her taco, I have a hard time getting the thought out of my head, and I stopped ordering sour cream with my tacos, and I also stop going to its drive-through at night where only one employee is in the restaurant. If I have a craving these days, TacoBueno is the ONLY fast food restaurant I would order from.

  • Visited store #3073 last evening. As I told one of the employees ( I believe he is the manager) since his arrival this restaurant is so much more inviting. It is cleaner & employees are much better at their positions & seem happy to be there. Kudos to him!!

  • We have eaten at and enjoyed Taco Bueno many many times, and our visit tonight was so disappointing in every way.
    We stood for fifteen minutes and waited for our order to be taken and then had to repeat our order multiple times before we hoped it was understood. But the lady taking order made mention of her being unsure.

    For the amount we paid and to not have half of our order even correct is unacceptable. And the freshness of the food was not good either. The beans were dried out and the normal garnishes were not put on the food either.

    I am not one to complain or write in to a restaurant, but, I cannot let this horrible experience go unnoticed, especially a place we usually love to eat at,

    I am not interested in a free cheesecake chimi, I would like to receive compensation for our order and gift cards to be used in the future at another Taco Bueno location as we will not be returning to the one on 31st street,

    Thank you for your attention to this matter for us. I don’t want to have to spread the word for friends and family to not visit Taco Bueno any more.

    Roshon Scott

  • Visited Mc Donals Resturant in Trinidad &Tobago Aug.2015…(cipriani Blvd.) no breakfast menu…mc cafe had no staff present,all area of mc cafe closed in darkness at 10am,staff unwelcoming and ininformed..????i am a american/trinidad citizen returning
    for T&T’s Independence celebration..Wish coporate would send the approriate resourses if you guys want to make $$ and
    get a foothold…

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