Wendy’s Customer Satisfaction Survey


About Wendy’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

If you had been waiting to share your opinion about food at Wendy’s or its customer service, then feel free to participate in the Wendy’s Customer Satisfaction Survey. You see, these surveys are important for both the corporations and consumers. In this case, Wendy’s gets to know how people are rating its food and services and you will get to share your experience at Wendy’s.

The Wendy’s Customer Satisfaction Survey, available at www.talktowendys.com, helps the company research the preferences and requirements of its customers. With such insights, the company can offer customers what they want, increase its profitability, and improve customer loyalty. This customer feedback survey is a strategic move that lets people know that Wendy’s values its customers’ views and concerns.

About Wendy’s

Wendy’s is a reputable name in the fast food industry. It’s been gaining popularity ever since it started operations in 1969 in Columbus, Ohio. Today, with the presence in 6,650 locations, Wendy’s is considered as the third largest fast food chain in the world.


There’s a reason behind Wendy’s steady success its consistent quality and taste of food. Wendy’s is widely known for its burgers, sandwiches, fries, and beverages.

How to Participate in the Wendy’s Customer Satisfaction Survey


  1. Log on to www.talktowendys.com to participate in the Wendy’s Customer Satisfaction Survey.
  2. Choose to fill out the online survey in English, French or Spanish.
  3. Enter the 8-digit store number, date of visit, and time of visit to start the survey. All these particulars are printed on your Wendy’s receipt.
  4. Answer all the questions truthfully based on your recent most experience at Wendy’s.
  5. At the end of the survey, you’ll be asked to share your personal details, like your gender, age, annual household income, and your ethnicity for classification purpose.
  6. The survey will ask you if you would like to answer a few more questions about the products you purchased in order to enter into Wendy’s monthly sweepstakes that’ll give you a chance to win a cash prize up to $500.
  7. When you’re done answering all the questions, you’ll receive a validation code that will come into use when redeeming the coupon.

Do you still have queries regarding the survey procedure? Watch this video for a better understanding.

Survey video produced by GuestSatisfactionSurveys Team and Wendy's customers anonymous.

Terms & Conditions

  • You can redeem only one coupon in a 30-day period.
  • The offer for redeeming the coupon is not valid with any other discounts and coupons.
  • The coupon cannot be used for value items and combos.
  • The coupon is not for Wendy’s employees and their families.


The Wendy’s Customer Satisfaction Survey is designed to provide the company with useful information that it can use for improving its food and customer service. In addition to that, this survey is a platform that bridges the gap between consumers and the company, allowing Wendy’s customers, both new and loyal to express their concerns. And, of course, the best part is the chance to win a cash prize worth $500!

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  1. I live in Union Kentucky and frequent your US HWY 42 store. EVERY time I pull thru, your woman at the second window calls me “honey” or “dear’. I am a college degreed, small business owner and resent it like crazy. This town isn’t big enough for you to afford to piss anyone off over something so easily fixed. I suggest you make it an HR policy to have your people refrain from those kind of comments. They’re insulting and annoying and McDonalds isn’t that far up the street. Just issue an email to all stores. Easy. Oh, and I called your 888 number and was disconnected twice…

  2. Bacon Gouda burger not as advertised on TV. I feel like I’m a victim of bait & switch. Looks nothing like as portrayed on poster. Very disappointed. Not worth $6.00

  3. Sir I visit the 1129 clearview pkwy and the service is going to the bad side drink machine not working server at counter didn’t go to the back to fill the order and the sweet tea was out had to settle for regular tea there was no sugar also the lady was dispensing cups with her fingers inside the cup seems like there is no food service training please do something about it I love wendys

  4. wife lost her purse at store #00003865. When we returned, the contents were all there, and they were very helpful. Thank you. 12/18/15 @ 5:15, Harriman ,Tn. The chili was excellent and hit the spot on a cold night.

  5. we stop at Wendy’s in Murray,N.C
    got 2 chicken sandwichs and one order of fries
    sandwichs was good. but ours fries was cold.we had already left going home in Tennessee,didn’t have time to go for fresh ones.was very unhappy.thank you.june parker 2810 bates pike s e,cleveland,tn,37323.

  6. Stop 1:12 pm to have lunch with my wife ordered 2 # 1s combos the food was cold and service was unbelievably slow and very rude the manager just stood back and watched and didn’t say anything to anyone or do anything as he could have offered help but he didn’t he just walked off . Store # 00000036 1910 S Buckner Dallas Texas 214 398 5323 itake it my order # was 10037

  7. 2/15/16 6:15pm order took 15 minutes.Kitchen staff were playing, yelling at each other.Fries were ready but chows not to put them with the order until I told a female to complete the order.Restraunt was dirty food on floor, on seats.Kitchen area was not organized,cluttered and dirty.Floors were slick.Will not eat at this Wendy’s again US 60 Lake Wales.

  8. I just got finished taking the Wendy’s survey. Because I replied I was dissatisfied with the service and horribly rude staff, as well as the nasty fries, I was disqualified from the survey. It’s nice to know Wendy’s listens to its customers.

  9. I just got finished taking the Wendy’s survey. Because I replied I was dissatisfied with the service and horribly rude staff, as well as the nasty fries at store 00003545, I was disqualified from the survey. It’s nice to know Wendy’s listens to its customers.

  10. Wendy’s store 14201703 needs to close at sundown because they always trying be ready for closing & no food ready no baked potatoes ready , no grilled chicken for apple pecan chicken salad (no pecan pieces either). Now they want me to wait for potatoes and I ask can I get 99cent frostee for all this delay. Had to pull forward while I wait for 2 bsked potatoes smdh . Manager brings out food thank you she says but no frostee for my delay. Never going back there

  11. I was at the Wendy’s at 6130 Jimmy Carter Blvd, Norcross, GA 30071 tonight and I received the BEST SERVICE EVER!!!!!!!!!!
    GREAT STAFF!!! Thanks for going the extra, extra miles for me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Food is supper .service fast and the only thing I want to see is hair nets especially ladies with the long hair ,gloves when handle the food I don’t like the cashier filing my drink or baggage food after touching the money.

  13. Wendy’s it’s great a food and a great service. I go to wendy on Friday. The food are good. It’s a great restaurants i ever been. I been to wendy’s when I was a little girl.
    Amanda is a nice lady , she treat the costumer well

  14. I just visited the Wendy’s in Harrisonburg, VA on my way home and I must say the staff was absolutely delightful!!! The cashier working the register was all smiles and the manager spoke to each customer like they were VIPs and the entire team flowed and worked together better than any place I have seen in a long time!! Great job with this crew and management team!! Loved it and will return on our next visit down there!!

  15. Went to store #1668 my order was #3364. You advertise 6 slices of bacon on the baconator. Mine had bacon crumbles. Hamburger patties very dry. Fries tasted like they had been sitting in grease barley warm. Very unhappy with this visit and last visit due to same problem with the bacon. Please look into the problem I love Wendy’s and want to continue eating here.

  16. Every time my family goes to Wendy’s in Aberdeen, Ms the managers are always on the phone employees outside. The guy manager always outside on the phone or he is talking with a lady. The women managers are rude

  17. Aberdeen, Ms is the worst place of all keep passing by when you see it! Managers are the worst Carlos stays in the office on the phone never helps our order was wrong he didn’t care I guess he had to get back to his phone call which was more important than our order being Incorrect. Do not stop here very unprofessional!

  18. Another disappointment at Wendys. I should know to check my bag. Ordered 4 of ths chicke. Sandwiches that are almoat 6 dollars a piece.. Get all the way home unload my 3 kids. And surprise 3 dollar menu burgers.. Awesome i just spent 27 dollars for 3 dollar items. So do i load up my 3 kids and drive the 20 minutes back…or feed my kids who hate red meat a burger uggh oh yea and theres 3 not 4… So no dinner for mom. NEVER going back. Ever.

  19. Amanda it’s a nice lady , she treat comtumer very good. She smile when she working at Wendy’s and she also smile to the comtumer.

  20. Ever since the recent management change at the SR#60/I95 Wendy’s store the service has declined as a result of poor management interaction with customers and slowed service. The new management of both the General Manager and the shift Managers more so than any of the other employees is causing this shift in customer consideration and responsiveness of service. The turn over has increased and I have also notice a decline in the number of local regular customers coming into the story.
    Recently, I was privileged to experience a non caring attitude from a shift Manager firsthand myself which I greatly resent in her lack of consideration for her customer’s request (me) to turn down the music being played in the customer dining area of the store for it was so loud I could not hear an incoming and important phone call. After requesting twice to have the music turned down in the dining in area, and it wasn’t, I took my dinning in combo meal and drink and Frosty still on the tray out side to my vehicle despite the fact that it was raining pretty hard at the time in order to be able to hear and carry on a conversation with the party on the other end of the phone call.

    While entering the vehicle, I managed to spill both my comb meal drink and my Frosty and almost lost my Chicken sandwich and fries in the process of entering the vehicle for it fell off my tray while entering in haste of getting out of the rain and into my car. After completing my phone call and finishing the remains of my meal I returned to the dinning area of the store to return my tray return and trash. As I entered, I noticed the shift Manager sitting around a table along with some other idle employees laughing and talking to each other at a table near the further trash and and tray return area. So, as I was dumping my trash and putting the tray away I told the shift Manager what happened as a result of her not turning the loud music down. She laughed and said I am sorry. That kind of response and tune in the way it was said was very much not appreciated given the circumstances caused by the lack of her action, or failure of action I should say.

    The Wendy’s Store number is #00005390 and the time of day was 2:15.45 pm on May 17th, 2016. My ticket number is #01-6313 and the cashier who I think was also the shift Manager was Sonia P., but I am not absolutely sure that Sonia was the shift Manager’s name. Most of the shift Managers in this store do not seem to have much in the way of customer training when it comes to their attitudes towards customers.

    I have been coming to this particular Wendy’s store since it opened years ago and up until now have had reasonably good service. I also patronize this store at least four to five times a week or more. As a result of this event and if something isn’t done about the Management and the attitude of the shift Managers I an afraid I will have to start going elsewhere to get my fast food meals (Mc Donalds and Stake and Shake are just down the street).

    It will be interesting to see what Wendy’s upper management will do once this survey response is received and read, if read at all.

    Lex Kromhout

  21. Went to Brookhaven , Pa. Store and had to return food 2 different occasions all within 1 weeks time. Very dissatisfied

  22. I have been to Wendys for the past 30 years. But today June 6 2016, was my worst experience at Wendys.

    My “experience” was at Wendys, on Boul. St-Martin in Laval, Quebec. It was 3:00 PM.

    When I arrived, 2 customers were waiting for casier to show up. We waited appx 4 minutes.

    I ordered a #1 Combo, as I did for the past 30 years. I asked “no ketchup and light mayo”. I got one with ketchup, extra mayo. There was no lettuce nor tomatoes. I asked for “no ketchup, light mayo, with lettuce and tomatoes. Then I got one with no ketchup and light mayo, but no lettuce nor tomatoes.

    I asked if I could get lettuce and tomatoes. I waited another 3-4 minutes. Then, the cashier came back with a piece of lettuce in a plastic plate. I asked if I could get another fries because mine were now cold. He brought fries but they were cold as well.

    I then phoned the CS department to share my “experience”. I was put on hold for a good 10 minutes. The message said that CS “advocates” were busy with other customers (were there so many other customers calling to complain?)

    After 10 minutes, I hung up. I called 15 minutes later. Another wait… Then a CS “advocate” took the call. I asked if she spoke French. She didn’t but offered to find one, but it would take “some time”. So I spoke in English. The first thing she asked me was the store number on my receipt. I said I never keep my receipt from a fast food outlet. But I gave her the address. I told my story. She said she “very sorry” and would bring it up to management.

    She never asked for my name, she never offered me anything to compensate for my bad “experience”.

    My take on this:

    . Wendys doesn’t really care, They’re probably too big. The CS department is a useless toll to impress customers. Nothing is going to happen anyway.

    . This was my last visit to Wendys, that is a fact!


  23. Wendy’s could be a great deal better/nicer to their employees simply by supplying a standing pad for the worker at the cash registers and drive-thru registers!!!!!!!!

  24. Everytime I go to this Wendy’s Location Drive thru ONLY, I ALWAYS order a PECAN, Chicken Salad and ALWAYS they do not put in the Pecans, I’ve been checking everytime I order and 8 out of 10 times when I look into the bag the pecans are not there!!! Many times I asked for a manager and when I ask what is in the pecan chicken salad they look at me like I’m crazy. Then the Manager will blame it on training too many workers who are only part time. Well the last two times I went to this location the MANAGER was the one that didn’t put them in the bag. It is always employees laughing and joking around. I’m all in for enjoying your job BUT in front of the drive thru customer? This location is in the OLD Town of Peoria, Arizona…..my husband went yesterday and he forgot to check in the bag and sure enough when he got home NO Pecans? REALLY? I called and asked for a manger and Jeff who answered the phone said he was. I again asked what was in the pecan, chicken salad and named everything BUT The pecans. Even though as simple as this may be GET IT RIGHT!!!!

  25. I enjoy eating at wendys so long as they have more managers like Jennifer. Shes so cheerful bubbly and makes u wanna keep coming back over and over again thanks Jennifer for doing such a good job.!!!

  26. I visited the Alcoa, TN location today 6/24/16 @ 11:30 AM – purchased a Tropical Green Tea which I have had before and loved. This time it was just flavored water…weak, and I was in too much of a hurry to go back and get it changed – maybe someone could check on this issue.

  27. Wendys in Beaver Dam, ky is the nicest place ever. Their people are so happy and sweet. Their managers are helpful and keep everyone cheerful and the atmosphere lighthearted! They were having fun and I was having fun! Wonderful place! Store7893.

  28. Wendy’s on SAWDUST Rd Houston TX is the most Nasty place I have ever been, Meat was like rubber been siting on grill for hours.. Dinning room table were all filthy and nasty it needs to be closed down are reported to the state for review, my family and I would never ever return to that place

  29. Horrible customer service at the Dresher, Pa Wendy’s. The woman taking my drive thru order was so impatient and cut me off everytime I tried to add an item to my order. ($20 worth of stuff…not alot) It was so bad she closed my order before I was finished and was rude when I got to the window and told her she didnt hand me my whole order….not my fault you were impatient taking the order in the first place. Oh and I would have filled out a survey but she didnt give me a receipt either…hopefully I will not be over charged on my card. Never going to that Wendys again!

  30. I spent 12 minutes in the line after I ordered I spent another five minutes at the window never got a receipt…… Two different people asked me what my order was in the second lady asked me if I paid……this was at the Wendy’s in Enterprise Alabama.

  31. The Wendy’s located off I-29 and Nebraska 2 in Iowa is one of the poorest and dirtiest facilities I’ve ever encountered. Improper procedures, cross contamination issued by a manager refilling dirty ketchup bottles from customer condiment station, drink station filthy not restocked, flies every where, window shades not even, chair legs and table bases dirty along with table tops, bathrooms dirty and out of soap. As a former manager of a Dave’s Way store this location is horrible. Management needs to realize they are not crew and lead by example.

  32. Wendys in Elko Nevada is about the biggest joke. I would give the store number but the unfriendly staff forgot to provide me with my receipt. I arrived on 7-31-16 at 6:30pm and there were two cars ahead of me with the parking lot having maybe two cars in it. Not busy shouldn’t take to long right. Wrong after an hour u finally got my food. Worst part is I wasn’t one of the smarter people that just pulled out of line and left. The staff was everything but polite and after a half hour of watching them play their grab ass games I was less then happy to say the least. I witnessed the staff eating food while working not wearing gloves just being completely unprofessional.

  33. I can not do my survey. For the last 3 times, it would not let me enter the date. So of course you can’t continue., and I can’t get the $2.00 of my next order. I even tried to talk to a manager yesterday & she said, they are still get ones from our people. I even tried the 888# and they said, they weren’t talking surveys on phone anymore. HELP ME.

  34. The tattooed order taker at the drive thru in Middletown, NY Wendys on August 9th 2016 late night needs to learn some manners big time. Jackass and rude. Burgers are cold also!

  35. The order taker at the drive-thru in Middletown NY late night was tying up the line flirting with the girls in car in front of me, then again when taking their money, thus making everyone wait for not-so-fast-food now. He was also RUDE when it was my turn to get my order. Food was not hot either to add insult to injury.

  36. Two questions:
    1. There is no 8-digit restaurant number on my receipt. There is a 5-digit number under the date & time, and a different 4-digit
    number in dark black, centered under the restaurant name/address/phone number.

    2. The receipt says “enjoy a free single or chicken sandwich, with a purchase of a Dave’s single, homestyle, sick or grilled chicken sandwich. I assumed this meant that if I purchased a chicken sandwich on one visit, I could then use the validation code to get a free sandwich on my next visit.
    But I was told that this meant that if I purchased a chicken sandwich, I could then get another one for free, but only on the same visit.

    Please clarify.

  37. ordered 2 bake potatoes at 11:14 on a sunday morning, ten minutes later, nothing, 15 minutes later nothing!! the cust. behind me already asked for his refund they were so slow, no one said we did not have any potatoes, no one said they were sorry for any delay.. 20 minutes later!!!! yes, 20 minutes in the store after I ordered, and it was not crowded, I had to ask for my refund too.. again with no sorry or nothing, asked for the manager who was totally clueless!!! never said a word, just stood there like an idiot along with the other six employees that were there. very disturbing experience and feel astonished the manager has a job. on the way home there was another wendys so we tried again, in and out in under five minutes… so it was clearly just the one store..

  38. Went to Wendy’s near Fresno city collage a few months ago and the customer service sucked. When customer service is bad I usually will not go back. But tonight it was late and not a lot open so I said what the heck and I’ll just try Wendy’s again. Omg…. The worst customer service again!!!! Went through the drive through and all I can say is that this girl was sooooo rude!! Then pulled to the window and nothing changed, she will be the reason I never go back to Wendy’s again. Customer service is everything to me and then to top it off, got my meal wrong… Terrible…,

  39. I live in Kenai Alaska and we need a Wendy’s down here something bad, we now only have 2 fast food resturants to choose from and they are not very good, nothing like your chain. We had a carl’s jr, close down in May and the building is fairly new and in a great location, right in the parking lot of our biggest grocery store, we really need your business here, I travel 245 miles to the nearest one when I have to drive to Anchorage and I’m sure if you do a field study you will see we need you here. We own a Barber shop and anytime the subject of fast food comes up(which is a lot) we all agree your food is the best, so please take some time and explore the option of coming to Kenai,Alaska you will be the only one in 245 miles, it’s a great community and nice people and we need more work for the younger generation, Thank you for your time,
    Christine Coleson call anytime (907) 598-9888

  40. I visited Wendys today for lunch Store 00003992 In Evansville, Indiana. I ordered a Full size Apple Pecan Salad. The salad was fresh and tasty the chicken was hot and great. But I didnt have any Pecans. I received two packets of Salad dressing I guess the gal was supposed to give me one dressing and one packet of Pecans. I had none 🙁 I will go back again I will just check the sack before I leave.

  41. I love eating Wendys but it seems like Everytime I go in there my order is messed up or it is cold the one in Panama City on 23rd st like I said they have friendly service but when I order something and pay money for it I should get what I order and fresh I have always enjoyed Wendys food

  42. I am usually happy with my service at store #1641 but today my order was ALL wrong! I think I got someone else’s order at the drive thru at 5:15 pm today. And the food that I got was not good either with no straws, napkins, or spoon for my Frosty!! I don’t know what happened to change the level of service but it needs to be fixed! I couldn’t go back because it was for my 91 he old mother across town!

  43. Wendy’s on 486 broadway store #930 today the chilli is the best soo good nurys make it waw and all the personal is friendly very nice I like it thanks

  44. I absolutely LOVE Wendy’s! Their Salads are wonderful, not to mention the chili, baked potatoes, burgers, are all wonderful! I choose Wendys over everyone else! Keep up the good work.

  45. I could not take the survey due to no receipt with my order. I found survey info on my bag so I decided to respond due to sandwich quality issues. I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich. I received a very firm stale bun with quality fresh chicken and lettuce but no honey mustard sauce since they were out of stock on the sauce. I won’the be going to a Wendy’s any time soon!

  46. THE Wendy AT 90 W Mitchell Hammock Rd in Oviedo Florida is a place where you are going to be treated so nice that you won’t want to leave. The Mannager Frank is a great human been who treats everyone like if he know you for years , and there is a employee named Alicia who makes the burgers with such a fineness and love that when you take a bite “wao” this is what Dave was thinking about when he started the Wendy’s Restaurants
    Keep up the great work

  47. What did you do to the grilled chicken sandwich
    The taste is horrible some kind of strong herb or seed like fennel or millet.
    I hope the ultimate chicken sand. Was not taken off and replaced.
    This cause taste is far to earthy to expect any number of people to like
    I’m very disappointed

  48. The girl that took my order talked constantly and once my order appeared in the window it was not a “to go” order as I had requested. She also had omitted a value fry which i had ordered. She checked the receipt and told me I had only ordered one value fry and did I want to order another one. By this time, I was frustrated and declined. In addition, after returning home, I discovered the balance of the order was not correct. As I reviewed the receipt I discovered that she HAD indeed charged me for the additional value fry!!! Needless to say I am pissed off! This girl need to stop talking and listen to her customers… and since she could not read her own receipt, maybe she needs additional schooling. Her parents should be slapped for not raising her correctly. Dave Thomas would roll in his grave……where’s the beef?

  49. I am tired of not getting what I have ordered. Instead of a crispy chicken but it’s always just a crispy. Or every time I ask them to ADD mustard, lettuce, and onions. That’s the only thing i get on the sandwich. When I susifically said to ADD them. Terrible. Just terrible.

  50. I just went to the wendys at
    Bayview and major mac.

    Restaurant # 00006485
    1070 major mackenzie dr
    Richmond hill, ont
    L4s 1p3

    Transaction # 3271

    I am more then furious with the service.. Not to mention i had to repeat my order three times… And i STILL GET FUCKING CHEESE ON MY BURGER!!.. Im lactose intolerant.. Idk how many times i need to say NO CHEESE!!!.. It even says no cheese on my fucking recipet!! Ppl cant follow simple directions they shouldnt be working there! Now thanks to the idiots who made my food.. Looks like i wont be enjoying my dinner tonight.. I love wendys.. But whn the employees are too incompetent to make a simple burger…. I can certainly find else where to spend my 10$ on a combo that will be made correctly!!! This happens waaaay to much!!!!

    I expect a free meal to replace this one sitting in the bag.. Waste my fucking money…

  51. Please bring back the Southwestern Salad back. I would really appreciate it and if you have any questions please feel free to call me at (614)439-2963. I’m a really big fan of that Southwestern Salad. Thank you for your time and if you would please bring it back my whole family would really appreciate it so very very much. Sincerely, Emma McCall, Billly Hamilton and family.

  52. I went to your store in Feeding Hills Ma. last week to get a Taco Salad, so glad you brought it back until I went to order, NO SALSA so no salad, went again, NO CHIPS so no salad again, went to your store in W.Spfld. Ma. NO CHIPS, I’ve tried three times now and went away empty handed and hungry. I could have gotten something else but I had my heart set on a taco Salad. How can you spend millions of dollars on a huge ad campaign and not have all the ingredients? Someone dropped the ball on this one and should be fired! By the way, after the third time I went to TACO BELL

  53. I went to wendys on Lafayette st in Salem mass the food was cold and the chicken nugetts were so salty I could not eat them and the French fries were way to salty I wont be eating there any more

  54. Stop at the Wendy’s in Lebanon Indiana had to pull forward to wait on our food. When we got home and opened our foid our burgers were so burnt you could not eat them. Never will stop there again. The store here as gone down hill so bad here…Please help this store.

  55. New auto coke machine is slow and confusing. only one customer at a time. When it is busy is it slow.
    Please somebody train personnel how to load a napkin holder properly so it will dispense properly!

  56. My girlfriend and I went through the drive through #3049 on our way out of town on Saturday 11/12/16. Charlie and Alicia tag teamed the pa and it was so funny and fun to be talking to a male than then a female. It really set off our trip on the best foot. It made the drive through memorable.

  57. Wendy’s- what’s up with your crispy chicken sandwiches lately??! Since the dawn of time (or whenever it was introduced on the menu) I always order the spicy Asiago chicken sandwich- I was addicted!! The chicken breast was always hot and juicy and you can tell it was real chicken breast-not processed meat…..not anymore though. The past 3 times I’ve been to different locations the chicken is now flat, dry, over crispy, processed and tasteless. So disappointing!! Bring back the real chicken!!!

  58. I went to the morrilton Wendy’s and the window girl EMILY was the rudest little girl I’ve ever seen! And I will not return to Wendy’s again! If you have awfel people like that serving customers you should just close the doors! No since in not being happy at work and smile!

  59. I visit the Wendy’s on Washington Rd in Augusta GA on a very regular basis today the Drive thru cashier was so nasty to my husband I refused to give him the 32 cent he needed for the tax when asked for the receipt she ignored him and only said pull up so you can get your food fresh I know one customer don’t make a big difference but the will never see me again

  60. The customer service is great at the Richfield Wendy’s!! The girl up front Kylee was so polite and even carried our food to our table. The sandwiches were looked and tasted amazing definitely going back!! Good job guys

  61. Wendy, s in carbondale il 62901 is the the worst I have ever been to this is the second time that I have went in because the line was around the building when I get in workers were texting and playing around there was a line in there too and my order was messed up couple people came back from drive-thru was talking about their food was cold…..

  62. I went to Wendys last night about 6:15 P.M.
    Ordered a # 2 went to !st window talk black guy
    too my card never said 1 word,no receipt,then walked away
    went to 2 nd window black girl had her back to window finely
    gave me my drink not one word said,then a white girl came handed me my sack
    turned around never said a word.
    my food was cold fries were almost ice cold,I will Never go to another Wendys
    again,you sure need to hire new people that want to work,
    I went to Wendys at Goodman Rd & Elmore Rd. Southaven,Ms.368671

  63. 11636 was in this store today had a great time everybody was so nice and made you feel so welcome I would highly recommend them to anybody. They have some of the clean restroom I have seen.

  64. I went to the Wendy’s in Glasgow kentucky and had my order messed up twice and when I took it back in every single employee but one just looked and me and didn’t come talk to me I am very very disappointed in the service I received. People were rude and disrespectful

  65. Absolute WORST survey site EVER!!!
    Website required 4 tries to get to survey, then refused to allow input of date of visit.
    Phone call was even WORSE. Interminable ads for thing I don’t want finally ending with “please hang up now”.
    Wendy’s sure knows how to alienate customers.

  66. I really think you should use plastic bags for your drive up window, because I went to a wendy’s in Pa and the food preparer did not rap the double backonator tight and the juices leaked thru the bag a stained my car seat Now it is not a New car but is a 2013 and still new to me. So in my mind if would have been in a plastic bag that would have not happen.

  67. Shameem #1074 at your Lundy’s Lane store was especially friendly and efficient on Monday, January 16th. She is a real asset to Wendy’s. Your menu is excellent and relatively inexpensive. The “free drinks for seniors” also keeps us going back to Wendy’s at least a couple of times a week.
    Thank you for passing these remarks on to Shameen and the Lundy’s Lane store manager.

  68. I would like to tell you about a Great group of people! They work at the Wendy’s in Oneonta NY. I have cancer and one of the managers Chuckie, who has been there for 21yrs, went and got me a few items to make me comfortable. He and his mother Sharon (who has been there 25yrs ) are a great source of comfort and frienship to me. The crew there are very polite, efficient and friendly. Wonderful group of people! I am a regular customer and will remain so untill my end. Thanks Wendy’s and God bless you all!

    Colleen Hammond

  69. I would like to tell you about a great group of people! They work at Wendy’s in Oneonta New York. I have cancer and one of the managers, Chuckie, who has been there for 21 years, went and got me a few items to make me comfortable. He and his mother Sharon (who has been there for 25yrs) are a great source of comfort and friendship to me. The crew there is very polite, efficient, and friendly. Wonderful group of people! I am a regular customer and will remain so until my end. Thanks Wendy’s and God bless you all.

    Colleen Hammond

  70. Wendys is the best place to it juicy burger and the service is wontherfull. They take care of you whit carism im sure yo come back agaen…

  71. We enjoy going to Wendys several times a week. We appreciate the warm and professional service we receive each and every time. All the staff goes the extra step to recognize and give us a warm welcome as well as taking extra care in our order. We would like to say thank you to Josefina and all her colleagues as well!!

  72. I want to compliment Dee Dee at the Wendy’s #0000806 on J. Clyde Morris Blvd in Newport News, VA.
    When I got to the drive through ordering window this so pleasant and friendly voice said, “Welcome to my Wendy’s!” This just was so appreciated by me and when I got to the window to get my order Dee Dee was so welcoming and took pride in her job at this place. She is a real asset to your company and I give her a big THANKS!!!!! I did not complete the survey in the amount of time I needed to but I want to share this with you.

  73. Can not believe Wendy’s not have dress codes. For their employees. While ordering lunch today had to look at two different guys with pants on the ground. For Pete sakes serving the public pull your pants up. Store number 0 0 0 11199

  74. Whenever I want a great fresh tasting burger with fresh toppings, Wendys will always be my choice, the food tastes great and when served the appearance makes it all the worth while, just wish there were more around near my home, then again that might not be a good idea, that would mean I would gain more weight LOL, the frosty’s are good too, I love the new power chicken salad, hope that stays around forever.

  75. I went into Wendy’s in my neighbourhood and I decided on a baconator. When I received it, no way did it look anything like the picture. I went to the counter and they said thats the way it comes. I replied the picture shows it overwhelming with bacon. My burger looked like a normal bacon burger if that. There is more bacon on your jbc. I don’t think I’ll be ordering the baconator again.

  76. Was greeted as I entered and exited the building. Everyone was on point. Fast friendly service. I give 2 thumbs up. Visited store 00000258 in Southfield Michigan on 2-23-2017…. Food was ready before I can decided which drink I wanted. Fries was piping HOT!!!

  77. THE Wendys at the central park ave location the manager Sam is so nice such a pleasure to have lunch there when he is there he makes sure everything is going right and always says hi when he sees us and asks if everything is ok after a problem one time that he took care of just wish the rest of staff in kitchen was so pleasant not ever smiling the restaurant is so clean .Central Park Ave,Yonkers, N.Y.

  78. I phoned your 1-888-624-8140 with no answer…I just wanted to let you know about my bad experience a Wendys i in Arnprior

    I was on the road back LÒrignal from New Liskard when I stoped for something to eat at Arnprior I bought a Bacon Deluxes and fries for $9.02 the Bacon was as hard as a rock I broke my tooth on the first bite and because I was on 4 lane hyay I could not take it Back I just wanted to get home .The reciept / is 2149 we will be diccusing further who pays for the tooth Maybe the Judge will have to decide

    thank You
    Your good customer

  79. I just left the Wendy’s in Jasper, Alabama. One of the best experiences I have ever had in my life. I lost my debit card and wanted to write a check. They don’t take checks and I had about $4 in cash. They just gave me the food. I got names before I left. Jason Wadsworth and a DM named Joe. I appreciate this kind gesture more than you will ever know. I have always been a fan but today just made it better. Please let Jason and Joe be recognized. I promise to be a returning customer.

  80. I visited Store #8962, in Gretna, Louisiana. There was a bit of a wait, but once I got to the window, Trine, was pleasant and very apologetic. She made me forget about the wait!

  81. The original Wendy’s was fantastic, but in recent years some BRILLIANT person decided to do away with the distinctive taste of the original burger and replace it with the taste of dry cardboard which can be found in any burger shack up and down the road. They even changed the chili from one that was excellent to one that tastes like it’s fresh out of a can. Sorry to say, but the new Wendy’s does not even come close to the original. SHAME ON WHOEVER!!!

  82. Went to Wendy’s in maple ridge B.C. ordered a large fry and cheese sauce on the side. Should’ve looked in the bag before getting home . Fries were less than half full and the cheeses sauce had chunks of food in it ! Thanks Wendy’s maple ridge

  83. I had lunch at wendys in salisbury, maryland and the young lady that took my order was the most pleasant and happy person I have met in many a day. She was very professional , kind and helpful and very uplifting. What a pleasure to have such a great employee working the register. She was the bomb. Every fast food store should have such a great employee as her. My order number was 1384 , dated 26 april 2017 at 12:25pm. employee number 80. Name begins with a T and ends with an a.. She is to be commended for outstanding service..Hope she becomes a manager and teaches her demeanor to all.

  84. Wendy’s pride and joy day manager Norman at store no. 00006854 in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada is always
    more than accomodating when looking after everybody’s emergency needs. When I say emergency what I mean by that is when staff is on overload and at times when the demands are really high in the kitchen as staff are sometimes buried in orders, both while serving an overabundance of traffic flow in the drive thru while trying to juggle priorities between serving customers at the front counter and drive thru all at the same time. One thing assured, Norman’s always there in performing his gifted magic in making everyone’s day while helping to serve his customers essential needs. The company made a wise decision in making Norman the manager at this location and all of his customers obviously know why. That’s why people like Norman inevitably help Wendy’s live by its name! from a satisfied customer John Zapantis who’ll drive all the way from Edmonton to get the best service in town, here in the City of St. Albert a simple miles drive from Edmonton.

  85. I was at the Drive Thru Line at Wendy’s on Forest Ave in Staten Island when I realized I forgot my wallet. The manager gave me my food and just asked me to return to pay another day!!! I was so impressed and pleased … I will certainly return to pay.
    Greatly appreciated!!!

  86. Wendy’s #4090, In aiken, SC is great! Always served with a smile and great attitude! Nothing like a large fry and chocolate frosty! Yum!
    A special thanks to Zion for his excellent customer service, great smile and awesome attitude!!! Thanks to a great staff! Aiken Wendy’s is AWESOME!!

  87. Great people at Wendy’s in Merced CA they always have a smile on there face when I go in and my food is always fresh and hot..

  88. The staff at location 00006856 are always focused on my order when ever I come to this place in the afternoons. Out of all the Wendy’s that I’ve been to in Edmonton this Weny’s by far is the best. Their female manager Audie is always courteous and efficient in her communication skills when always encouraging her staff to follow up on my orders and the experience along with the food that they serve has always been a satisfying one. From a satified customer, John Zapantis I’d like to thank the following staff for making my experiences at WendY’s a great one. They are Audie Allan Walter, Idalyn and Myla.

  89. Smelled like old grease upon entering restaurant. Left smelling with the old grease and smelled up our care.. Ventilation problem, old grease? Hamburgers smelled too Had to shower upon coming home. Will not return unless problem corrected.

  90. Went to the Wendy’s in Lenoir city ( store number 3971 ) this morning and the young lady named Jennifer was working drive threw!!! She was such a sweet and friendly young lady and really went way a beyond to make sure my experience there was great!!
    She even checked to make sure I got everything I needed before I left!!! And even told me thanks for stopping by!!!
    That young lady really put a smile on my face and really knows how to treat her customers!! Guess that’s why she is a manager!!!!

  91. I was at the Wendy’s in Kanata on edge water may 30th service was not the best was lied to the whole time first I was told theveryone chicken strips and fries would be fresh both were luke warm at best initially I didn’t want my receipt but then I did because I wanted to do the survey the manager on duty said I could go provide good comments online without a receipt which by looking other than doing it this way is also false, I hope I am not the only one to have had an experience like that but I sure won’t be going back any time soon not even if I was offered free anything,

  92. Manager and employees were extremely gracious and helpful. They were patient with my complicated order. They were patient as I bumbled through changing my order halfway through. Outstanding service.

  93. My husband and I were in Wendy’s restaurant in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, we will not be returning. We both ordered the Dave’s classic cheese burger. Not only did it arrive “warm” not hot, my husband’s burger was not fully cooked – it was pink inside. Should the people cooking them not have a time frame or know how long the burger is to be cooked, especially since the meat is “not frozen”. I asked him to go tell them at the counted however, he was sickened by the fact that he had just bit into a raw hamburger that he could barely eat his cold fries. Very disaapointing.

  94. We visited the Wendys in N. Myrtle Beach, Sc. Late night visit still no reason for the horrible customer service. The drive thru attendant had the absolute worst attitude didn’t receive a receipt because he knew I was going to complain. The manager looked at the screen seen we had a big order and rolled her eyes.


  96. It’s unreal how I experienced visiting the Wendy’s at 1724 W 5th Ave. management talking to their employees. Just because you have a manager or higher position doesn’t give you the right to disrespect or treat employees that work for your establishment with such disrespect. This isn’t the first time I witnessed this and I can’t believe what I’ve seen or heard. Please look into this with regards of how they’re being talked too.

  97. I went to Wendy’s tonight because I haven’t been there in a long time. I had my granddaughter with me and we ordered the Daves double cheese with medium drinks. When I got my order and was pulling away I noticed there was no fries, so I pulled out and right back in to ask if you get fries with the number 2, they replied you get fries with ALL the orders. OK I said I didn’t get my fries and they told me to pull ahead. There was four or five cars in front of me but I waited. When I got to the window, the lady said I only paid for the burgers and 2 medium drinks. I thought I was getting a whole meal but I paid 16.73, for two burgers and two medium drinks. I did not say burgers Only! Anyway, I will not go back to Wendy’s ever again, what a rip Off!

  98. We just left this evening from the St. Charles, IL location of Wendy’s (off Randall Rd). First of all, we place our order to the young kids that are working there in which they repeated back the order to us twice. It was correct when we ordered it. When we got home, it was ALL wrong. We ordered plain Jr bacon cheeseburgers, 4 of them. Instead they gave us 4 with everything on it. The bun was cold, the meat was cold. EVERYTHING was cold. Then they gave us cold fries on top of that. So disappointed that we spent over $16 to get crap food that was incorrect! They didn’t even give us a receipt b/c they didn’t want us complaining about them. Well they were wrong. We hated our service, the food, and will most likely never go back there again. You better get someone to that location to see that things are actually running correctly!

    Sorry, but we are very upset for the money we spent that could have been for better, warm food! Funny how there is no email to contact them b/c they don’t want to hear about their bad service and food!

  99. Service was good but it could be quicker on the waiting time. I went through the drive thru. The employees are very professional and customer oriented.

  100. Wendy’s apple peacan salade is excellent and the chilli with the sour cream and chive baked potato is another of my favorites

  101. She was terrible at the window at 10:00 on 8/9/17 make me want to stop coming g here in Orangeburg sc on j.c.

  102. I tried to redeem my free sandwich survey yesterday at Wendy’s (Covington pike..memphis)Nobody knew how to ring it up.There appeared to be 4 managers there….couldnt pull it off……4 managers……WTF?

  103. Store # 20024, Albany Ga, north Slappy Rd.
    Terrible service , line for in store pick up was 8 deep. Absolutely NO organization behind the counter for filling orders in a timely manner. NO manager in sight! Ordered at 12:37, finally at 1:00 clerk ask for my ticket and ask me “did somebody get yo food”! ! No one was checking orders !

  104. I go to Wendy’s often with my son more then any other food place, however on last night I was alone it was late so I stop to get food from Wendy’s.
    When I got home my nuggets & fries were cold and my large frosty was like water, I had to place it into the freezer.
    My food is always hot and my frosty is always cold and you can put a spoon in it and flip it and it stays.
    I asked for a ten piece and had only eight, I was to tired to go back eventhough I don’t leave far from Wendy’s it was a very long day.

  105. My husband and I love Wendy’s salads, they have great workers, one of their girls Rilinda is great her customers mean very much to her she is very kind and polite to every one.

  106. Really you expect customers to come ear at your restaurant on Hwy 377 in Watauga, Tx. While a man (assuming he is homeless) comes in and sits down at a low table and sears right inside the door, takes his shoes off and starts wiping his feet with part of his clothing, lays his clothing up on the table and he props his feet and legs up on yhe seat beside him putying him in the almost lating down position. He finally gets up and walks to the counter where food is picked up and the manager gives him food and a drink. He sits back down and starts to eat and rakes him shoes back off. The manager says nothing…REALLY???

  107. Store number 00004662.
    3333 west Tropicana Ave. Las Vegas Nevada.
    Men’s restroom dirty. Toilet is clogged and overflowing. Dinning area floors dirty and tables not clean. Homeless people sitting on the planters walls and walkways. Coke machine is not calibrated, way to much carbonation and not enough soda. Just a nasty restaurant. Will never go back to this restaurant again. Surprised that the managers allow this restaurant to get in this shape.

  108. location at 1065 lake street served BURNT baconator fries, the bacon was charcoal disgusting black, I wish you had a spot to upload pictures so I could show you how shameful this was

  109. Hi you guys need to make sure the foods in the bag for the customer and after I left I check the bag there is no foods for me sure guys please you want the customer to be happy 😊 to come back your places so you need to do great jobs for that make sure anything come out great for customers please for the next times people come out to buy foods so please do good for next time please thank you guys a lot

  110. Wendy’s in calumet park il. Son of baconator cast 4.69 cent. Crestwood 4.29 cent. Crestwood gives free senior drink no 1 cent tax. Calument park free senior drink with 1 cent tax. What a mess will not shop at calumet park il any more.

  111. Tried at least 6 times to complete survey. Answered all questions and the comment section. However, it would not let me finish. Time wasted!!!!

  112. Terrible. Im so disappointed. If i could show you the picture of what you ppl call a sandwich…. Shame. You ask should carry this pic around with you to remind you how ppl should be treated. I spend close to10 dollars for a meal. Didn’t even get my fries. When i went in to complain no one saw me standing in front of them. Amazing. I have never been so insulted. Im white. They help the ppl of color. Interesting policies youbhave. I will make it my lifes work to tell ppl how racists your store is. Terrible.

  113. Hi there how are you how do you get more coupon promotion I was wondering if you guys can invest to be a lot of restaurants on lot more you guys don’t have any can you help me out we think you guys should check on other restaurant feel loved I think some of them have more more of emotions that you guys but not your promotions maybe once a month if you can do that

  114. the store, 000111047, in pomaria,sc was a complete nasty mess. the counter for the napkins and such was NOT in a neat organized fashion, the cashier was very very rude, nobody used gloves or washed theor hands before handling food on the front counter, After they have handled cash. I have pictures to prove the counter mess. Never going back to this store!

  115. The Wendy’s in Roseville california on north sunrise was amazing the restaurant was very clean and the food was fresh and hot and so delicious. I just loved everything and the customer service was awesome i give them a 10 out of 10 it was 100%

  116. The Wendy’s on north sunrise in Roseville california was an awesome experience for me i hadn’t ate at Wendy’s in a long time but i must say i was very impressed with everything A plus restaurant 100%

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